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Prophets of Profit

Todd Bentley wishes that every believer would have a copy of these two books that he advertises here:

Read about these two books here:

Modern Day Prophets’ Books for Profits


More Odd Bentley and Friends

Discerning Christians are becoming more alarmed about Todd Bentley and friends…

Angels or Demons?
Todd Bentley and “The Beautiful Side of Evil”

By Berit Kjos – June 26, 2008

Bob Jones – a tail of a prophet

TruNews Interview of Pat Holiday
Topic: Odd Bentley and the occult revival

New Zealand Sheep Warning about Todd Bentley

This February, Todd Bentley visited New Zealand before coming to Florida to begin what is now being called by some the great Florida outpouring. It doesn’t look like he left a very good impression with the locals.

The New Zealand Cult List is a warning resource for New Zealand Christians. It has 8 rating symbols (see here: Two of these are: a flashing red ‘danger‘ symbol and the glowing ‘very hot topic’ sign. Todd Bentley has been awarded both of these…a double sign apparently not given to many.

As you can see on the “B” page, Todd Bentley has been given the Danger symbol. Those groups/persons who are given this symbol are “considered dangerous due to mind control or particularly bad doctrine. These groups (or people) have a strong tendency to damage their members/followers.”

He has also received the Very Hot Topic symbol:

“At present we only have three listings which are so hot they deserve two flames – Abortion, which claims the lives of thousands of New Zealanders each year, Todd Bentley, and Scientology, which actively tries to suppress the rights of personal freedom, in particular free speech and religious freedom. Note that this rating has nothing to do with the “cultishness” of a group.”

Now that’s a heavy warning. Sheep – be warned, beware.

Sheep! Do not go there!

Just because pastors and Christians who have been there SAY there is nothing unbiblical or unscriptural at this revival, does that mean there is nothing unbiblical or unscriptural at this revival?

Listen to this MP3 of the deceived sheep being interviewed…

A list of supposed authentic revival healings from the Florida outpouring can also be found at Spirit Lessons here:

(Please be warned, the above website is a deadly mixture of truth and error and bad discernment, but it shows the kind of backing that Todd Bentley has.)

Perhaps the problem with these sincerely deceived people is that they went to see it to get some, when Jesus said, do not go there. Oh sheep, don’t go – and if you already have, run back to the Shepherd!!!

Please take some time and listen to the warning in this timely message that is posted at Sola Dei Gloria called The End Times Outpouring of Antichrist:

Jesus warned about this revival and others like it…

And He said, “See to it that you are not misled; for many will come in My name, saying, ‘ I am He,’ and, ‘The time is near ‘ Do not go after them. Luke 21:8

“They will say to you, ‘Look there! Look here!’ Do not go away, and do not run after them.” Luke 17:23

“So if they say to you, ‘Behold, He is in the wilderness,’ do not go out, or, ‘Behold, He is in the inner rooms,’ do not believe them. Matthew 24:26

So when they things like this: on the 8th of June, Jesus says I am coming in person tomorrow night in the clouds in a chariot surrounded by the angelic host to visit the Lakeland revival, to set foot upon the stage in divine personal one to one visitation…in atmosphere, spiritual experience and the realm of the gloryDO NOT GO!!!!!!!

Spiritual Research Network is now following Florida revival

Chris Lawson of Spiritual Research Network has an excellent page on the Florida revival and Todd Bentley here:

Lakeland Florida Revival Heresies & Violent Spirituality
A Closer Look at Todd Bentley & Fresh Fire Ministries

The Sorcery and Trances of Todd Bentley vs. Scripture

Read what James Sundquist has to say about Todd Bentley and the Florida outpouring here:

A Response to Charges against James Sundquist for “Judging the Bride of Christ”
June 26, 2008

The Latest from those who are tracking the Heretical Trail

Here are the latest articles on the heretic Todd Bentley:

This excellent article is fresh from a Moriel News Alert that was sent out minutes ago:
Defending the Indefensible… Todd Bentley Apologetic
By: Pastor Bill Randles

The following are new articles as well:

The Dark Alliance. Todd Bentley “Commissioned” by the False Teaching Revival Alliance Network.

Is CBN condoning the commissioning?
Apostolic Leaders Commission Lakeland Revival Leader Todd Bentley

By Marsha West

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN: Celebrity revivals fleeting

Does the Bible teach that our Lord, the great healer, does Partial Healings?
Worst Lakeland Healing Revival Video

New Book:
TRUE & FALSE REVIVAL.. An Insider’s Warning.. Are Todd Bentley & the Florida Healing Revival for real? What about Gold Dust & Laughing Revivals? How do we tell the false from the true? HERE @

See more about this book by Andrew Strom here:

More Disappearing Trails

If you have ever observed the tracks left behind by sheep, you would know that a sheep’s foot print looks very different than a wolf foot foot print. This is why wolves in sheeps clothing need to continually cover their tracks, otherwise the sheep will know that there are wolves among them in the sheep pen. Let’s take a look at some recent tracks that have been covered up on the disappearing trail…

We all heard about the disappearance of Todd Bentley’s references to his angel Emma, who became simply that “particular” angel as his story was changed (see Todd Bentley, Is he now ashamed of his angel Emma?).

But that is not the only thing that is being changed as Christian bloggers expose what is going on behind the scenes while wolves in sheeps clothing tip toe around in the sheep pen, trying to act like sheep.

For example:

The godtube video of Todd Bentley at The Secret Place in Abbotsford, B.C., as referred to in the post called
Following the Tracks (Part 2)- from Abbotsford to Lakeland and Around the World, has disappeared.

Here is another one. After being up for a long time, the youtube video of Mark Virkler teaching how to hear the voice of God through automatic writing/channelling (as recently referred to in a post called Todd Bentley Responds to Criticism) has suddenly disappeared. In the video, Virkler sat down and typed out a message on the spot from God for his interviewer in a cheap display of “hear God guaranteed” on demand, not unlike putting coins into a soda pop dispenser. This was an important video as Virkler’s spiritual advisor is Dr. Gary Greig, whose widely publicized endorsement Freshfire uses to legitimize Todd Bentley and the false Florida revival.

Then there’s the strange phenomena of shifting articles. Take for example the glory cloud revelation (Todd’s vision of Sundar Singh) as referred to in Todd Bentley and Contemplative Meditation.The link to this vision account disappeared. It was later discovered that it was simply changed on the Freshfire website shortly after many discernment blogs had linked to it.

Then there’s this one which deserves a longer explanation. A recent article on Wolf Tracks that got a lot of traffic and referals was called LECTIO DIVINA – Leading Sheep to a New Level of Consciousness. While I was writing this article, I copied and pasted the words from a page on the Youth Specialties website that was written by Mike Perschon. In the article, Pershon mentioned the four levels of consciousness achieved through practicing Lectio Divina.

This is what I wrote in the Lectio Divina article (the words in quotation marks were copied and pasted from Mike Perschon’s article, as were the four steps of consciousness, or so I thought):

Mike Perschon of Youth Specialties compares the four steps of Lectio Divina to “four levels of consciousness…which introduces you at each new level into a whole new world of reality” that occurs through the four levels of repetitious reading:

2- Moral level of consciousness
3- the Allegorical level which requires a Spiritual level of listening
4- We simply rest in the presence of the one who has used His word as a means of inviting us to accept His transforming embrace. We call this level, Union of Life or the unitive level of consciousness.
-An Experience of Lectio Divina

The reference to these steps can no longer be found as the Youth Specialties article is no longer there. All you will get if you click on the link now is the OOPS page. Nevertheless, whether it has disappeared or not, Mike Perschon himself commented on Wolf Tracks under my article on Lectio Divina and did not disagree with these steps or the practise of Lectio Divina. Here is what he said:

“I’d just like to clarify that I’ve been misquoted here. I didn’t write the website regarding the four steps. I was asked by Youth Specialties to do an introductory article on various contemplative practices, and I linked to certain pages I deemed to represent the practice well. I didn’t write it though. That said, I don’t disagree with it, and I would like to further clarify by saying that I do not espouse Lectio Divina as THE way to knowing Christ. As an academic and former pastor, I am devoted to studying the Bible within its contexts, and understanding it in a very rational way. But I find that Lectio Divina enlarges my experience of the Bible. It’s one of many tools I use in my walk with Christ. And I’m not suggesting it replaces grace, as some have supposed elsewhere.”

We would like to give Perschon the benefit of the doubt, but as it is interesting that while Perschon says he was misquoted, he admittedly does NOT disagree with these 4 levels of consciousness. It’s difficult to check back to read exactly what he said because the page is now blank, and the article that I used to pull his quote from has been shifted over. It has been moved, and given a new URL…

This is where it was:
This is where you can find it now:

Apparently missing from the article is the reference to the 4 levels of consciousness, however, the link to Cell of Peace remains. Perhaps I copied and pasted incorrectly? Could be. But then, how can this ever be proven? Is the moral of the story to copy/paste/save everything we find? Who has time for that?

The point of bringing these particular things to light is this. Why would Mike Perschon say he was misquoted, but also say that he agrees with the quote anyways? Is he feeling bad about leading youth to a new level consciousness instead of leading them to the truth? Is he sort of covering his tracks?

In another Youth Specialties article Mike Perschon wrote (here):

Morton Kelsey refers to the experience of contemplative prayer in all its forms as entering a “laboratory for the soul.” While this phrase entices me with its sense of adventure, it frightens most believers. For too long, evangelical Christianity has packaged faith in safe bundles.

I’m sorry Mike Perschon, but the reason this “frightens” most believers is that this is not of God, and the only “safe” place to be is under the shelter of His wings. He is our strong tower. This is why we must stay away from practices that might open our minds up to the darkness of the spirit realm and doctrines of demons, but you are leading youth away from God, in this mad laboratory experiment devised by Satan, and into darkness.

In conclusion, there will surely be more covered tracks as the delusion unfolds and sticky web of apostasy is woven. In the meantime, some might say, why bother with all this, let’s just read God’s Word and stick to the truth. While this is very VERY good advice, and I totally agree, God’s Word also instructs us to reprove and expose what is in the darkness.

11And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

12For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

13But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

Ephesians 5:11


Todd Bentley’s Knighting

When will the show end? See Todd Bentley’s knighting commission by false prophets here:

Video: Bentley’s Knighting Commission

Most disturbing is the second clip where Stacey Campbell prophesies over Todd. Also notice on stage praying over Todd is Rick Joyner, who himself has been knighted…by the Knights of Malta, which have something to do with Rome and the New World Order. Read about this here:

Rick Joyner, Knighted by the Knights of Malta

Where on earth is this never ending so called outpouring headed?


Note: Read Charisma’s article on the commissioning here:

Leaders Commission Todd Bentley at ‘Lakeland Outpouring’

A Closer Look at Gary Greig’s Endorsement of the Florida Outpouring

Recently Todd Bentley defended the Florida outpouring by saying that a Bible scholar has backed him (see Todd Bentley Responds to Criticism). Many people who defend the Lakeland Revival are referring to the endorsement by Gary S. Greig.

In a new detailed article about this Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries concludes:

“Lakeland is not biblically charismatic, not biblically Pentecostal, and not biblically Christian. Neither is Gary S. Greig’s “scholarly” defense of what cannot be either biblically or even rationally defended.”

Read the entire review of Gary Greig’s defense of Lakeland and Todd Bentley as Jacob Prasch takes a closer look, here:

A Review Of Gary S Greig’s Pseudo-Scholarly Apologetic For The Unbiblical Antics Of Todd Bentley And The Lakeland, Florida Sequel To The Failed Revivals Of Kansas City, Toronto, And Pensacola

by J. Jacob Prasch
Moriel Ministries

Faculty of Hebrew, Judaism and Judeo Christian Hermeneutics
Midland Bible College and Divinity School, University of Wales, UK

Jacob Prasch, is the author of several books and holds a non-cessationist pneumatology. He believes in the ongoing operation of charismatic gifts as defined and practiced biblically, but firmly rejects the alleged “revivals” of Lakeland, Toronto, Brownsville, and Pensacola as carnal and demonically-influenced counterfeits of biblical charismata.

I have included the above information about Jacob Prasch because of the many comments I have read here and on other blogs by defenders of this revival saying that those ‘criticizing’ the Florida outpouring are all spiritually dead cessationists. Please read the article if you believe that Gary Greigs endorsement is a legitimate reason to be a follower of this (so called) outpouring.

Commissioning, ATM Machines and Connecting the Dots

Here are a few IMPORTANT current concerns regarding Lakeland:

New from Christian Research Service:

Christian Research Service Statement on Todd Bentley’s ‘Special Commissioning Service’

More about this commissioning service from Sola Dei Gloria:

Todd Bentley commissioned at Lakeland Outpouring: some thoughts…

Then there are these…

ATM machines at the Lakeland Outpouring

Connecting the Dots…

This should all make your heart sick because as you can see…the sheep have not left the building.

Interview Alert: Tomorrow (Wednesday)

The following is from Slice of Laodicea:


*Crosstalk Alert* Wednesday

Word of Faith

I recently posted a message from Justin Peters on the Word of Faith movement and its heretical teachings. This is the movement that has produced so many false teachers, including Todd Bentley and his Lakeland “revival”. Justin will be joining me on Wednesday, Crosstalk, the Lord willing, and we will be talking about the basic teachings of this movement and how it is in conflict with biblical Christianity. Justin travels to churches around the country with his “A Call for Discernment” seminars. You can listen to the program live at 2pm Central time at our Crosstalk website.

Who will you follow? Wendy and Todd, or God?

Bud Press of Christian Research Service has just come out with a new article that examines Wendy Alec of God TV, sponsor and promoter of the Florida outpouring:

Wendy Alec: Prophet of God?
by Bud Press, Director
June 23, 2008

This is well worth the read.

Do not quench the Spirit; do not despise prophetic utterances. But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21

Contagious Florida Fire Spreads to Belfast

Is this how the church is supposed to function? Read how Bobby Sullivan, partner of Todd Bentley, has been helping to spread the contagious Florida outpouring anointing to Belfast, Ireland, where sheep are flocking to be healed.

‘Is this the healing hand of God?’

June 21 2008

FOLLOWING reports of a boy coming back from the dead, News Letter reporter Sam McBride visted the church where, for five weeks, people have been flocking to be healed.

Within minutes of arriving at the Elim Christian Centre in Tigers Bay, the young man beside me is moving his body in a series of bizarre, jerking movements.

On stage, a Canadian man wearing a rugby top is talking into a hand-held microphone before jabbing his finger at the foreheads of two teenage girls who fall over backwards before writhing on the ground.

All the while the congregation is baying for more, arms raised, shouting words of encouragement, their cries of support interspersed with seemingly random bursts of hysterical laughter.

The Canadian on stage is Bobby Sullivan, a close associate of American tele-evangelist Todd Bentley – the man behind the “Florida Outpouring” healing phenomenon….

Read the rest of this two page article here:

Unfortunately, this news reporter shook his head and walked away. This is because hirelings and wolves in sheeps clothing do not care for the sheep, but would rather exploit and devour them.

You may watch Bob Sullivan at Elim Center, one of the Florida Outpouring Overflow Rooms, on video here:

The account of the above church sounds very much like the following youtube video of one such church (of unkown location) that is “under fire” [Warning: you may find this too disturbing to watch] :

How can this be of God when no where in the Bible is God’s healing hand displayed in this manner? This unedifying behaviour is definitely NOT how the body of Christ functions.

23Therefore if the whole church assembles together and all speak in tongues, and ungifted men or unbelievers enter, will they not say that you are mad?

24But if all prophesy, and an unbeliever or an ungifted man enters, he is convicted by all, he is called to account by all;

25the secrets of his heart are disclosed; and so he will fall on his face and worship God, declaring that God is certainly among you.

26What is the outcome then, brethren? When you assemble, each one has a psalm, has a teaching, has a revelation, has a tongue, has an interpretation Let all things be done for edification.

1 Corinthians 14

Latest Alert on Lakeland

Here is the latest Lakeland Alert posted on Moriel Ministries (

Let Us Reason Ministries Alert On Lakeland
by Mike Oppenheimer

Because a large portion of Pentecostals and Charismatics hold to Latter Rain doctrines and practices it is no surprise another revival has sprung up and is quickly accepted- this time in Lakeland Florida.

Recently meetings have been taking place in Lakeland Florida by a new name breaking forth on the on the Signs and wonders scene: Todd Bentley of “Fresh Fire ministries International: Apostolic Network.” Maybe you have never heard of him but he is fast becoming a “household name” in the church. Bentley is called a Canadian evangelist from Abbotsford, BC, Canada. He and his team have been traveling all over the world holding healing/miracle meetings for years.

Since the beginning of April Bentley has been conducting “healing meetings” in Lakeland at the sanctuary of host pastor Stephen Strader’s Ignited Church. Steven Strader is the son of Karl Strader, former pastor of Carpenter’s Home Church that launched Rodney Howard Browne’s ministry of passing fire and contagious laughter as the anointing. TBN broadcasted its services, and the church was introduced to this kind of preaching and behavior as revival.

In the mid 90’s when the laughter was at its peak through Rodney Howard Browne, my pastor then said that it would die out like all trends or fads. I had studied the Latter Rain movement, since the end of the 80’s it was growing. I identified this as the resurgence of that movement. My response was that it would not fade but continue to grow and spread. Indeed it has, and it is here to stay. The laughter movement has not gone away, it continues abroad, though diminished in contrast to newer manifestations. The movement has had a metamorphosis, going to Toronto, to Brownsville, and now, all the elements that were found in these former revival meetings, and more, are found in Bentleys services at Lakeland.

This why our ministry has spent the last several weeks in an intensive scrutiny of what is taking place, watching the videos which are numerous in number, reading the reports, reading his sermons and looking at the blogs. What is being claimed is staggering, from people being raised from the dead to seeing through glass eyes…

The rest of this alert can be read here:

*Other related articles from Let Us Reason regarding the teachings of this current ‘revival’:

Does the Bible teach that angels visit us? can see them or summon them?

Is there such a thing as a Baptism of fire besides the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Charismatic Gold Phenomena

Isn’t it interesting that gold seems to follow charismatic ‘revivals’ and their leaders? The following quote is from Todd Bentley:

“She (Emma) glided into the room, emitting brilliant light and colors. Emma carried these bags and began pulling gold out of them. Then, as she walked up and down the aisles of the church, she began putting gold dust on people. “God, what is happening?” I asked. The Lord answered: “She is releasing the gold, which is both the revelation and the financial breakthrough that I am bringing into this church. I want you to prophecy that Emma showed up in this service-the same angel that appeared in Kansas city-as a sign that I am endorsing and releasing a prophetic spirit in the church.”

– Angelic Hosts, Todd Bentley

Here are some more excerpts regarding gold dust and gold teeth from Apologetics Index::

Diamond dust manifestations of God’s presence have appeared in meetings led by Evangelists Todd Bentley in Canada and Ian Turton in Australia. There have been other places where they have appeared also, but it seems that they are not as commonplace as the gold dust and gold dental miracles. According to Todd, they look like fine sparkly ” ground glass”, reflecting light in beautiful colors.

– Source: Message posted on the pro-Toronto Blessing New Wine mailing list (item on file), Feb. 16, 2000

After worship and after some people having experiencing a mist and a dew Gold dust began to appear on evangelist Todd Bentleys hands. “Look, theres gold” he shouted.

Soon others began to see gold on there hands and faces.

It wasn’t long and he began to pray for people who needed fillings. Seven people received Gold teeth last night.

One lady was standing at the front and while waiting to be prayed for received five gold teeth in a row. Not just filled, but buldging with Gold.

-Source: Message posted on the pro-Toronto Blessing New Wine mailing list (item on file), March 22, 1999

-Todd Bentley/Freshfire Ministries

It’s not just gold that is appearing…as you can see, there is oil and gems as well. You can watch various videos about Todd Bentley & friends, oil of anointing and Gold Teeth here:

Florida Outpouring – Gold teeth

Lakeland- Rob Deluca on Jesus the Great Dentist:
A new Gold Tooth!

Todd Bentley in “Smell My Hands”

(longer version here):

But the most bizarre video of them all has to be Patricia King on gold dust:

Sapphire Dust and Oil From Heaven!

What is all this about? Does God sprinkle gold on us to show us He loves us? Are gold fillings and gold dust a sign and wonder from God? What about hands dripping with oil? Is that any different from the stigmata or tears dripping from statues which Catholics flock to?

The following is an excerpt from an article (from about the significance of gold in the spiritual realm…


The most significant meaning for gold is of course in the realm of alchemy, and most people know that the aim of alchemy was to transmute base metals into gold. Although this was actually attempted as a chemical process, the real meaning behind alchemy was a spiritual transformation of flesh into divinity.

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung (1875-1961) wrote some of his major works on alchemy, putting forward a psychological interpretation. He saw it as a method of self transformation whereby the alchemist unites the opposite elements within himself (e.g., male/female; conscious/unconscious) and attains completeness as a human being. To mystics and occultists alchemy is a spiritual discipline, whereby a person transmutes the base elements of the personality into “spiritual gold”. To the Adept this is a powerful process of transformation that unlocks the keys of magical power and of immortality.


It is the goal of the New Age to lift mankind into a new vibration, to awaken people to “christ-consciousness” within; this involves a luciferic initiation in which the mind is changed from the old paradigm to the new one and the enlightened one then sees mankind as one united entity joined to a living planet that must evolve into a higher spiritual dimension.

Those who undergo the transformation understand that they have divine capabilities and begin to train themselves to use their new-found powers. Eventually they believe they will transform the planet itself, and become spiritual beings ruling on a higher plane.

All this is symbolised by the GOLD of the highest spiritual attainment. A disciple of the new age would have no difficulty in interpreting the recent events in churches!



Finally, what is the danger to ordinary Christians in these signs and wonders? It is that, once you show willing to accept these things, your mind will open to ever more bizarre occurrences and lead you into paths that you would otherwise have shunned.

Nobody is led astray all at once. Satan knows that no Christian or church-goer would accept a talking statue, fire from heaven or a counterfeit christ without mental preparation. First the nursery slopes.

But now that so many in the Church have been warned “don’t analyse”, “simply accept” and “you must not put God in a box” they are willing to accept ANYTHING, however nonsensical.

They are not worried if a blue cloud hovers in the meeting-room, or if a woman shakes gold dust out of her hair. They gaze in wonder if oil drips from somebody’s hands, (and presumably would be just as awestruck by the kind of visible stigmata that Catholics have long known about?)…

Sound familiar? Please read the complete article here:

Gold Dust and Gold Teeth

Also at this website is a related article called Marian Apparitions and Gold – Identical Signs ( which links reports of Catholic apparitions to the gold dust and fillings seen in today’s charismatic revival meetings:

“These reports only serve to prove that objects transformed to gold (whether rosaries or teeth!), and gold dust sprinklings are no new phenomenon and are not as uncommon as charismatics like to think. Furthermore, the most usual place to witness these “miracles” is at a Marian Shrine.”

This makes one wonder if there is any relationship between Todd Bentley’s gold dust/teeth phenomena and the Catholic charismatic mass and home group he attended as a new believer. Whether it has something to do with Catholicism, the New Age, occultic initiation, or just a hoax, there is no doubt that this phenomena is not from God and is something to be very careful of.

Following the Gold Trail

For Whose Glory?

Todd Bentley often says that Jesus is getting all the glory at the Lakeland revival. But is this true? Watch these clips and decide:

For Whose Glory?

Does it not make you weep to see that while (supposed) signs and wonders and ‘revival’ are being proclaimed in the name of Jesus, He is not truly being given the glory and honor he deserves?

Todd Bentley claims to have been to heaven many times. He has (supposedly) seen treasure boxes of gold, rainbow colours, angels, rivers of oil, and even a Bambi eyed Jesus. But obviously he has never been to the throne room. If he truly has seen the Lord, instead of saying “Look at me,” he would be saying, as Isaiah did, “Woe is me, for I am undone.”

Spiritual Deception

One of the earmarks of the last days deception is signs and wonders. Beware – Satan’s goal is to deceive IN THE NAME OF JESUS! The following messages are very short, but very good:

Signs and Wonders – Roger Oakland

Part 1

Part 2

Many people who have encountered the miraculous and the supernatural will stand before Jesus, believing that they believed, but Jesus will say “I never knew you.”

Here is another one:

Would God allow us to be deceived?

In Defense of Wolves

Every now and then you come across a good little message that someone has put together on youtube. This is one of them:

In defense of false prophets

Too often I have heard those defenses from blind sheep who will one day be horrified to learn the truth.

Before or After? Tracking the Tattoo Trail (Updated)

So far, one of the purposes of this blog has been tracking the false teachings leading to and coming from the Lakeland outpouring, not pointing to the physical appearance or former sins of its leader, Todd Bentley. This post is not so much about Todd Bentley’s tattoos as it is about what he himself has said about his tattoos, and whether or not he is telling the truth.

Is the following statement by Todd Bentley true or false? You decide.

Q: When did you get your tattoos and body piercings?

A: I got my tattoo when I was a teenager. I’ve had numerous piercings over the years from the time I was 14. Most of the tattoos I have gotten have (before becoming a Christian). People have asked me about that. To me, it’s not a spiritual reason. But when I’m asked how can I back up from a theological perspective to justify the fact that I have tattoos, then I’m kind of forced to bring out my personal conviction about what the Bible says about tattoos. That’s really the only time I answer it. I don’t want it to be this spiritual thing, like I had a vision and God told me to get my tattoos. I love art and, to me, my skin is the canvas. I’m not taking my skin into heaven.

Todd Bentley, Q&A with preacher Todd Bentley, The Charlotte Observer

A similar article (here) states that Todd Bentley was saved when he was 17. It also says he got most of his piercings and tattoos before becoming a Christian. Therefore, any photo taken of Todd Bentley from age 17 and up should back up this statement. Is this what we see in the following picture trail?

In this photo Todd Bentley is obviously older than 17 and there are no facial piercings or tattoos on his neck (scroll down a little ways here):
The New Prophets

Todd Bentley is definitely older than 17 here but has no visible tattoos or piercings (in the picture in the third row from bottom on this photo page):

In fact, it appears that until the time of his heart trouble in 2006, Todd Bentley did not have any piercings or the heavy tattoos that we see on his arms and neck today. See 2006 photo here:

Compare these photos with more recent ones, as well as video clip here. Remember, Todd Bentley said “Most of the tattoos I have gotten…(before becoming a Christian)”. However, older pictures reveal that Todd Bentley has actually received his most visible tattoos within the last two years. Also puzzling is the T-shirt Todd Bentley wore on the Lakeland stage on May 8th, even though he said in The Charlotte Observer interview (above) that his tattoos are not there for a spiritual reason, and that God didn’t tell him to get them (which is surprising since he spiritualises everything else):

“After almost an hour and a half of singing the MC comes back to the center of the stage and declares, “I feel the ‘sauce’ tonight.” He then introduces Todd Bentley who comes out wearing a t-shirt that reads, “Jesus Gave Me My Tattoos.” – Lakeland’s Recycled Revival, Part 2 (

The point here is not that Todd Bentley has tattoos, but that he says he got his tattoos and piercings (or ‘most of them’) before he was saved. If this is true, then why don’t his pictures match his words?

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Romans 12:2

***UPDATE: July 4/08

Todd Bentley Lying Again About His Tattoos

Does Todd Bentley have the gift of healing?

This is new from Christian Research Service’s blog…

Todd Bentley: Miraculous Healings? Allow the Bible to decide

Does Todd Bentley have the Biblical gift of healing? Compare the Lakeland miracles to the miracles in the Bible.

Lakeland’s Recycled Revival

As mentioned earlier on Wolf Tracks, Herescope has been reviewing the Florida outpouring this week. Here are the latest entries by a pastor who has been there.

Introduction: Testing the Spirits

A Pastor Reports on Todd Bentley’s “Revival” in Lakeland, Florida

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Part 4

Music, Mass Hypnotism and Angels

Part 5

Belly Up to the Bar

Tracking those “Miracles”

A man who was pronounced ‘healed’ by Todd Bentley died eight days later.

Read about this “miracle” and others, here:

Footprints of a Prophet or Tracks of a Wolf?

Read Footprints of a Prophet or Tracks of a Wolf by Jan Markell HERE.

Testing the Spirits – by one who has been there

The following is a review from a pastor who attended the Florida outpouring…

Introduction: Testing the Spirits

A Pastor Reports on Todd Bentley’s “Revival” in Lakeland, Florida

By Pastor Gary Osborne

[Note to reader: this article begins a week-long series of posts, an in-depth eyewitness report from a pastor who attended and observed this “revival” as it unfolded.]

A couple of weeks ago I began to receive phone calls and emails asking me if I knew anything about a “revival” that was going on in Lakeland, Florida. Since that town is less than an hour away from me I decided it was important to find out what was happening in my own “back yard,” so to speak. I did some checking and found out that sure enough, revival meetings were taking place in Lakeland under the ministry of Todd Bentley. In fact, the services were being broadcast live on God TV. Therefore, after watching several services, I decided to attend a couple myself, and the following article deals with what I found out firsthand and the conclusions I have come to…

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