keeping a watchful eye on the wolves


Unequally Yoked

No laughing matter . . .


Feeding or Fleecing the Flock?

The true mark of false teachers and wolves in sheeps clothing is that they feed fleece the flock that can’t even stomach milk with smiles and sweet nothings.

~ $ ~

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Victoria Osteen Ripped for Telling Church ‘Just Do Good For Your Own Self’; Worship Is Not for God, ‘You’re Doing it for Yourself’!

Tribute to a Giant, or Wolf who fleeced the flock?

A Tale of Two Charismas
TBC Staff – EN
Dec 16 2013

In a December 4 editorial, Steve Strang, Publisher of Charisma Magazine and founder of the Strang print media empire, pays tribute to the late Paul Crouch as “One of the Giants of Our Generation.”

It is accurate, but not necessarily a compliment, to be called a “giant of our generation.” Even a criminal or notorious politician can become “larger than life” by his deeds.

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Taking on the Wolves of Strange Fire? (UPDATED)

John MacArthur, influential author, pastor and seminary president, has organized what has already proven to be a controversial conference, as he and several other evangelical Christian ministers will gather in October at his Sun Valley, Calif., church to take a corrective stance against what he describes as “strange fire” practices in the charismatic movement…

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John MacArthur Takes on Charismatic Movement With ‘Strange Fire’ Conference

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A Mess in the Maternity Ward?

An Update on the whole Michael Brown/Strange Fire/John MacArthur hullabaloo


Impressions from Strange Fire


How the Mighty Have Fallen

Morningstar Ministries’ Recent Healing Conference

Morningstar Ministries’ Recent Healing Conference
TBC Staff – EN

Mar 28 2013
[TBC: Rick Joyner’s Morningstar Ministries recently held a Healing Conference and advertised the gathering with the following wording]:

Watch LIVE on This Weekend!
March 21-23, 2013

“The emphasis of this conference is going to be deliverance, one of the most overlooked aspects of healing.” – Rick Joyner

Special Guests: Father Marc van Rossem, Dr. P.G. Vargis, and Aliss Cresswell

[TBC: Of the guests, Father Marc van Rossem is a Charismatic Catholic. He also does other engagements in which: “Fr. Marc Van Rossem from the Netherlands conducted this retreat, which led the retreatants into a deeper relationship with God [and] a strong focus on Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament which opened up our hearts to receiving the word that Fr. Marc spoke to us. Father Marc spoke on Healing and the Holy Eucharist and also Carthusian Sprituality: Finding God Inside the World.

“He shared with us how the example of the Desert Fathers can be relevant to us in our society. We must make time to spend in our “cell” (our time in prayer) to allow the Lord to change us and to enter into a deeper relationship with Him” (Newfoundland Catholic Renewal, On This Rock newsletter, Edition 5, 2007, p. 5)…

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We Should Not Be At All Surprised

We Should Not Be At All Surprised

by James Jacob Prasch
Sept 27, 2012

Mark Stibbe, the UK proponent of Todd Bentley and every other deception based on neo-Gnostic mysticism and heresy, has been publicly reported to have abandoned his wife and children after promoting Todd Bentley who did the same. Stibbe had been leader of St. Andrews Chorleywood in the UK from where he and David Pytches promoted the Toronto counterfeit and the Kansas City false prophets including the homosexual alcoholic Paul Cain and sexual predator Bob Jones. After promoting Todd Bentley, Stibbe left St. Andrews to head a trust that supposedly is established to combat the problem of fatherless children. Ironically, but not surprisingly, in imitation of his hero Todd Bentley – Mr. Stibbe has gone into the enterprise of promulgating the problem. We should not be surprised.

The only thing of Christ that I have ever seen come out of St. Andrews are the godly believers who left it and its sister mental asylum Holy Trinity Brompton in utter disgust in response to the command of Christ in Revelation 18:4.

Now, the American neo-Gnostic and emergent church guru Brian McLaren who partnered with Rick Warren to forward and promote the book “The Emergent Church” by Dan Kimball has performed the same sex marriage ceremony for his homosexual son in Washington D.C. in the name of his Emergent Evangelicalism. According to Romans 1, both father and son are destined for eternal damnation unless they repent. But as with Mark Stibbe, when we observe the actions of Brian McLaren – once again, we should not be surprised.



Brian McLaren Leads Son’s Same-Sex Commitment Ceremony

Controversial Tracks

Lo! What tracks are these in the common ground mud?

Is King’s Way an Interfaith Document or Not? You Be The Judge.

Chrislam: When common ground becomes shaky ground

Rick Warren: Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

What about 2 Corinthians 6:14-17 ?

Prairie Bible Institute Abuse Survivors

The Survivor Fund Project – Prairie Bible Institute speaks for RCMP and independent third party. Again.

Despite a mixed promise by Prairie Bible Institute for appropriate third-party help for abuse survivors who came forward last year, it appears PBI is confused about 3rd party responsibility. The latest confusion comes an announcement of a PBI initiated project The announcement was posted on two PBI alumni Facebook pages…

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More details here:

The Prairie Bible Institute Survivor Fund Project – Jim Crites explains

More about the Prairie Bible Institute Situation

As the wolf investigation continues…

Prairie Bible Institute – “We may have a real situation”

It is good to see media picking up the stories of abuse at Prairie Bible Institute.

The Prairie Bible Institute, the oldest Bible school in the country, is under investigation by the RCMP after a former student came forward claiming she and dozens of other children were abused by staff as far back as the 1950s and as recently as five years ago.

I blogged about PBI abuse survivors coming forward on Facebook a few weeks ago, their petition to PBI, the flack they have gotten from some former students and staff, and the silence of the administration. Now that one or more of the survivors has filed with police, the administration is paying attention….

Read more HERE at Benediction Blogs On.

Teen Mania Wolves?

Ron Luce’s Teen Mania subject of documentary: Mind over Mania

Teen Mania is a multi-million dollar independent religious organization run out of Texas, it’s known for it’s intense stadium events called BattleCry/Aquire the Fire and for it’s in house training program called the Honor Academy and it’s short term mission trips called Global Expedition.

In recent years the organization has come under media and theological scrutiny, and there are plenty of YouTube clips as well as a series of three reports by KLTV TV.

Because Teen Mania is so aggressive in their pitch to churches and individuals, young people and their parents who pay for The Honor Academy are likely unaware of former interns speaking out on the effects of their time in Texas, or about anything the organization doesn’t want you to know about their programs. Even a quick glance at some of the literature or a quick listen to clips reveals the militant dominionist philosophy.

Read more here:

Prairie Bible Wolves?

Prairie Bible Institute now known as Prairie Bible College is the oldest Canadian Bible school and renowned around the world for its missionary training program. In its eighty-nine years, Prairie has sent missionaries to over 114 different countries. This ultra-conservative school was founded by L.E. Maxwell and operated under the motto of “training disciplined soldiers for Jesus Christ”. Sadly there were many who were deeply wounded in the process of making these soldiers.

Over eighty sexual abuse victims from Prairie Bible Institute have come forward. Many of them were staff kids who have horrific stories of abuse to tell: stories of extreme physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual abuse…

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Prairie Bible Institute abuse survivors speak out

Charismatic Reformation – Stop the Wolves!

In honor of Reformation Day, Lee Grady offered his own list of needed reforms in the charismatic movement, and said, ‘feel free to nail them everywhere’. In sheep language, this is an excellent ‘how to stop the wolves’ list. Here it is:

1. Let’s reform our theology. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He is God and He is holy. He is not an “it.” He is not a blob, a force, or an innate power. We must stop manipulating Him, commanding Him and throwing Him around.

2. Let’s return to the Bible. The Word of God is the foundation for the Christian experience. Any dramatic experience, no matter how spiritual it seems, must be tested by the Word and the Holy Spirit’s discernment. Visions, dreams, prophecies and encounters with angels must be in line with Scripture. If we don’t test them we could end up spreading deception.

3. It’s time for personal responsibility. We charismatics must stop blaming everything on demons. People are usually the problem.

4. Stop playing games. Spiritual warfare is a reality, but we are not going to win the world to Jesus just by shouting at demonic principalities. We must pray, preach and persevere to see ultimate victory.

5. Stop the foolishness. People who hit, slap or push others during prayer should be asked to sit down until they learn gentleness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.

6. End all spiritual extortion now. Christian television ministries must cease and desist from all manipulative fundraising tactics. We must stop giving platforms to ministers who make outlandish claims of supernatural financial returns, especially when Scripture is twisted, deadlines are imposed and the poor are exploited.

7. No more Lone Rangers. Those who claim to be ministers of God—whether they are traveling evangelists, local pastors or heads of ministries—must be accountable to other leaders. Any who refuse to submit their lives to godly discipline should be corrected.

8. Expose the creeps. Churches should start doing background checks on traveling ministers. Preachers who have been hiding criminal records, lying about their past marriages, preying on women or refusing to pay child support should be exposed as charlatans and shunned if they do not repent.

9. Stop faking the anointing. God is God, and He does not need our “help” to manifest Himself. That means we don’t sprinkle glitter on ourselves to suggest God’s glory is with us, hide fake jewels on the floor to prove we are anointed or pull chicken feathers out of our sleeves to pretend angels are in the room. This is lying to the Holy Spirit.

10. Let’s return to purity. We’ve had enough scandals. The charismatic church must develop a system for the restoration of fallen ministers. Those who fall morally can be restored, but they must be willing to submit to a process of healing rather than rushing immediately back into the pulpit.

11. We need humility. Ministers who demand celebrity treatment, require lavish salaries, insist on titles or exhibit aloofness from others are guilty of spiritual pride.

12. No more big shots. Apostles are the bondslaves of Christ, and should be the most impeccable models of humility. True apostles do not wield top-down, hierarchical authority over the church. They serve the church from the bottom up as true servants.

13. Never promote gifts at the expense of character. Those who operate in prophecy, healing and miracles must also exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. And while we continue to encourage the gift of tongues, let’s make sure we don’t treat it like some kind of badge of superiority. The world needs to see our love, not our glossolalia.

14. Hold the prophets accountable. Those who refuse to take responsibility for inaccurate statements should not be given platforms. And “prophets” who live immoral lives don’t deserve a public voice.

15. Let’s make the main thing the main thing. The purpose of the Holy Spirit’s anointing is to empower us to reach others. We are at a crossroads today: Either we continue off-course, entertained by our charismatic sideshows, or we throw ourselves into evangelism, church planting, missions, discipleship, and compassionate ministry that helps the poor and fights injustice. Churches that embrace this New Reformation will focus on God’s priorities.

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It’s (Past) Time for a Charismatic Reformation

How to Spot and Escape from the Wolves of Charismania

“For anyone with loved ones who have gotten sucked into the Charismatic movement, the following sermon series is a must-listen. This is the sermon series given by John MacArthur that compelled him to write his bestselling book on the dangers of the Charismatic movement, Charismatic Chaos.”

Read more about this and listen here:

Charismatic Chaos
Posted by Christine Pack

Look Out – Todd Bentley’s Seeing Angels Again

Here we go again…

Todd Bentley’s Seeing Angels Again

Todd Bentley released a letter that he entitled, “IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM TODD BENTLEY.” When I saw the title, I knew it would be interesting.

What I get from reading Bentley’s missive is that he’s missing the glory days of the Lakeland revival and he’s itching for a repeat. Building up to this logical climax in his message, Bentley begins by saying:

“Two weeks ago at the Greater Glory Gathering Virginia Beach, the Lord spoke to me about contending for a greater outpouring of his presence, signs, and wonders. During this prophetic experience I saw the Revival Healing Angel that had visited us in Lakeland, Florida.”

More about this at Slaughter of the Sheep here:

Same old.



Todd Bentley practices recycling (and plans next revival to start on Monday)

IHOP Leader – a Wolf in Sheeps Clothing?

A cult? Strong word you might say…and you are correct. It is not a word I use lightly or carelessly to label anything. But much prayer, time and years of research and personal experience have brought me to the conclusion that I can say confidently that the root system–or foundation–that IHOP is built on follows the basic premises and signs of a cult religious group. When I first left IHOP, I went through a severe culture shock that is hard to put into words. When I began studying the signs of cult fallout and the things that cult members go through after leaving a cult, my eyes began to open to what I had been a part of and recently come out of.

Is IHOP a cult? Read this revealing personal experience of a former IHOP intern here:

Former IHOP Member Explains Why IHOP (International House of Prayer) Is A Cult

Wolf Tweets

Todd’s Twitter tweets (courtesy of

***30 minutes ago:

Discovery Studios trailer shoot for potential upcoming reality series

**7 hours ago:

Crowds in Reno beginning 2 swell in response 2 Miracle Explosion yesterday morning & night! Heavens r open!


2night, @ the Reno Outpouring, as Todd was ministering he shouted that he was struck by white lightning just as this pic was taken

Todd Bentley using “casino revival” to sell himself to Discovery TV?

Faith: Disgraced Abbotsford Evangelist Todd Bentley Resurfaces

Voice of Thunder Conference 2010 – WARNING!!! (Part 1)


For the sheep who are flocking here:

Extreme Prophetic Events, Conferences and Schools for September 2010!
Come to an Extreme Prophetic school, conference, meeting, or event and get equipped, anointed, and extreme…for Jesus!

Voice of Thunder Prophetic Conference
September 16-18, 2010
Mission, British Columbia
With Patricia King and Brent Borthwick
For more information, click here(

Please take a closer look:

Wind Word church and ministry is shepherded by Brent Borthwick, associate of Todd Bentley. The flock was meeting at a movie theatre in Abbotsford, B.C., until they recently acquired a warehouse to gather in (see here).

For more history of Borthwick’s church, see here:

Faith: Windword Church Finds New Home In Abbotsford Sunday

In 2008, during Todd Bentley’s Florida revival Borthwick traveled to Florida to ‘minister’ and recorded this video on the beach:

Being Who We Are Called To Be

Also during the so called Florida revival, Borthwick spoke in Scotland, spreading the impartation of the glory of God on behalf of Fresh Fire Ministries…

Healing preacher comes to the Broch

He speaks about his vision on this video at CLAN (Christians Linked Across the Nations) in Scotland, here:

One wary and discerning blogger had some interesting observations about Borthwick’s appearance at CLAN here…

I heard one of the associates of Todd Bentley speak (Brent Borthwick). I was not impressed. His talk had no substance or focus. While he mentioned and read a couple of verses from Scripture, the overall flow of the talk was not based on Biblical truth but emotional/spiritual hype. I felt manipulated. His style was completely different than any of the other speakers that I heard at CLAN. I was especially embarrassed for his “American” (Canadian) style and cultural ignorance.”

One commenter on that post said this:

I believe that your reaction to Mr Borthwick is not without reason. He spent a lot of time on his large yacht claiming to be helping the locals whilst busily begging for funds to secure his affluent lifestyle.


Mr. Borthwick indeed has (or had?) a ‘ministry’ boat, a Wind Word Ministries boat, as his ministry partners reveal here:

Thursday, June 7, 2007
Yesterday, Brandee and I decided to head down to see Brent & Sharon and their family on Wind Word Ministries’ boat. They are currently moored off of Cancun, Mexico, on an island called Isla Mujeras. We are very excited about spending some time with them, relaxing, worshipping and writing.

A detailed description and pictures of the Borthwick’s wee Wind Word Ministries boat can be found at this March 2009 entry here:

The Jireh is a 67 foot Trawler Yacht, with 6 cabins (small), 3 bathrooms (heads), living room, kitchen, dining area and bridge, plus a 10 foot by 40 foot top deck with a bridge. It has a fuel capacity of 1000 gallons and at $2/gal. it is fairly expensive to fill. The owners, Brent & Sharon and their 3 children have been ministering in the Atlantic/Caribbean for the past 2 years. We originally met them in 1998, when we were both working as missionaries in Micronesia.

Wouldn’t every pastor and missionary like to ‘minister’ in the Caribbean on a 67 foot yacht? (If indeed that’s what it was all about.)

If you think that’s a judgmental statement, here’s a blogger who doesn’t seem to think Borthwick is being very truthful about his yacht ministry:

How to get tons of money and buy a bigger boat.

More here:

Since yachts are very expensive toys, it went up for sale, as of last summer…

Please pray. Some one is looking at our boat to buy! Hope it sells! God is so good! 12:24 PM Jul 7th, 2009

(Notice: the followers of Brent Borthwick’s Twitter account are Patrica King, Brad Jersak, and Matt Sorger.)

For the latest tweats on the conference, see here:

If this is the kind of ministry partner Patricia King associates and aligns herself with, are the sheep who flock to the Voice of Thunder about to be fleeced by hirelings? For this concern, this blog has been updated with today’s caution regarding this conference which is happening right now.

Spread the word – warn the sheep. Stop supporting the false prophets with your money!


For more information on spiritual wino Patricia King and Todd Bentley, ministry associates of Brent Borthwick, please see here:

Todd Bentley Research Articles Page

Todd Bentley exposed on Nightline Part 1

Todd Bentley exposed on Nightline – Part 2

Extreme Prophetic and Patricia King exposed

Patricia King: Feathers of Fiddlesticks?


Patricia King (aka Patricia Coking)

Also to consider:
Have the prophecies of Patricia King been fulfilled?
See here:

If not, what does the Bible say regarding false prophecies and prophets?
See here:


Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Extra-terrestrials in Sheep’s Clothing

Have you heard?

“Professor Paul Davies, a physicist at Arizona University will tell a meeting at the Royal Society that the best way of proving that extra-terrestrial life exists elsewhere in the universe is to use evidence from earth.”
The search for aliens should start on Earth not outer space, says scientist


They are correct, and need look no further than the false prophets, empowered by fallen angels and posing as sheep in the church.

Look at what is happing in churches today


Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Matthew 7:15

When the angel shows up you don’t even get preachin’ sometimes.

“When the angel shows up you don’t even get preachin’ sometimes.” –Todd Bentley

TRANSLATED: When the wolf shows up, the sheep don’t even get fed sometimes.

Morning Star Outpouring

It’s so hard to watch as these sheep are being deceived. How can the watchmen remain silent? Todd Bentley may claim to be restored and ready to restart his so called ministry, but is he bearing new fruit? It seems he is still focused on the angel. But which of his old angels is Mr. Bentley talking about? Is it the angel of restoration, or just “THE” angel? How about the angel that cut him open on the operating table? Maybe the angel that burned his hotel room down? Or is it Emma, the angel that mysteriously changed overnight from “she” to “he”? Or is it just the generic angels, angels, angels that he called down at Lakeland? There are so many, who can keep track?

Who can forget these angels…

Todd-Bentley says we must believe in “THE” angel?

Todd Bentley’s “Emma” the Angel

Todd Bentley Encounters With Angels[Classic]

Bentley’s personal angel Emma

The question that some people have asked is whether these are angels or demons…

Angels or Demons?
Todd Bentley and “The Beautiful Side of Evil”

Also in the Morning Star Outpouring video, Mr. Bentley says:

“You know, I saw the Lord one time take a child that was about 14 , born in a total vegetable state, like I mean, I mean, no brain, just brain dead, and the child grew a brain, started walking, talking, I mean, absolutely everything, we got doctors, uh…everything, I mean it was just an absolute miracle…”

Then he finishes with “boom” and a creative miracle to be released on a young boy after praying for him to have a new brain, new brain, new brain. He then turns quickly around for the next person to pray for.

No use hovering around waiting for the creative miracle, especially if you start telling stories about new brains while being very, very careful not to say you have actual doctor’s evidence for such creative miracles like new brains (or 13 resurrections) which you don’t have evidence for.

Sound familiar?

Some false teachers/false miracle workers/wolves in sheeps clothing keep forgetting that familiar spirits are not very creative – they just lie and copy and deceive. This is why we are witnessing the same old head shaking, and hearing the same old lines in these circles.

Is there any new fruit coming from the restored Todd Bentley and the so called Morning Star Outpouring? Discerning sheep who are inspecting the fruit say yes, there is lots of fruit, but it’s all BAAAAAAAAAAAD fruit!

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Matthew 7:20


Todd Bentley Fresh Fire USA Ministries Revival Webinar Commercial

Sheep Raider

December 2009
Todd Bentley Friday Night Revival at Morningstar

Back from his season of “healing and restoration,” Todd receives a small standing ovation from his loyal fans at Morning Star. Nearly a year and a half since his last meeting (8/8/08) he says he is full of revelation and the fire of God, with a year and a half of the new anointing to release. Oh yes, God’s greater glory is going to be released. And ~drumroll~ he’s received some great things from the Lord about Oral Roberts. In Todd’s own words, “its like a honeycomb… we need to get loose… Sheekah! I’m not disqualified!”

Sure Todd.

They’re back!

So are the watchers on the wall. And we would like to know EXACTLY, WHAT’S WITH THE ELEPHANT? And the lion? And the head shaking? And how about that hissing? And why anyone would think that this is revival?

“Sheekah, my wife’s got some wild fire.” Todd Bentley

Watch Jessa describe her dream about her conversation with a dead man – Oral Roberts – and the new anointing that is on its way, here:

Sure Jessa.


A little necromancy for Mr. and Mrs. Bentley
By Rick Hiebert

Then there’s this latest sales pitch:

People want to come here for the revival, says Rick Joyner. They will try and make room for you. One touch from God can do what years of teaching can do, they say…

MorningStar OutPouring Part1

MorningStar Outpouring Part2

And this:

In a Trench I had a Vision (that’s trance with an accent, we have deciphered)
Bob Jones Breaks Curses from Todd Bentley

Did you know? Well meaning Christians have put a curse on Todd, leaving an opening for him to be assassinated. So Bob Jones voids the death spirit against Todd.

Sure Bob.

But we would like to know – what were you doing in a trench, and why didn’t you stay there?

Just when we thought they were all gone…

DANGER! The Wolf Will Be Back – Bigger Than Ever! [2010 UPDATE]

The alert sheep got wind of the danger a few weeks ago, when the wolf pack began howling in the distance, announcing their approach. Now I must climb back up on the wall, even if for a brief moment, and sound the warning to the flock.


Listen to Rick Joyner say that Todd Bentley is gonna be back, bigger than ever, better than ever! He has no doubt of this. Watch it and weep!

Rick Joyner manipulation

Rick Joyner also said this recently at the beginning of his restoration series ‘teaching’ videos. See for yourself by clicking on the video by Rick Joyner called The Restoration Begins Video Update @

If you you are a sensitive sheep and do not have the second or third stomach to watch this video, here are a few quotes that should be alarming enough to make you cough up your cud:

“He will be back.” – Rick Joyner

“He could be out in public ministry again probably, have pretty big crowds again…” –Rick Joyner

(*Note that he says that’s not what the videos are about, of course, they are to ‘help’ people.)

“The one group of people that the Lord had no patience for was the self righteous…” –Rick Joyner

(*Note that these restoration videos are only for the gullible sheeple.)

And what is this video series about?

They say they are going to be telling all the sordid details, weekly…

“We’re gonna really try to tell the story as frankly and as openly as we possibly can, for your sake, not just, you know, to rebuild Todd’s ministry, that will happen. We know that. He will be back. And I believe better than ever, and uh, has an important part to play but we’re doing this for the sake of openness and helping people.” –Rick Joyner

* * * * * *

Do what you want with this warning, but the questions remain…

Will Todd Bentley return with or without his angel? Has Emma left the building? And will there be more creative hoaxes miracles like the ones we have seen in the past? Will the lame grow their leg stumps another inch walk? Will the blind notice light shadows see through glass eye balls healed eyes? Will the dead be raised shouting glory to Todd God? Will old ladies be kicked in the face blessed and ministered to, cancer patients kicked in the gut prayed for?

Tune in weekly to the Morning Star channel for the Bentley/Joyner Soap Opera @

And don’t forget to watch this one:

Rick Joyner – Morningstar Madness

HT: Christian Research Service

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Bill Johnson on Wretched Radio with Todd Friel @ YouTube

Fresh Fire Ministries Canada and Global Harvest Centre change their name

Todd Bentley: Claimed but Not Ordained by Bud Press, Director
@ Christian Research Service

****** ****** ******

UPDATE: June 2009



Back On The Sawdust Trail

Todd Bentley is Back…The Podcast

***Did you know that you can…

Invite Todd for a Meeting!




He Who Blogs Not, Blogs Now: Todd Bentley’s Blog:

“Emma” The Angel at the 4 0clock Show :

Todd Bentley Update:

Bentley Boldy Going Forward:


I was about to become a king at Lakeland, says Todd Bentley


Todd Bentley–To get the “double portion” of Oral Roberts’ spirit?

**********UPDATE JANUARY 2010:

Lakeland 2.0. Watch for it.

A convenient place for a “revival”

IHOP and the newest Todd Bentley revival play footsie

Todd Bentley could be assassinated? Yes, really. And it’s your fault.

Bob Jones Says Christians Have Put A Curse On Todd Bentley

Did Todd Bentley Plan This?

Todd Bentley remarries and re-launches
2010 UPDATE from Take Heed Ministries

False prophet Todd Bentley is back at it again

Todd Bentley: a prophet little known in his home town

The following article is from BC Christian News, a free Christian newspaper in British Columbia, Canada, home of Todd Bentley.

Todd Bentley: a prophet little known in his home town
By Jim Coggins

THE EVANGELIST at the heart of the Florida Outpouring remains largely unknown in his hometown of Abbotsford.

Todd Bentley grew up on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast, where he was involved in “criminal activity, youth prisons, drugs, sex, satanic music and bondage.” In his late teens, he was saved when someone handed him a Bible. This is detailed in Bentley’s book Journey into the Miraculous (2008).

Bentley ended up in Abbotsford, where he was mentored by Henry Schmidt, pastor of Living Faith Church.

Bentley’s colleague Michael Bullett told BC Christian News that when Bentley was injured working at a sawmill in Mission, he decided to spend his usual working hours during his recovery “seeking God.”

As a result, at age 22, Bentley launched what is now Fresh Fire Ministries. Soon he was evangelizing all over the world. Preaching over 300 times a year took its toll, and about three years ago Bentley suffered burn-out for a time. Bullett says the experience took Bentley “deeper in terms of character.”

Read the rest of this news article here:

The Summer Circus Circuit

This past weekend while Todd Bentley was pickling people in L.A., a hypnotist stage show was taking place in Houston, Texas, where people were turned into snakes, dominoes and drunken puppets at the stroke of a famous master hypnotist’s invisible magic wand:

FIRE Falling on Texas (1)

FIRE Falling on Texas (2)

The magician also gave out magic impartations and new assignments, just like his apprentice.

See more of the master magician at his best here:

Master of Suspense

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Speaking of apprentices, just recently (last December) this same hypnotist invoked his magic fire on kids (see here). At 8 minutes into the second video, Master Hinn humbly passed on the impartation of his magic mantle to a young boy, telling him that this was a moment he would never forget, an event that will be recorded and written in the history books of heaven…(oops, it must have just been symbolic, because he took back his expensive Armani ringmaster’s/magician’s jacket.)

You never know when the world travelling circus ciruit will show up in your town. Sadly, there will always be gullible sheep flocking to the big tent.

Benny Hinn’s Ministry’s Act of Shame – Get Out Your Credit Card!

Examine Everything Carefully

For all those who still think that the Florida outpouring is biblical…

What about all those Lakeland quotes? How do they match up with the Bible?

Lakeland Quotes

And what about those convulsions? What does the Bible say about these:

Convulsions of God?

“But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good” 1 Thess. 5:21 (NASB)

About those visits to heaven

Bob DeWaay of Critical Issues Commentary takes a look at the experiences that Jones, Bentley, and King promote to see if they are biblically based.

Todd Bentley, Bob Jones, and Patricia King Practice Astral Projection
By Bob DeWaay

Read more Bob DeWaay articles here.