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Angel Tales or Wolf Tales?


Warning: This is quite possibly the most demonic video program I have ever seen, and I don’t say this lightly.

I was scrolling through my news feed and saw this “By His Stripes We Are Healed” headline on WND, where It’s Supernatural’s host Sid Roth airs a popular video report. Today Roth introduces us to a seer and prophet James Goll, who claims Jesus Himself taught Goll how to heal.

“The first prophecy I ever heard came out of my own mouth,” Goll begins, as Roth excitedly probes him about his own testimony before asking about Goll’s latest vision…

More here:


Recentley James Goll endorsed a book by Stacey Campbell called Ecstatic Prophecy:

Ecstatic Sheep?


Warning – Bill Johnson and Bethel Church

Warning – Bill Johnson and Bethel Church

by Andrew Strom
January 23, 2013

I am really hoping to make this the last of this type of article for awhile. Some people think I “love” putting out this stuff. But I honestly wish it would all go away, so we could get on with the ‘real’ work of building the kingdom.

However, Bill Johnson is doing such damage to the Body of Christ around the world that I simply cannot stay silent. In New Zealand (where I am currently) he holds a huge Conference once a year called “Manifest Presence”. This is amost certainly the biggest and most influential Christian conference in the whole country. And likewise in other nations, such as UK, Australia, Singapore, and many others. His influence is enormous.

Bill Johnson is a very charming man…

You may read more by clicking HERE.

Also see:

The Gospel According to Bill Johnson
By James Smith – Sheffield UK
[Part 1 of a three part series]

An Angel Named Swift

An Angel Named Swift

In the following video, Patricia King discusses Isaiah 40:31. As she’s explaining what this verse means, she shares a tale about an angel named ”Swift” who visited her years ago. This angel didn’t appear as normal angels would, this angel supposedly presented itself in the form of a brown and gold eagle…

See video here:

The Trusted Shepherd

Part of the ‘restoration’ process of Todd Bentley, as it draws to completion, is being recommended to minister by Bill Johnson and looking out for his first wife and children. Benediction Blogs On informs us that, according to Bill Johnson, Bentley is very happy to have his family under the care of their new pastor and friend, Brent Borthwick.

One of the more important contacts in this process has been with Brent Borthwick. He is Shonnah’s pastor. Brent is a trusted personal friend of mine and represents Todd’s ex-wife and kids with compassion and wisdom. He has spent time with Todd since his move to Morningstar and has affirmed that from his point of view, Todd is doing well. He also told me he was pleased at how much at peace Todd seemed to be. Brent’s perspective is important to me, for obvious reasons. He was also able to verify that Todd has taken care of Shonnah and the kids financially in an honorable way and continues to do so.

Todd Bentley is completely recommended to minister. Birds fly! Fish swim!

It seems Bentley’s family is under the same kind of spiritual leadership as before the divorce. Last year, Borthwick partnered with Bentley’s friend Patricia King at the Voice of Thunder Conference 2010 in Mission, B.C. Previous to this, he was ‘ministering’ in the Caribbean with his family on a 67 foot yacht, the Jireh.

See more here:

Voice of Thunder Conference 2010 – WARNING!!! (Part 1)

Voice of Thunder – Warning (Part 4)

Also see Borthwick’s photos of angels that appeared in a meeting at the end of this blog post.

How nice that prophets Bill Johnson and Todd Bentley are pleased with the new shepherd watching over Bentley’s important sheep that he left for a new one.

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Matthew 7:15

Look Out – Todd Bentley’s Seeing Angels Again

Here we go again…

Todd Bentley’s Seeing Angels Again

Todd Bentley released a letter that he entitled, “IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM TODD BENTLEY.” When I saw the title, I knew it would be interesting.

What I get from reading Bentley’s missive is that he’s missing the glory days of the Lakeland revival and he’s itching for a repeat. Building up to this logical climax in his message, Bentley begins by saying:

“Two weeks ago at the Greater Glory Gathering Virginia Beach, the Lord spoke to me about contending for a greater outpouring of his presence, signs, and wonders. During this prophetic experience I saw the Revival Healing Angel that had visited us in Lakeland, Florida.”

More about this at Slaughter of the Sheep here:

Same old.



Todd Bentley practices recycling (and plans next revival to start on Monday)

Extra-terrestrials in Sheep’s Clothing

Have you heard?

“Professor Paul Davies, a physicist at Arizona University will tell a meeting at the Royal Society that the best way of proving that extra-terrestrial life exists elsewhere in the universe is to use evidence from earth.”
The search for aliens should start on Earth not outer space, says scientist


They are correct, and need look no further than the false prophets, empowered by fallen angels and posing as sheep in the church.

Look at what is happing in churches today


Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Matthew 7:15

When the angel shows up you don’t even get preachin’ sometimes.

“When the angel shows up you don’t even get preachin’ sometimes.” –Todd Bentley

TRANSLATED: When the wolf shows up, the sheep don’t even get fed sometimes.

Morning Star Outpouring

It’s so hard to watch as these sheep are being deceived. How can the watchmen remain silent? Todd Bentley may claim to be restored and ready to restart his so called ministry, but is he bearing new fruit? It seems he is still focused on the angel. But which of his old angels is Mr. Bentley talking about? Is it the angel of restoration, or just “THE” angel? How about the angel that cut him open on the operating table? Maybe the angel that burned his hotel room down? Or is it Emma, the angel that mysteriously changed overnight from “she” to “he”? Or is it just the generic angels, angels, angels that he called down at Lakeland? There are so many, who can keep track?

Who can forget these angels…

Todd-Bentley says we must believe in “THE” angel?

Todd Bentley’s “Emma” the Angel

Todd Bentley Encounters With Angels[Classic]

Bentley’s personal angel Emma

The question that some people have asked is whether these are angels or demons…

Angels or Demons?
Todd Bentley and “The Beautiful Side of Evil”

Also in the Morning Star Outpouring video, Mr. Bentley says:

“You know, I saw the Lord one time take a child that was about 14 , born in a total vegetable state, like I mean, I mean, no brain, just brain dead, and the child grew a brain, started walking, talking, I mean, absolutely everything, we got doctors, uh…everything, I mean it was just an absolute miracle…”

Then he finishes with “boom” and a creative miracle to be released on a young boy after praying for him to have a new brain, new brain, new brain. He then turns quickly around for the next person to pray for.

No use hovering around waiting for the creative miracle, especially if you start telling stories about new brains while being very, very careful not to say you have actual doctor’s evidence for such creative miracles like new brains (or 13 resurrections) which you don’t have evidence for.

Sound familiar?

Some false teachers/false miracle workers/wolves in sheeps clothing keep forgetting that familiar spirits are not very creative – they just lie and copy and deceive. This is why we are witnessing the same old head shaking, and hearing the same old lines in these circles.

Is there any new fruit coming from the restored Todd Bentley and the so called Morning Star Outpouring? Discerning sheep who are inspecting the fruit say yes, there is lots of fruit, but it’s all BAAAAAAAAAAAD fruit!

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Matthew 7:20

DANGER! The Wolf Will Be Back – Bigger Than Ever! [2010 UPDATE]

The alert sheep got wind of the danger a few weeks ago, when the wolf pack began howling in the distance, announcing their approach. Now I must climb back up on the wall, even if for a brief moment, and sound the warning to the flock.


Listen to Rick Joyner say that Todd Bentley is gonna be back, bigger than ever, better than ever! He has no doubt of this. Watch it and weep!

Rick Joyner manipulation

Rick Joyner also said this recently at the beginning of his restoration series ‘teaching’ videos. See for yourself by clicking on the video by Rick Joyner called The Restoration Begins Video Update @

If you you are a sensitive sheep and do not have the second or third stomach to watch this video, here are a few quotes that should be alarming enough to make you cough up your cud:

“He will be back.” – Rick Joyner

“He could be out in public ministry again probably, have pretty big crowds again…” –Rick Joyner

(*Note that he says that’s not what the videos are about, of course, they are to ‘help’ people.)

“The one group of people that the Lord had no patience for was the self righteous…” –Rick Joyner

(*Note that these restoration videos are only for the gullible sheeple.)

And what is this video series about?

They say they are going to be telling all the sordid details, weekly…

“We’re gonna really try to tell the story as frankly and as openly as we possibly can, for your sake, not just, you know, to rebuild Todd’s ministry, that will happen. We know that. He will be back. And I believe better than ever, and uh, has an important part to play but we’re doing this for the sake of openness and helping people.” –Rick Joyner

* * * * * *

Do what you want with this warning, but the questions remain…

Will Todd Bentley return with or without his angel? Has Emma left the building? And will there be more creative hoaxes miracles like the ones we have seen in the past? Will the lame grow their leg stumps another inch walk? Will the blind notice light shadows see through glass eye balls healed eyes? Will the dead be raised shouting glory to Todd God? Will old ladies be kicked in the face blessed and ministered to, cancer patients kicked in the gut prayed for?

Tune in weekly to the Morning Star channel for the Bentley/Joyner Soap Opera @

And don’t forget to watch this one:

Rick Joyner – Morningstar Madness

HT: Christian Research Service

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Bill Johnson on Wretched Radio with Todd Friel @ YouTube

Fresh Fire Ministries Canada and Global Harvest Centre change their name

Todd Bentley: Claimed but Not Ordained by Bud Press, Director
@ Christian Research Service

****** ****** ******

UPDATE: June 2009



Back On The Sawdust Trail

Todd Bentley is Back…The Podcast

***Did you know that you can…

Invite Todd for a Meeting!




He Who Blogs Not, Blogs Now: Todd Bentley’s Blog:

“Emma” The Angel at the 4 0clock Show :

Todd Bentley Update:

Bentley Boldy Going Forward:


I was about to become a king at Lakeland, says Todd Bentley


Todd Bentley–To get the “double portion” of Oral Roberts’ spirit?

**********UPDATE JANUARY 2010:

Lakeland 2.0. Watch for it.

A convenient place for a “revival”

IHOP and the newest Todd Bentley revival play footsie

Todd Bentley could be assassinated? Yes, really. And it’s your fault.

Bob Jones Says Christians Have Put A Curse On Todd Bentley

Did Todd Bentley Plan This?

Todd Bentley remarries and re-launches
2010 UPDATE from Take Heed Ministries

False prophet Todd Bentley is back at it again

An Evaluation of Todd Bentley from Lamb and Lion Ministries

The featured question on the Lamb & Lion Ministries website is this:

Is Todd Bentley of the Florida Outpouring a false prophet?

Here is the answer:

An Evaluation of the “Florida Healing Outpouring”
by Dr. David R. Reagan

Speaking of Angels – the Angel of Finance has been found in the Bible

Listen as this wise woman who goes by the name of aProdigalChild explains…

Todd Bentley’s Angel of Finances CAN Be Found In The Bible!

The Emma Angel Song

For all those weary sheep who have been bogged down with heaviness as they track the Florida outpouring and stand for the truth – some comic relief today…

Todd Bentley Sings Emma Angel Song

Todd Bentley – Emma angel..the british urban remix..

(With thanks to Sola Dei Gloria for finding this video first.)

Tracking Todd Bentley in Kentucky – nothing has changed

Has Todd Bentley spent his week of R&R in self examination or repentance as some have hoped? Tonight he will be back at Lakeland, but from the sound of his ‘preaching’ last night in Kentucky, nothing has changed.

Todd in Kentucky:

See a small clip of Todd in Kentucky STILL claiming verified resurrections (32=zero) here:

Todd Bentley in Louisville, Kentucky, shows the world how many resurrections there have really been at Lakeland

BUT what about Todd’s “verified” miracles and resurrections. Take some time looking at the following evidence and discover that those “verified” resurrections are not really verified after all:

I Say, Old Chap, This Is Rather Brilliant!

There are lots of Biblical expose’s of Bentley’s teaching in youtube. Here is another:

Todd Bentley and the theology of glory

In the meantime, Patricia King has gotten together with Randy Clark and made a video of her testimony of defense on behalf of her friend Todd Bentley:

WSTK-ITV- Patricia King & Randy Clark on Todd Bentley

BUT how can we take the testimony of Patrica King seriously when, in the following video series, she introduces false teacher Jamie Galloway’s unbiblical teachings on angels (Part 1) and says that she sits at the feet of the new mystic John Crowder (Part 2)?

Doctrines of Demons Part 1

Part 2

As you can see, nothing has changed. In fact, the whole mess may be getting worse. 

Silence of the Wolves?

Many of those leading the extreme prophetic movement are saying that supernatural heavenly portals are about to increase and accelerate and that divine and heavenly visitations and outpourings will become more common on the earth.

There is an interesting post at Sola Dei Gloria about this called Portals, Prophets, Posers, and Visions that actually has a (supposed) picture of one of these heavenly portals.

After reading that, this Lakeland outpouring video will be much more interesting:

This is where Todd read what he called a ‘proven prophetic word’ from Canada about a White Light that came over top of him like an Open Portal. The word for him was “open heaven.”

This is also the video where a prophecy from Wendy Alec was read that told him to hold the course at Lakeland.

He has not held the course. Why?

Also mentioned were warlocks and demons that were ‘interfering’ with Lakeland, but, said Todd, the revival would ‘accelerate’.

Has it accelerated? Or has it run out of steam? Or was this Todd’s delusional interpretation of what was going on behind the scenes?

Todd also said on this video that without his testimony of the supernatural, the realm that was happening in this meeting would not be happening, but God told him to repent of giving in to pressure of people who may not understand his gifting.

Was he pressured to stop talking his supernatural angel nonsense? Was he being silenced behind the scenes?

You can see on the video that he then began to call on open heavens, to let the angels come down (it is debatable which kind of angels he was calling down).

As Todd himself said, without his portals and angels, he has no testimony, and the outpouring cannot go on. This is all he has to go on- his supernatural testimony. Not a testimony about Jesus, but about the supernatural, the angels, and the open heavens. This perhaps is the most telling video of them all in regards to why Todd left the outpouring.

Did he leave because he was told not to preach his false gospel? Is this why Todd had to take a break? Was he told to read from the Bible instead of so called proven prophetic e-mails? Was he not submitting to correction regarding his constant stories about angel visitations and white light portals?

In the meantime, the leaders of the pack are silent about this. They insist Todd is resting, even though the schedules and itineraries say otherwise. Perhaps we will find out when (and if) he returns, if his message has changed or if he will still be pushing his supernatural prophetic power portals. As they say, the proof will be in the pudding portal.


Watch Todd Bentley push the sheep into one of his angelic power portals on his stage here:

Q & A Time

Today, the time usually spent putting up a blog post on Wolf Tracks has been used instead to answer some readers who have brought up some interesting points. You can find these questions and answers here and here. I mention this in hopes that some of you may have additional insights and wisdom on these matters.

Also today, the following articles are being posted to help people like the ones who have asked these questions.

Can You Be Deceived?
Why People Are Duped and How Not to Be
by G. Richard Fisher

“‘Will you walk into my parlor?’ said a spider to a fly; ‘Tis the prettiest little parlor that you ever did spy’” (Mary Howitt).

The inspired Apostle Paul warned us: “Let no one deceive you” (2 Thessalonians 2:3). It is apparent that we are vulnerable to deception and we must not forget it. We must be on guard and protect ourselves against it. There is deception everywhere in the religious world. We must be alert.

Deception can only deceive if it looks somewhat like the real thing. Apologist Craig Hawkins explains:

“We must realize that the way to deceive people with counterfeits is to imitate the genuine article as closely as possible. For example, if counterfeiters want to pass off fake one-hundred-dollar bills, they do not print Donald Duck’s picture on purple paper. Instead they attempt to duplicate a true bill. Similarly, despicable persons who try to deceive others attempt to appear genuine and sincere. They do not walk up to you and inform you that they are there to deceive and defraud you. The far more effective method is faking friendship and fidelity.”1

Goethe taught that we are never deceived but that we deceive ourselves. It is true that religious hucksters are believed because people want to believe them. People want the claims to be true…

Read the rest here:

Another helpful article is this one:

True Vs. False Visions and How to Tell Them Apart

Here is an excerpt from this article:

“Modern examples of false visions include those found in the world of the cults and the occult (e.g., among psychics, astrologers, channelers, etc.) where they are legion and they bear all the fruit of false visions: false doctrines, sin, pride, idolatry, divination and other occult practices, etc. But false or dubious visions may also occur within the church.

If we remember correctly, we recall that Oral Roberts had a dramatic vision of a 60 ft. Jesus who appeared to him and told him that if he didn’t raise the money necessary for his medical hospital, that Jesus would kill him. But this was a false vision. The hospital failed anyway and Roberts wasn’t killed.

In the case of Kenneth Hagin he claims that in 1958 “the Lord Jesus suddenly appeared” before him, with an angel standing three feet behind Him. In I Believe in Visions he reveals, “He [Jesus] said, ‘This is your angel.’ ‘My angel?” I asked. ‘Yes, your angel, and if you will respond to him, he will appear to you as I will at times; and he will give you guidance and direction concerning the things of life…'”3 Those who have read of Kenneth Hagin’s other visions from “Jesus” in his I Believe in Visions will realize these visions could not have come from God because their content was unbiblical e.g., they supported Hagin’s false theology regarding his unbiblical “Faith” teachings. (…)

We do not mention these illustrations to negate whatever good these men may have accomplished for the Lord, only to issue a warning. In Pentecostal, charismatic and other experientially-oriented Christian circles, there appear to be more false than genuine visions.

Because of this, Christians must become more discerning and less accepting of claims surrounding contemporary visions….”

Read the complete article at the above link.

And here is another recommended one:

The True Workings of God and the Counterfeits of Satan

If someone else has a good article to recommend on how to recognize wolves in sheeps clothing or discern between truth and error, please add it to the comment section below.

Now following the Revival – In Plain Site

Here are some of the newest updates from In Plain Site:

Todd Bentley and His Circus Side Show From Hell
Is pretty much summed up by the succinct comment recently made by a friend .. “I don’t know if the devil wears Prada, but he definitely drives a Bentley”.

Comparison Between Kundalini and the Counterfeit Revivals

Looking for Fellow Sheep

Last week a reader asked some very important questions regarding the Florida outpouring. So far, time has not cooperated with my good intentions to write a lengthy response which these questions deserve. Are there any sheep out there who would like to respond to some of these questions to help out this reader?

Here are the questions:

…please answer these questions for me.

How about the 1000’s Todd’s led to Christ?

What about the miracles and healings?

What about the fact he gives Jesus all the praise?

What about the fact that they spend 1.5-2 or more hours in praise and worship to God?

What about being drunk in the Holy Spirit?

Even Paul had a third heaven experience.

What about the angel Emma?

Do you think satan can heal? Can satan get people saved?

Please post your answers in the comment section below. They will be much appreciated and read by many.

Stacy on Ecsatasy

There is a fascinating (and very disturbing) teaching by Stacy Campbell on Ecstatic Prophecy and Holy Spirit Possession that can be watched here:

SHATTER! Stacy Campbell – Holy Spirit Possession

Make sure you click on the 7 minute SHATTER! video on the left if you want to watch it. At 3 minutes into her teaching Stacy describes a Buddhist festival in Thailand where people (Buddhists) who wanted to worship would cross this little line, and when they walked into the middle of this square they were hit by an evil spirit and demon possessed on the spot – vibrating, falling towards the altar, giving an offering to the demon. This gave Stacy the ‘heeby jeebies.’
This is ASTOUNDING because there is a video you can watch of Todd Bentley where he instructs the people coming up on stage to stand in a certain spot which he points to where the anointing is the strongest. If they stood there, said Todd, they would ‘get it.’ This spot was close to the pulpit where he said there was a ‘portal’ of some sort. Sure enough, who ever stood there would get struck, start jerking, and fall over. IS THIS ANY DIFFERENT THAN WHAT STACY CAMPBELL DESCRIBED AS DEMONIC POSSESSION?

Here is the youtube video from the Florida outpouring (May 17th) where you can observe this phenomena (warning, please do NOT play this around children):

Drunk in God’s spirit
(the audio on this one is not very good, crank up the volume)

At 2 minutes, you will see a woman named Shannon standing in the anointing. Hear Todd saying that anybody that steps into it, gets it! At 2:55 the most evil laugh you have ever heard comes out of Todd. “Sometimes the angels get involved,” says Todd. (The angels who are involved in this are not the kind that everyone thinks.)

Back to the Holy Spirit Possession video of Stacey Campbell – using Vine’s dictionary and Bible verses to sound very biblical as she describes her version of ecsatasy, she teaches that biblical Holy Spirit possession and ecstatic prophecy means to be ‘standing outside of,’ in a trance, in a condition in which ordinary consciousness is suspended, a spiritual state where natural sense are suspended (as in Todd Bentley astral travelling to England?). But it is more than just floating in suspension – it is FRENZY, she says, not peaceful. Is this what the Bible teaches about life in the Spirit?

See what Stacy Campbell’s version of ecstatic prophecy looks like here:
Ecsatatic Prophecy Stacey Campbell ( 1:38 )

And who can forget her ecstatic head shaking prophecy over Todd Bentley last week? Does this sound or look like peace and self control, which is the fruit of the Holy Spirit?

There is something else very telling that Stacy Campbell mentions in her Holy Spirit Possession teaching – she talks about Evelyn Underhill at about 4:22. This is no small matter. Evelyn Underhill was a mystic who had occultic connections…

The Order of the Golden Dawn, a secret society headed by A.E.Waite, best known for the Waite Tarot Deck. Its members variously included poet W.B. Yeats (known for his poem, “The Second Coming”) and Evelyn Underhill, author of Mysticism.
-The Inklings (

Evelyn Underhill believed that mysticism was the highest form of human consciousness and defined Mysticism as ‘the art of union with reality.’ It is not surprising to see those in “Holy Spirit movements” quoting the mystics. As Alan Morrison writes, there is a connection between the two:

There has been a very interesting parallel between the development of mysticism in the professing Christian Church and the flourishing of Holy Spirit Movements throughout Church History.

While it is true to say that there is not an exact parallel between classical mysticism and specifically charismatic movements — in the sense that all mystics have not necessarily exhibited the charismata — there are many startling congruences which are worthy of exposure.

Pentecostalism and the Charismatic Movements are in so many ways a manifestation of the mysticism which has been developed in the Roman Catholic Church…


… the mystic monk Thomas Merton, who has done so much to develop the Interfaith Movement, could say — as reported in an article on renewal in the New Catholic Encyclopedia — ‘Pentecostalism seems to sum up the spirituality most likely to work in the U.S. now’. And in one of the Supplements to that same Encyclopedia, it is reported that there are three ways to Spiritual Perfection: 1) The Charismatic Way; 2) The Eastern Mystical Way; 3) The traditional Catholic Mystical Way (e.g. the Cloud of Unknowing).

By Alan Morrison

When you hear that people in the signs and wonders/prophetic/charismatic movement have been studying and quoting from mystics who experienced ecstasy and strange experiences, look out!

Another one in this category who teaches in the ecstatic realm is Patricia King and her Ekstasis Worship. There was also a Spanish mystic from the past who experienced ecstasy – Saint Teresa Avila (1515-1582). Many Christians being drawn into contemplative spirituality in churches today are reading her classic writings on the Seven Mansions of the Interior Castle . Some say these are related to the Seven Chakras.

This is a serious matter. These ladies seem to draw a big audience, and appear quite angelic and sweet looking from afar, but so do (she)wolves in sheeps (ewe’s) clothing. I saw Stacy Campbell on a Christian TV program once when she was much younger and never thought that she would end up so far off the mark. Somewhere in her walk she stepped over the line and had her first taste of spiritual ecstasy and got addicted. Was it by studying the mystics? Now she is handing this toxic spiritual drug out to others. (Does that makes her an ecstasy dealer?) Has Stacy Campbell, in the name of the Holy Spirit, given herself over to the very thing that gave her the heeby jeebies watching in Thailand? What is this strange manifestation we see when in Lakeland as people are told by Todd Bentley to step over a line into a portal zone and shake and vibrate? What is this we see as Stacy Campbell prophesies over Todd Bentley in the name of Jesus – is this Holy Spirit possession, as she says? Or is this demon possession? Is this Holy Spirit revival in Florida about worshipping Jesus, or is it really about ecstatic frenzied demon worship in disguise?

It’s really time to wake up, sheep, and draw that line in the sand. And then, stay far away from “it”!!!


Stacey Campbell – Who is this stone?

Stacey Campbell and her “Wind Illness” the Kundalini Syndrome

Has Emma had a sex change?

According to End Times Prophetic blog, in Todd’s newest book, the angel Emma has undergone a sex change. Rumour has it that this is one of the creative miracles that Todd prophesied. (See last post.) Enough said.

Read about it here:

Another Deliberate Deception. Todd Bentley angel Emma has a sex change in Todd Bentley’s latest Book


Todd Bentley’s Angels

Kudos and Criticism for Bentley

The following article was posted on the webstie of Canadian Christianity on July 3, 2008:

Canadian evangelist’s ministry draws kudos and criticism

By Didi Williamson (

People say there’s a modern-day Pool of Bethesda in Lakeland, Fla. – of all places.

Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley of Fresh Fire Ministries came to the small town of 90,000 people on April 2 for a weeklong revival at the charismatic Ignited Church, and reports of miracles like those from Bethesda in Jesus’ day began pouring out of Lakeland.

Broken elbows heal. Hepatitis C disappears. Heart murmurs are no longer recognizable. Crippled people walk. And the dead rise.

These claims come with very little documented proof, but Bentley says he wants to certify every healing he can….

Read the rest here:
(This article originally appeared in The Good News in South Florida.)

Florida Revival Media Coverage Sad Enough to Make Angels Weep

Todd Bentley has always desired media coverage of his revival. We still haven’t seen the CNN camera crew roll in yet (as prophesied), but here is a rather interesting article found at, from St. Petersburg Times:

Todd Bentley’s revival in Lakeland draws 400,000 and counting by Thomas Lake,Times Staff Writer

I agree with Sola Dei Gloria that this is very sad…

If Angels Weep


Tracking the CNN Prophecy

More Odd Bentley and Friends

Discerning Christians are becoming more alarmed about Todd Bentley and friends…

Angels or Demons?
Todd Bentley and “The Beautiful Side of Evil”

By Berit Kjos – June 26, 2008

Bob Jones – a tail of a prophet

TruNews Interview of Pat Holiday
Topic: Odd Bentley and the occult revival

New Zealand Sheep Warning about Todd Bentley

This February, Todd Bentley visited New Zealand before coming to Florida to begin what is now being called by some the great Florida outpouring. It doesn’t look like he left a very good impression with the locals.

The New Zealand Cult List is a warning resource for New Zealand Christians. It has 8 rating symbols (see here: Two of these are: a flashing red ‘danger‘ symbol and the glowing ‘very hot topic’ sign. Todd Bentley has been awarded both of these…a double sign apparently not given to many.

As you can see on the “B” page, Todd Bentley has been given the Danger symbol. Those groups/persons who are given this symbol are “considered dangerous due to mind control or particularly bad doctrine. These groups (or people) have a strong tendency to damage their members/followers.”

He has also received the Very Hot Topic symbol:

“At present we only have three listings which are so hot they deserve two flames – Abortion, which claims the lives of thousands of New Zealanders each year, Todd Bentley, and Scientology, which actively tries to suppress the rights of personal freedom, in particular free speech and religious freedom. Note that this rating has nothing to do with the “cultishness” of a group.”

Now that’s a heavy warning. Sheep – be warned, beware.

Latest Alert on Lakeland

Here is the latest Lakeland Alert posted on Moriel Ministries (

Let Us Reason Ministries Alert On Lakeland
by Mike Oppenheimer

Because a large portion of Pentecostals and Charismatics hold to Latter Rain doctrines and practices it is no surprise another revival has sprung up and is quickly accepted- this time in Lakeland Florida.

Recently meetings have been taking place in Lakeland Florida by a new name breaking forth on the on the Signs and wonders scene: Todd Bentley of “Fresh Fire ministries International: Apostolic Network.” Maybe you have never heard of him but he is fast becoming a “household name” in the church. Bentley is called a Canadian evangelist from Abbotsford, BC, Canada. He and his team have been traveling all over the world holding healing/miracle meetings for years.

Since the beginning of April Bentley has been conducting “healing meetings” in Lakeland at the sanctuary of host pastor Stephen Strader’s Ignited Church. Steven Strader is the son of Karl Strader, former pastor of Carpenter’s Home Church that launched Rodney Howard Browne’s ministry of passing fire and contagious laughter as the anointing. TBN broadcasted its services, and the church was introduced to this kind of preaching and behavior as revival.

In the mid 90’s when the laughter was at its peak through Rodney Howard Browne, my pastor then said that it would die out like all trends or fads. I had studied the Latter Rain movement, since the end of the 80’s it was growing. I identified this as the resurgence of that movement. My response was that it would not fade but continue to grow and spread. Indeed it has, and it is here to stay. The laughter movement has not gone away, it continues abroad, though diminished in contrast to newer manifestations. The movement has had a metamorphosis, going to Toronto, to Brownsville, and now, all the elements that were found in these former revival meetings, and more, are found in Bentleys services at Lakeland.

This why our ministry has spent the last several weeks in an intensive scrutiny of what is taking place, watching the videos which are numerous in number, reading the reports, reading his sermons and looking at the blogs. What is being claimed is staggering, from people being raised from the dead to seeing through glass eyes…

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Charismatic Gold Phenomena

Isn’t it interesting that gold seems to follow charismatic ‘revivals’ and their leaders? The following quote is from Todd Bentley:

“She (Emma) glided into the room, emitting brilliant light and colors. Emma carried these bags and began pulling gold out of them. Then, as she walked up and down the aisles of the church, she began putting gold dust on people. “God, what is happening?” I asked. The Lord answered: “She is releasing the gold, which is both the revelation and the financial breakthrough that I am bringing into this church. I want you to prophecy that Emma showed up in this service-the same angel that appeared in Kansas city-as a sign that I am endorsing and releasing a prophetic spirit in the church.”

– Angelic Hosts, Todd Bentley

Here are some more excerpts regarding gold dust and gold teeth from Apologetics Index::

Diamond dust manifestations of God’s presence have appeared in meetings led by Evangelists Todd Bentley in Canada and Ian Turton in Australia. There have been other places where they have appeared also, but it seems that they are not as commonplace as the gold dust and gold dental miracles. According to Todd, they look like fine sparkly ” ground glass”, reflecting light in beautiful colors.

– Source: Message posted on the pro-Toronto Blessing New Wine mailing list (item on file), Feb. 16, 2000

After worship and after some people having experiencing a mist and a dew Gold dust began to appear on evangelist Todd Bentleys hands. “Look, theres gold” he shouted.

Soon others began to see gold on there hands and faces.

It wasn’t long and he began to pray for people who needed fillings. Seven people received Gold teeth last night.

One lady was standing at the front and while waiting to be prayed for received five gold teeth in a row. Not just filled, but buldging with Gold.

-Source: Message posted on the pro-Toronto Blessing New Wine mailing list (item on file), March 22, 1999

-Todd Bentley/Freshfire Ministries

It’s not just gold that is appearing…as you can see, there is oil and gems as well. You can watch various videos about Todd Bentley & friends, oil of anointing and Gold Teeth here:

Florida Outpouring – Gold teeth

Lakeland- Rob Deluca on Jesus the Great Dentist:
A new Gold Tooth!

Todd Bentley in “Smell My Hands”

(longer version here):

But the most bizarre video of them all has to be Patricia King on gold dust:

Sapphire Dust and Oil From Heaven!

What is all this about? Does God sprinkle gold on us to show us He loves us? Are gold fillings and gold dust a sign and wonder from God? What about hands dripping with oil? Is that any different from the stigmata or tears dripping from statues which Catholics flock to?

The following is an excerpt from an article (from about the significance of gold in the spiritual realm…


The most significant meaning for gold is of course in the realm of alchemy, and most people know that the aim of alchemy was to transmute base metals into gold. Although this was actually attempted as a chemical process, the real meaning behind alchemy was a spiritual transformation of flesh into divinity.

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung (1875-1961) wrote some of his major works on alchemy, putting forward a psychological interpretation. He saw it as a method of self transformation whereby the alchemist unites the opposite elements within himself (e.g., male/female; conscious/unconscious) and attains completeness as a human being. To mystics and occultists alchemy is a spiritual discipline, whereby a person transmutes the base elements of the personality into “spiritual gold”. To the Adept this is a powerful process of transformation that unlocks the keys of magical power and of immortality.


It is the goal of the New Age to lift mankind into a new vibration, to awaken people to “christ-consciousness” within; this involves a luciferic initiation in which the mind is changed from the old paradigm to the new one and the enlightened one then sees mankind as one united entity joined to a living planet that must evolve into a higher spiritual dimension.

Those who undergo the transformation understand that they have divine capabilities and begin to train themselves to use their new-found powers. Eventually they believe they will transform the planet itself, and become spiritual beings ruling on a higher plane.

All this is symbolised by the GOLD of the highest spiritual attainment. A disciple of the new age would have no difficulty in interpreting the recent events in churches!



Finally, what is the danger to ordinary Christians in these signs and wonders? It is that, once you show willing to accept these things, your mind will open to ever more bizarre occurrences and lead you into paths that you would otherwise have shunned.

Nobody is led astray all at once. Satan knows that no Christian or church-goer would accept a talking statue, fire from heaven or a counterfeit christ without mental preparation. First the nursery slopes.

But now that so many in the Church have been warned “don’t analyse”, “simply accept” and “you must not put God in a box” they are willing to accept ANYTHING, however nonsensical.

They are not worried if a blue cloud hovers in the meeting-room, or if a woman shakes gold dust out of her hair. They gaze in wonder if oil drips from somebody’s hands, (and presumably would be just as awestruck by the kind of visible stigmata that Catholics have long known about?)…

Sound familiar? Please read the complete article here:

Gold Dust and Gold Teeth

Also at this website is a related article called Marian Apparitions and Gold – Identical Signs ( which links reports of Catholic apparitions to the gold dust and fillings seen in today’s charismatic revival meetings:

“These reports only serve to prove that objects transformed to gold (whether rosaries or teeth!), and gold dust sprinklings are no new phenomenon and are not as uncommon as charismatics like to think. Furthermore, the most usual place to witness these “miracles” is at a Marian Shrine.”

This makes one wonder if there is any relationship between Todd Bentley’s gold dust/teeth phenomena and the Catholic charismatic mass and home group he attended as a new believer. Whether it has something to do with Catholicism, the New Age, occultic initiation, or just a hoax, there is no doubt that this phenomena is not from God and is something to be very careful of.

Following the Gold Trail

Messenger of God? Or messenger of…

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