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Patricia King

Voice of Thunder – Warning (Part 5)

Have you come to this blog searching for information on the Voice of Thunder Conference 2010 with Patricia King and Brent Borthwick? Before you leave this blog, please consider all the warnings posted here today (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4). Anyone can choose a big name for their conference to make it sound weighty, but have you weighed the teachings of the conference speakers with the Word of God?

Dear sheep, please chew the cud with me for a moment…

And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God. Revelation 4:5

The voice of thy thunder was in the heaven: the lightnings lightened the world: the earth trembled and shook.
Psalm 77:18

Can you comprehend the awesomeness of God? Ever been outside during a storm? Coming out of God’s throne is thunder, lightening and voices! Surely an awesome sight, and you must have also noticed that lightening, as we know it, is always accompanied by thunder (they occur at the exact same time). But have you also noticed that you always see the light before you hear the sound? This is because the speed of light travels faster than the speed of sound waves.

Before you go to hear the so called ‘Voice of Thunder’ conference this weekend, I pray that you will see the light of truth and discernment, and reconsider. The awesomeness of God is far greater than any supposed level that false prophets can bring you to as they pass around the offering bucket. Find this amazing God in His Word, and at the foot of the cross, not at the feet of false teachers that tell you things your itching ears want to hear (2 Timothy 4:3).

As Psalm 95:6-8 says…

O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.
For he is our God; and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. To day if ye will hear his voice,
Harden not your heart…

Mighty God, who shakes the heavens and the earth, we tremble before You, and ask for your mercy upon all those who have gone astray. Protect us from false prophets and wolves, grant us wisdom and discernment, and help us to be true to You, our Good Shepherd, for Your Name’s Sake. Amen.


Voice of Thunder – Warning (Part 4)

From on board his ‘ministry’ boat last September that was for sale (according to his July 7th/09 tweet ~ see here), having just returned from his big ministry/missions trip to the tropics, Brent Borthwick excitedly promoted (from Mission, B.C.) last year’s Voice of Thunder conference (in Mission, B.C.), with guest speakers Charlie Robinson and Eli Miller:

Who are they?

Eli Miller, some of you may recall, was the senior leader of Fresh Fire Ministries and long time associate of Todd Bentley, who announced that the fallen leader of the Florida Outpouring would be taking some ‘time off’ back in 2008.

Charlie Robinson, also an associate of Todd Bentley and Fresh Fire Ministries…

“…is known for his off-the-wall super-unnatural stories that go well beyond the usual super-duper fantasy conjured up by many within the hyper-Charismatic camp.”

-Bud Press, Director of Christian Research Service
Charlie Robinson and his ‘Pillow Fight with Jesus’
Does the word BLASPHEMY ring a bell?!

Charlie Robinson is also a frequent guest of Patricia King and is in the same extreme prophetic camp…

So far, the track record for the Voice of Thunder conferences reveals some muddy wolf tracks that always lead back to Todd Bentley and friends.

Sheep, who are you following? The Good Shepherd, or the wolves?

Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.
(Matthew 7:15)

Voice of Thunder – Warning (Part 3)

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me
John 10:27 (KJV)

The sheep are about to get fleeced…

Voice of Thunder
prophetic conference with Patricia King, Brent Borthwick

worship with Travis & Brandee Klassen

Register today (FREE) and receive preferred seating and a discount on specially marked product.

Thursday, September 16, 2010 7 pm
Friday, September 17, 2010 7 pm
Saturday, September 18, 2010 2 pm. 7 pm

Mission, British Columbia

The Valley and Beyond!

Brent Borthwick ‘feels’ that this conference will somehow help the Holy Spirit be free to move through the valley and beyond…

I feel that this conference will be opening something in the Spirit that will move throughout the Fraservalley and beyond! The timing is very strategic in God’s plan, and to have Patricia King…in Mission…her “home” city….is going to release a “wave” in the “kingdom at hand”!
This will be a “must attend” conference… for people who desire the “next” level in this amazing move of God’s people….His bride…the church…living in “unity” in the power of His kingdom!!
Brent Borthwick

Voice of Thunder prophetic conference


Dear sheep, the only ‘level’ you must desire is to bow down at the foot of the cross, where we are all on the same level before the sacrifice Lamb who died in your place. Only then will He lift you up. The Good Shepherd never taught his sheep that they must attend conferences to ascend to the “next level.”

Sheep, who are you following?

[The discerning sheep might be wise to stay home and pray for the gullible sheep who will be coaxed into attending.]

Voice of Thunder – Warning (Part 2)

To all those sheep who are flocking out early to get your ‘limited seating’ spots to hear Todd Bentley’s friends (supernaturally trained Patricia King and preacher/missionary/yacht owner Brent Borthwick) today and tomorrow at the Voice of Thunder conference, prepare yourselves to receive more words of deep enlightenment and extra biblical teaching like the following…

Preparing for ministry at Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida, Brent Borthwick shared a quick word on the beach about being all we can be. The key, said Brent, is to

“…realize that our understanding is not the realization of Christ…the realization of Christ of who we are is the understanding we’re seeking for.”

Here is Brent on the Beach:

And this…

Here is Patricia King on the werewolf spirit:

You may not necessarily hear the voice of truth at the Voice of Thunder conference.

Sheep, beware!

Voice of Thunder Conference 2010 – WARNING!!! (Part 1)


For the sheep who are flocking here:

Extreme Prophetic Events, Conferences and Schools for September 2010!
Come to an Extreme Prophetic school, conference, meeting, or event and get equipped, anointed, and extreme…for Jesus!

Voice of Thunder Prophetic Conference
September 16-18, 2010
Mission, British Columbia
With Patricia King and Brent Borthwick
For more information, click here(

Please take a closer look:

Wind Word church and ministry is shepherded by Brent Borthwick, associate of Todd Bentley. The flock was meeting at a movie theatre in Abbotsford, B.C., until they recently acquired a warehouse to gather in (see here).

For more history of Borthwick’s church, see here:

Faith: Windword Church Finds New Home In Abbotsford Sunday

In 2008, during Todd Bentley’s Florida revival Borthwick traveled to Florida to ‘minister’ and recorded this video on the beach:

Being Who We Are Called To Be

Also during the so called Florida revival, Borthwick spoke in Scotland, spreading the impartation of the glory of God on behalf of Fresh Fire Ministries…

Healing preacher comes to the Broch

He speaks about his vision on this video at CLAN (Christians Linked Across the Nations) in Scotland, here:

One wary and discerning blogger had some interesting observations about Borthwick’s appearance at CLAN here…

I heard one of the associates of Todd Bentley speak (Brent Borthwick). I was not impressed. His talk had no substance or focus. While he mentioned and read a couple of verses from Scripture, the overall flow of the talk was not based on Biblical truth but emotional/spiritual hype. I felt manipulated. His style was completely different than any of the other speakers that I heard at CLAN. I was especially embarrassed for his “American” (Canadian) style and cultural ignorance.”

One commenter on that post said this:

I believe that your reaction to Mr Borthwick is not without reason. He spent a lot of time on his large yacht claiming to be helping the locals whilst busily begging for funds to secure his affluent lifestyle.


Mr. Borthwick indeed has (or had?) a ‘ministry’ boat, a Wind Word Ministries boat, as his ministry partners reveal here:

Thursday, June 7, 2007
Yesterday, Brandee and I decided to head down to see Brent & Sharon and their family on Wind Word Ministries’ boat. They are currently moored off of Cancun, Mexico, on an island called Isla Mujeras. We are very excited about spending some time with them, relaxing, worshipping and writing.

A detailed description and pictures of the Borthwick’s wee Wind Word Ministries boat can be found at this March 2009 entry here:

The Jireh is a 67 foot Trawler Yacht, with 6 cabins (small), 3 bathrooms (heads), living room, kitchen, dining area and bridge, plus a 10 foot by 40 foot top deck with a bridge. It has a fuel capacity of 1000 gallons and at $2/gal. it is fairly expensive to fill. The owners, Brent & Sharon and their 3 children have been ministering in the Atlantic/Caribbean for the past 2 years. We originally met them in 1998, when we were both working as missionaries in Micronesia.

Wouldn’t every pastor and missionary like to ‘minister’ in the Caribbean on a 67 foot yacht? (If indeed that’s what it was all about.)

If you think that’s a judgmental statement, here’s a blogger who doesn’t seem to think Borthwick is being very truthful about his yacht ministry:

How to get tons of money and buy a bigger boat.

More here:

Since yachts are very expensive toys, it went up for sale, as of last summer…

Please pray. Some one is looking at our boat to buy! Hope it sells! God is so good! 12:24 PM Jul 7th, 2009

(Notice: the followers of Brent Borthwick’s Twitter account are Patrica King, Brad Jersak, and Matt Sorger.)

For the latest tweats on the conference, see here:

If this is the kind of ministry partner Patricia King associates and aligns herself with, are the sheep who flock to the Voice of Thunder about to be fleeced by hirelings? For this concern, this blog has been updated with today’s caution regarding this conference which is happening right now.

Spread the word – warn the sheep. Stop supporting the false prophets with your money!


For more information on spiritual wino Patricia King and Todd Bentley, ministry associates of Brent Borthwick, please see here:

Todd Bentley Research Articles Page

Todd Bentley exposed on Nightline Part 1

Todd Bentley exposed on Nightline – Part 2

Extreme Prophetic and Patricia King exposed

Patricia King: Feathers of Fiddlesticks?


Patricia King (aka Patricia Coking)

Also to consider:
Have the prophecies of Patricia King been fulfilled?
See here:

If not, what does the Bible say regarding false prophecies and prophets?
See here:


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About those visits to heaven

Bob DeWaay of Critical Issues Commentary takes a look at the experiences that Jones, Bentley, and King promote to see if they are biblically based.

Todd Bentley, Bob Jones, and Patricia King Practice Astral Projection
By Bob DeWaay

Read more Bob DeWaay articles here.

Radio interviews – exposing Todd Bentley and Patricia King

Here a two radio interviews worth listening to:


July 19, 2008
Hour 1
Hour 2

“Jan and guests including Caryl Matrisciana, Justin Peters, and Pastor Bill Randles, examine the “revivals” of Todd Bentley. Peters, who was in attendance, gives a rather chilling report. The occult side is exposed and the “revivals” are billed as a counterfeit revival by Jan’s guests. And they encourage all to sound a warning in case people could get caught up in the deception and occult trappings. Numerous sound bytes from the “revivals” are played.”
[ ]

Here is an audio called SliceCast about ecstatic trance dancing:

The New Apostolic Reformation Part 2: Club Mysterio, Ecstatic Trance Dancing
In this second Slicecast, Jewel Grewe of Discernment Ministries returns to continue discussion about the New Apostolic Reformation. She answers questions about Patricia King’s Club Mysterio, the growing acceptance of ecstatic trance dancing, and the exploding interest in mystical spiritual encounters that take people away from the Word of God.

Tracking Todd Bentley in Kentucky – nothing has changed

Has Todd Bentley spent his week of R&R in self examination or repentance as some have hoped? Tonight he will be back at Lakeland, but from the sound of his ‘preaching’ last night in Kentucky, nothing has changed.

Todd in Kentucky:

See a small clip of Todd in Kentucky STILL claiming verified resurrections (32=zero) here:

Todd Bentley in Louisville, Kentucky, shows the world how many resurrections there have really been at Lakeland

BUT what about Todd’s “verified” miracles and resurrections. Take some time looking at the following evidence and discover that those “verified” resurrections are not really verified after all:

I Say, Old Chap, This Is Rather Brilliant!

There are lots of Biblical expose’s of Bentley’s teaching in youtube. Here is another:

Todd Bentley and the theology of glory

In the meantime, Patricia King has gotten together with Randy Clark and made a video of her testimony of defense on behalf of her friend Todd Bentley:

WSTK-ITV- Patricia King & Randy Clark on Todd Bentley

BUT how can we take the testimony of Patrica King seriously when, in the following video series, she introduces false teacher Jamie Galloway’s unbiblical teachings on angels (Part 1) and says that she sits at the feet of the new mystic John Crowder (Part 2)?

Doctrines of Demons Part 1

Part 2

As you can see, nothing has changed. In fact, the whole mess may be getting worse. 

Stacy on Ecsatasy

There is a fascinating (and very disturbing) teaching by Stacy Campbell on Ecstatic Prophecy and Holy Spirit Possession that can be watched here:

SHATTER! Stacy Campbell – Holy Spirit Possession

Make sure you click on the 7 minute SHATTER! video on the left if you want to watch it. At 3 minutes into her teaching Stacy describes a Buddhist festival in Thailand where people (Buddhists) who wanted to worship would cross this little line, and when they walked into the middle of this square they were hit by an evil spirit and demon possessed on the spot – vibrating, falling towards the altar, giving an offering to the demon. This gave Stacy the ‘heeby jeebies.’
This is ASTOUNDING because there is a video you can watch of Todd Bentley where he instructs the people coming up on stage to stand in a certain spot which he points to where the anointing is the strongest. If they stood there, said Todd, they would ‘get it.’ This spot was close to the pulpit where he said there was a ‘portal’ of some sort. Sure enough, who ever stood there would get struck, start jerking, and fall over. IS THIS ANY DIFFERENT THAN WHAT STACY CAMPBELL DESCRIBED AS DEMONIC POSSESSION?

Here is the youtube video from the Florida outpouring (May 17th) where you can observe this phenomena (warning, please do NOT play this around children):

Drunk in God’s spirit
(the audio on this one is not very good, crank up the volume)

At 2 minutes, you will see a woman named Shannon standing in the anointing. Hear Todd saying that anybody that steps into it, gets it! At 2:55 the most evil laugh you have ever heard comes out of Todd. “Sometimes the angels get involved,” says Todd. (The angels who are involved in this are not the kind that everyone thinks.)

Back to the Holy Spirit Possession video of Stacey Campbell – using Vine’s dictionary and Bible verses to sound very biblical as she describes her version of ecsatasy, she teaches that biblical Holy Spirit possession and ecstatic prophecy means to be ‘standing outside of,’ in a trance, in a condition in which ordinary consciousness is suspended, a spiritual state where natural sense are suspended (as in Todd Bentley astral travelling to England?). But it is more than just floating in suspension – it is FRENZY, she says, not peaceful. Is this what the Bible teaches about life in the Spirit?

See what Stacy Campbell’s version of ecstatic prophecy looks like here:
Ecsatatic Prophecy Stacey Campbell ( 1:38 )

And who can forget her ecstatic head shaking prophecy over Todd Bentley last week? Does this sound or look like peace and self control, which is the fruit of the Holy Spirit?

There is something else very telling that Stacy Campbell mentions in her Holy Spirit Possession teaching – she talks about Evelyn Underhill at about 4:22. This is no small matter. Evelyn Underhill was a mystic who had occultic connections…

The Order of the Golden Dawn, a secret society headed by A.E.Waite, best known for the Waite Tarot Deck. Its members variously included poet W.B. Yeats (known for his poem, “The Second Coming”) and Evelyn Underhill, author of Mysticism.
-The Inklings (

Evelyn Underhill believed that mysticism was the highest form of human consciousness and defined Mysticism as ‘the art of union with reality.’ It is not surprising to see those in “Holy Spirit movements” quoting the mystics. As Alan Morrison writes, there is a connection between the two:

There has been a very interesting parallel between the development of mysticism in the professing Christian Church and the flourishing of Holy Spirit Movements throughout Church History.

While it is true to say that there is not an exact parallel between classical mysticism and specifically charismatic movements — in the sense that all mystics have not necessarily exhibited the charismata — there are many startling congruences which are worthy of exposure.

Pentecostalism and the Charismatic Movements are in so many ways a manifestation of the mysticism which has been developed in the Roman Catholic Church…


… the mystic monk Thomas Merton, who has done so much to develop the Interfaith Movement, could say — as reported in an article on renewal in the New Catholic Encyclopedia — ‘Pentecostalism seems to sum up the spirituality most likely to work in the U.S. now’. And in one of the Supplements to that same Encyclopedia, it is reported that there are three ways to Spiritual Perfection: 1) The Charismatic Way; 2) The Eastern Mystical Way; 3) The traditional Catholic Mystical Way (e.g. the Cloud of Unknowing).

By Alan Morrison

When you hear that people in the signs and wonders/prophetic/charismatic movement have been studying and quoting from mystics who experienced ecstasy and strange experiences, look out!

Another one in this category who teaches in the ecstatic realm is Patricia King and her Ekstasis Worship. There was also a Spanish mystic from the past who experienced ecstasy – Saint Teresa Avila (1515-1582). Many Christians being drawn into contemplative spirituality in churches today are reading her classic writings on the Seven Mansions of the Interior Castle . Some say these are related to the Seven Chakras.

This is a serious matter. These ladies seem to draw a big audience, and appear quite angelic and sweet looking from afar, but so do (she)wolves in sheeps (ewe’s) clothing. I saw Stacy Campbell on a Christian TV program once when she was much younger and never thought that she would end up so far off the mark. Somewhere in her walk she stepped over the line and had her first taste of spiritual ecstasy and got addicted. Was it by studying the mystics? Now she is handing this toxic spiritual drug out to others. (Does that makes her an ecstasy dealer?) Has Stacy Campbell, in the name of the Holy Spirit, given herself over to the very thing that gave her the heeby jeebies watching in Thailand? What is this strange manifestation we see when in Lakeland as people are told by Todd Bentley to step over a line into a portal zone and shake and vibrate? What is this we see as Stacy Campbell prophesies over Todd Bentley in the name of Jesus – is this Holy Spirit possession, as she says? Or is this demon possession? Is this Holy Spirit revival in Florida about worshipping Jesus, or is it really about ecstatic frenzied demon worship in disguise?

It’s really time to wake up, sheep, and draw that line in the sand. And then, stay far away from “it”!!!


Stacey Campbell – Who is this stone?

Stacey Campbell and her “Wind Illness” the Kundalini Syndrome

Tracking Bob, Todd and Patricia to the Third Heaven

In this extremely revealing google video, Todd Bentley talks about his out of body (astral projection) experience into the third heaven with Bob Jones. Even Patricia King tells of her attempt to get to the third heaven with Bob, but all she saw was a light. Then there’s the children that Bob frequently takes up to the third heaven where he lets them loose and they see the white light. As they discuss this, they all smell vanilla, because the third heaven smells like…vanilla, of course.

(Those wondering about the blue flame in the bottom corner of the screen can read about Patricia King and the blue flame here.)

“But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons” 1 Timothy 4:1

Wake up sheep!

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