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New Zealand Sheep Warning about Todd Bentley

This February, Todd Bentley visited New Zealand before coming to Florida to begin what is now being called by some the great Florida outpouring. It doesn’t look like he left a very good impression with the locals.

The New Zealand Cult List is a warning resource for New Zealand Christians. It has 8 rating symbols (see here: Two of these are: a flashing red ‘danger‘ symbol and the glowing ‘very hot topic’ sign. Todd Bentley has been awarded both of these…a double sign apparently not given to many.

As you can see on the “B” page, Todd Bentley has been given the Danger symbol. Those groups/persons who are given this symbol are “considered dangerous due to mind control or particularly bad doctrine. These groups (or people) have a strong tendency to damage their members/followers.”

He has also received the Very Hot Topic symbol:

“At present we only have three listings which are so hot they deserve two flames – Abortion, which claims the lives of thousands of New Zealanders each year, Todd Bentley, and Scientology, which actively tries to suppress the rights of personal freedom, in particular free speech and religious freedom. Note that this rating has nothing to do with the “cultishness” of a group.”

Now that’s a heavy warning. Sheep – be warned, beware.


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