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The Latest from those who are tracking the Heretical Trail

Here are the latest articles on the heretic Todd Bentley:

This excellent article is fresh from a Moriel News Alert that was sent out minutes ago:
Defending the Indefensible… Todd Bentley Apologetic
By: Pastor Bill Randles

The following are new articles as well:

The Dark Alliance. Todd Bentley “Commissioned” by the False Teaching Revival Alliance Network.

Is CBN condoning the commissioning?
Apostolic Leaders Commission Lakeland Revival Leader Todd Bentley

By Marsha West

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN: Celebrity revivals fleeting

Does the Bible teach that our Lord, the great healer, does Partial Healings?
Worst Lakeland Healing Revival Video

New Book:
TRUE & FALSE REVIVAL.. An Insider’s Warning.. Are Todd Bentley & the Florida Healing Revival for real? What about Gold Dust & Laughing Revivals? How do we tell the false from the true? HERE @

See more about this book by Andrew Strom here:

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