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A Closer Look at Gary Greig’s Endorsement of the Florida Outpouring

Recently Todd Bentley defended the Florida outpouring by saying that a Bible scholar has backed him (see Todd Bentley Responds to Criticism). Many people who defend the Lakeland Revival are referring to the endorsement by Gary S. Greig.

In a new detailed article about this Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries concludes:

“Lakeland is not biblically charismatic, not biblically Pentecostal, and not biblically Christian. Neither is Gary S. Greig’s “scholarly” defense of what cannot be either biblically or even rationally defended.”

Read the entire review of Gary Greig’s defense of Lakeland and Todd Bentley as Jacob Prasch takes a closer look, here:

A Review Of Gary S Greig’s Pseudo-Scholarly Apologetic For The Unbiblical Antics Of Todd Bentley And The Lakeland, Florida Sequel To The Failed Revivals Of Kansas City, Toronto, And Pensacola

by J. Jacob Prasch
Moriel Ministries

Faculty of Hebrew, Judaism and Judeo Christian Hermeneutics
Midland Bible College and Divinity School, University of Wales, UK

Jacob Prasch, is the author of several books and holds a non-cessationist pneumatology. He believes in the ongoing operation of charismatic gifts as defined and practiced biblically, but firmly rejects the alleged “revivals” of Lakeland, Toronto, Brownsville, and Pensacola as carnal and demonically-influenced counterfeits of biblical charismata.

I have included the above information about Jacob Prasch because of the many comments I have read here and on other blogs by defenders of this revival saying that those ‘criticizing’ the Florida outpouring are all spiritually dead cessationists. Please read the article if you believe that Gary Greigs endorsement is a legitimate reason to be a follower of this (so called) outpouring.


One response

  1. I think that he is one of the first to publicly come out and speak directly against this spiritism.

    I am praying for Prasch and others like him that do speak against this, I pray that they are kept safe and that they keep to the written Word.


    June 26, 2008 at 11:37 pm

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