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Wolf Denied Entry Down Under

Those who have been doing follow up on the adventures of a certain formerly famous wolf have noticed that a fresh set of tracks has stopped short of their latest destination.

Todd Bentley’s Australian Non-Adventure

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Prairie Bible Institute Abuse Survivors

The Survivor Fund Project – Prairie Bible Institute speaks for RCMP and independent third party. Again.

Despite a mixed promise by Prairie Bible Institute for appropriate third-party help for abuse survivors who came forward last year, it appears PBI is confused about 3rd party responsibility. The latest confusion comes an announcement of a PBI initiated project The announcement was posted on two PBI alumni Facebook pages…

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The Prairie Bible Institute Survivor Fund Project – Jim Crites explains

John Crowder, the new comic book hero of mysticism

Here is an update on John Crowders latest antics, from Sandy Simpson of Deception in the Church:

Just when I thought I had seen it all from Todd Bentley and friends, here is the latest DVD series from John Crowder…Supernatural phenomena discussed on this teaching set include:

Levitation miracles
Translation & Transportation
Talking with Animals
Nature Miracles
Body Elongation
Shape Shifting

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John Crowder, the new comic book hero of mysticism


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