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In Whom Will You Trust? Todd Bentley or Jesus Christ?

More than at any time in the history of the world, people who profess to be Christian are claiming to see Jesus. Their claims include elaborate stories of how Jesus suddenly and physically appeared to them, spoke to them, and even took them into visions and visits to heaven. They back their claims with smiles and tears, along with subtle, well-rehearsed words to assure their listeners their stories are “real” and “true”.

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In Whom Will You Trust? Todd Bentley or Jesus Christ?
Bud Press
Christian Research Service


Zion Fire – My Experience with Todd Bentley

Todd Bentley

After I was employed by the Elijah List for about a year, I had my first exposure to Todd Bentley.

Although Todd Bentley was fiery and charismatic in front of an audience, on a personal level he seemed to be a very insecure person. He wasn’t used to the notoriety that had been thrust upon him, but he definitely enjoyed it.

Over the course of time, Todd asked Steve if he wanted to send one of his (Steve’s) employees on a mission trip to Uganda with Fresh Fire Ministries (Todd Bentley’s ministry). Steve suggested to me that I should go, and even generously offered to pay for the trip and my wages while I was gone. At first, I was reluctant to go (I have never felt called to Africa), but after much prodding from Steve and my co-workers, I decided to go ahead and go.

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My 7 Years Working for the Elijah List 3 – My Experience with Todd Bentley

Read parts 1-9 of My 7 Years Working for the Elijah List HERE.

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The Honor of Kings

Public Rebuke of Todd Bentley with text of what was said

Public Rebuke of Todd Bentley with text of what was said

The lambs were being led astray…


“The lambs were being led astray…
Righteous indignation…
A broken heart for His lambs…
Judgment that comes from a broken and contrite heart…”

Why we went – Part 1


Todd Bentley’s time has come, the handwriting is on the wall.

Tracking down a Video?

If you need to track down a video showing the teachings of any faith healer or word of faith teacher, say for example Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, or Todd Bentley, go to this link and type the name in the search box. You will find pages and pages of video clips and their descriptions. This is a very helpful site:

Faith Scammers

Leading Lambs to the Lion

Kids in Ministry International says that they are Leading Lambs to the Lion. See here:

They say the spirit of the Lord is going to go to the children now. Here is what their prophets say:

Kim Clement:
“You said revival must take place in the church, but the Spirit of the Lord says I’m not going to do it any longer in the church. I’m going to do it within your schools and in your colleges. What’s going to happen says the Spirit of the Lord is I’m going to take the ones that are marked with anger and those are the ones that I have marked as the evangelist of the colleges and evangelist of the schools. I’m going to go to the kindergarten schools. I’m going to the children, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 year olds and I’m going to fill them with the Spirit right there in child care. I’m going to fill them with my Spirit.”

Cindy Jacobs
“And the Lord says I’m going to put the gift of evangelism in the youth of these churches. I’m going to cause them to bring souls and souls and souls. They’re going to invade the high school campuses. They’re going to invade the universities of their cities.”

Rick Joyner
“One of the most extraordinary characteristics of the harvest will be the youthfulness of the laborers. Teenagers will be the backbone of the revival, and preteens will be some of its greatest evangelists. Young children will cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, and divert raging floods with a word. Some will actually take dominion over entire hospitals and mental institutions, healing every patient in them by laying hands on the buildings.”

Kids in Ministry International ( is a prophetic apostolic ministry for kids. They are the ones that have Jesus Camp. If you go to their website and click on their blog (I have not linked to them because quite often these things disappear when they are brought into the light) you can read the June 9 entry called The “Bam” Went Inside Me, Grandma! that says:

And oh, by the way, a grandmother brought her 3 1/2 yr old grandaughter to meet me at the Ramp. She told me they’ve been watching Todd Bentley revival meetings every night on TV. She said whenever Todd says to pray, the little girl walks over to the TV set and lays her hand on the screen. Then whenever Todd prays for people and says “Bam!” (you have to know that’s Todd’s nonreligious trade mark!) the little girl will shout “Bam!” along with him. One night she went running back to her grandma saying, “Grandma, I felt the ‘Bam’ go inside of me!” If you have any awesome stories about your kids and revival, please let us know.

And the entry from May 15 called Kids at the Lakeland Revival:

Have you been following the revival with Todd Bentley in Lakeland, FL? There have been some amazing things happening in and through children. There was a testimony of a 12 yr old girl in England who had an open vision of angels while whe was watching the tv broadcast. She could see them pouring oil and gold on the people and Todd and towards the end the angels avctually started interacting with her through the tv!

Another little girl also had an open vision after being healed and began prophesying that she saw children praying over kids who were in comas and they came out of it, and saw dead being raised, and more. This was an extremely intense audio clip. I hope I can get it on our website soon.

On their blog they also mention The Ramp (, which is about the ‘army of God’ that is arising and a generation that is awakening (Lou Engle and Karen Wheaton are some of the names involved).

The concern here, as anyone can see, is for the lambs – the children and youth who are being trained to experience the same strange manifestations we have been seeing at the Lakeland outpouring.

Watch these:

Todd Bentley – Angel for KIDS

The Children of the Lakeland revival

Then there is another outpouring people need to be aware of that has been going on at Rick Joyner’s Morningstar Ministries School (which incidentally started with the Lakeland outpouring via GodTV as you can hear in the first video):

Holy Spirit Breakout: Day 1

Holy Spirit Breakout: Day 2

Day 3-4

Day 7-8

Some will say, “But what about the girl whose legs were healed?” But what about all the groaning and screaming and moaning and convulsing? Is this of God? When some of these teachers say that the lambs are being led to the lion, just which lion are they referring to?

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” 1 Peter 5:8

“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe to stumble, it would be better for him if, with a heavy millstone hung around his neck, he had been cast into the sea.” Mark 9:42


Fire Upon Our Kids

Tracking Todd Bentley in Kentucky – nothing has changed

Has Todd Bentley spent his week of R&R in self examination or repentance as some have hoped? Tonight he will be back at Lakeland, but from the sound of his ‘preaching’ last night in Kentucky, nothing has changed.

Todd in Kentucky:

See a small clip of Todd in Kentucky STILL claiming verified resurrections (32=zero) here:

Todd Bentley in Louisville, Kentucky, shows the world how many resurrections there have really been at Lakeland

BUT what about Todd’s “verified” miracles and resurrections. Take some time looking at the following evidence and discover that those “verified” resurrections are not really verified after all:

I Say, Old Chap, This Is Rather Brilliant!

There are lots of Biblical expose’s of Bentley’s teaching in youtube. Here is another:

Todd Bentley and the theology of glory

In the meantime, Patricia King has gotten together with Randy Clark and made a video of her testimony of defense on behalf of her friend Todd Bentley:

WSTK-ITV- Patricia King & Randy Clark on Todd Bentley

BUT how can we take the testimony of Patrica King seriously when, in the following video series, she introduces false teacher Jamie Galloway’s unbiblical teachings on angels (Part 1) and says that she sits at the feet of the new mystic John Crowder (Part 2)?

Doctrines of Demons Part 1

Part 2

As you can see, nothing has changed. In fact, the whole mess may be getting worse. 

Freedom From the False Anointing

This is a new article by Chris Lawson of Spiritual Research Network:

Freedom From the False Anointing

The Spirit of Truth Set Me Free From the False Anointing
by Chris Lawson

Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:31-32

Before I became a Christian, I was overcome by a powerful occult experience that nearly led to my death in a California desert. Two years later, as a new, yet undiscerning Christian, I had an equally powerful occult experience – only this time it was in a hyper-faith Christian church. At the whim and amped up touch of a so-called “anointed”, Latter-Rain, Joel’s Army prophet, I experienced full force what many spiritual seekers today call “the anointing”. But what anointing was this and what on earth was “Joel’s Army”? Read in context the entire book of Joel had nothing to do with what this preacher was preaching!

What I experienced years ago in the world of occult deception and Christian cultism is what people around the world call Holy Laughter, or divine laughter. Also known as Laughter Yoga, Shakti-pat, ‘the force’, Kundalini awakening, Ki, drunk on the divine, etc., this power is being “transferred” through false prophets such as Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Todd Bentley and many others via – blowing, waving arms, laying on of hands, etc.

What countless people fail to realize is that this so-called “anointing” is not from the God of the Bible, but instead is a very real, very dangerous, and very powerful occult manifestation that can produce deadly results….

Read the rest of this article here:


The Fire as an ANOINTING

Looking for Fellow Sheep

Last week a reader asked some very important questions regarding the Florida outpouring. So far, time has not cooperated with my good intentions to write a lengthy response which these questions deserve. Are there any sheep out there who would like to respond to some of these questions to help out this reader?

Here are the questions:

…please answer these questions for me.

How about the 1000’s Todd’s led to Christ?

What about the miracles and healings?

What about the fact he gives Jesus all the praise?

What about the fact that they spend 1.5-2 or more hours in praise and worship to God?

What about being drunk in the Holy Spirit?

Even Paul had a third heaven experience.

What about the angel Emma?

Do you think satan can heal? Can satan get people saved?

Please post your answers in the comment section below. They will be much appreciated and read by many.

True or False? Tracking the “Growing Fingers” Prophecy

Somethin’s happenin’, somethin’s happenin’…let your toes grow back from frostbite”…“People are growing fingers”…“I command you to grow arms and legs” – Todd Bentley

QUESTION: Is this true or false? Have anyone’s toes actually grown back from frost bite? Is God really growing fingers and toes, arms and legs now? Are missing body parts growing back?

That is what Todd Bentley says in this video:

Arms and legs aside, let’s take the smallest example: fingers. Are there any people out there who have documented medical evidence, pictures, videos, witnesses of their brand new creatively grown fingers (or toes and missing body parts)? If so, please show us. We would love to see the before and after testimonial pictures (slow motion video of the growth would be even better). (Note: Half an inch of growth on amputated leg stubs does not count.)

If there are no people coming forward with such evidence of even a new pinky finger tip, this will mean that Todd Bentley is not telling the truth.

Remember, Todd Bentley said: “People ARE growing fingers.” It is no small claim to say (in front of thousands of people, on live TV, who are devouring your every word) that people ARE growing fingers. A prophet of the Lord who is working in his “gifting” under the “anointing” cannot backtrack and simply say it was a “mistake.” Perhaps someone should challenge him on this statement, and others like it. This is serious business! If the information a prophet receives and speaks is FALSE, then either the spirit speaking through that prophet is a LYING spirit, or the prophet has made it up (lied). Therefore, it is only logical that Todd Bentley is either:

a) telling the truth (and speaking God’s truth)

b) not telling the truth (lying)

c) delusional

Let us not be mindless gullible sheep, but let us use reason and logic in these situations that play prey on human emotions, desires, longings and feelings.

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD… ( Isaiah 1:18 )

To help the flock think through situations like these, Living in the Way has recently started a new feature of biblical reasoning and discerning of miracles called…

U-JUDGE-IT – Are these true miracles?



It has been brought to my attention that Todd actually did say, “People are growing fingers and toes” at 2:48 on the video clip. So come on, we want those pictures…fingers AND toes!

Sheep! Do not go there!

Just because pastors and Christians who have been there SAY there is nothing unbiblical or unscriptural at this revival, does that mean there is nothing unbiblical or unscriptural at this revival?

Listen to this MP3 of the deceived sheep being interviewed…

A list of supposed authentic revival healings from the Florida outpouring can also be found at Spirit Lessons here:

(Please be warned, the above website is a deadly mixture of truth and error and bad discernment, but it shows the kind of backing that Todd Bentley has.)

Perhaps the problem with these sincerely deceived people is that they went to see it to get some, when Jesus said, do not go there. Oh sheep, don’t go – and if you already have, run back to the Shepherd!!!

Please take some time and listen to the warning in this timely message that is posted at Sola Dei Gloria called The End Times Outpouring of Antichrist:

Jesus warned about this revival and others like it…

And He said, “See to it that you are not misled; for many will come in My name, saying, ‘ I am He,’ and, ‘The time is near ‘ Do not go after them. Luke 21:8

“They will say to you, ‘Look there! Look here!’ Do not go away, and do not run after them.” Luke 17:23

“So if they say to you, ‘Behold, He is in the wilderness,’ do not go out, or, ‘Behold, He is in the inner rooms,’ do not believe them. Matthew 24:26

So when they things like this: on the 8th of June, Jesus says I am coming in person tomorrow night in the clouds in a chariot surrounded by the angelic host to visit the Lakeland revival, to set foot upon the stage in divine personal one to one visitation…in atmosphere, spiritual experience and the realm of the gloryDO NOT GO!!!!!!!

Outpourings from the mouths of the Florida sheep

There have been many comments left on this blog. Most of them are supportive and are made by discerning sheep who know their true Shepherd. Others are supportive of the person who has brought the revival to Florida. Here is just a sampling of the comments which have been pouring out of those sheep who support and have been filled to over flowing with the Florida outpouring…

“I find it sad to read that christians attack each this way. I really miss the love on such a such. Does the Bible not say that we are not to judge?”


“So then if Mr. Bently is of Satan and not of Jesus Christ then “No One” is being healed? If what is going on there is not true revival than what is. Does Jesus heal today or is all of this fake. How can the devil cast out the devil?”

“alot of the negitivity thats coming out of this revival is plan ignorance. Everytime God tries to get something to people they want to make it demonic. I know the anointing when I see it Todd has it.”

“I just want to say that I have never heard such ignorant statements in all my life.You people are so wrong about the Lakeland revival.Have you ever even stepped your foot inside the revival tent to actually experience what is going on there?IF you would have been listening you would have heard them say (in one of the meetings)that they have been going out EVERYDAY into the streets and taking the word AND MIRACLES out side of the walls of the church.But instead, you are to hasty to jump to conclusions and say (oh it ain’t God).How come you don’t say that about churches that are permanantly established in the area?(or maybe you do)!Personally,I think you’re just jellous!Why don’t you quit whinning and persecuting and start praying and supporting them.MAYBE God has showed them something that He has’nt shown you because you have to much pride and are not willing to humble yourself and pay the kind of price that they are paying.I just hope you get your heart right with God and quit having a pitty party.Repent and ask God to forgive you and He will.Then you can go to the meetings and have a good time in the anointing of God’s Holy Spirit.”

“stop with all the self glorified comments and pointless bickering.”

“Repent of not even praying for the sick, repent for your unbelief that the dead are raised, repent of being afraid of diseases let alone clensing leapers, repent of reducing the gospel to words of human wisdom with no power. Does your gospel have power to transform lives, deliver from demonic oppression, set people free from drug additions. It’s easy to be critical, it’s another thing to love unconditionally those you don’t have a grid for.”

“are all the miracles false? Are all the people who invite Jesus into their hearts not saved? Just because someone thinks about, imagins, visualizes…does not automatically mean that it is wrong just because you say so. When you pray, what do you think of? A blank black screen? Please tell me! Could that be worse? Let’s see, I could say that you are “visualizing” a black place. I demand that you tell me what you think about when you pray!
… I would repent of this if I were you as the Lord has shown me that people who speak against this highest form of this movement, the glory of God revival, could experience an immediate judgement. I would be careful if I were you of offending the Lord.
Todd Bentley has only lifted up the name of Jesus and prayed for people’s healings. And guess what, they have been healed in Jesus name! Like you, the pharisees had no answer for Jesus who, also like your view of Todd, did not fit into their doctrinal box. They were left with only one option: to call what Jesus did demonic. You are straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel here. Good luck when you get to the hump! And good luck also when you stand before the Lord and have to answer to criticizing a great move of God where perhaps hundreds of thousands of are receiving Jesus as their Saviour.”
“people like you guys on this blog remind me of the pharisee’s in Jesus’ day. As matter as fact Jesus called them “you brood of vipers”.
…there were some in Jesus’ day that were convinced that He was not the son of God but exactly opposite. they said he must be a devil if He can cast out devils.
…you are the type of people that bash EVERY single man or woman of God that comes down the pike. if you dont agree with this man, fine, but keep it to yourself.”

“i dont understand how you can watch and hear of the wonderful things GOD is doing and be so negative?
Does God inspire you to right these?”

“His laughter is not “Mocking God” have you ever even listened to Todd Bentley? I know it is scary that he is passionate and has tattoo’s and piercings to some. Todd advocates praising God for breakthroughs and counting the cost to follow jesus. If you don’t believe in the supernatural, you might have to throw out your bible as well.”

“…I tell ya, When God shows up, get out of his way.. Jesus was not of this world and neither are we.. We are all spiritual beings who are living a natural life….. Todd is the bomb and God is alive and using him.. Leave him alone and concentrate on activating your church to transform this world… Learn about your gifts and if you get famous for loving Jesus, than good for you!!! …Shubba!
… sheepy weepy I guess its your job to find faults.. I’d like to know how many people you have personally led to Christ this year… thats just a challenging question directed prophetically at you! Todd, keep on burning hot for God, all the way… supporting you and your team…Bring on the Shunda Bunda Thunda! Matthew 12.. talks about the unforgivable sin.. Look out! …Sha! This exact thing happened with the Pharisees”

To Heaven and Back

Yesterday someone stopped by and provided a link to the account of Val Thomas, the woman who was clinically dead but came back to life. If this is account is true, and it appears to be so, the glory truly belongs to the Lord, as Val Thomas herself says. However, the Lakeland bunch are seizing the moment and taking credit for it, even though it really has nothing to do with them. Is a generic prayer for a niece-in-law at Lakeland enough fodder for such a claim to fame?

Speaking of the dead being raised, Todd’s voice is now powerful enough to pull a person out of heaven and back to their dead body – during their own funeral. Hear about person #13 (supposedly) raised from the dead, thanks be to the almighty Lakeland anointing and the voice of TODD BENTLEY…

Todd Bentley Video Discussing the Thirteenth “Resurrection” of the Dead at Lakeland Meetings

The arrogance is beyond astounding. The gullibility of the sheep, heartbreaking.

One can only wonder…where is CNN while the dead are being raised?

Todd Bentley Responds to Criticism

Wolf Tracks would like to draw attention to the recent response by Todd Bentley to his followers regarding the widespread criticism of his teachings and the fruit of the Florida outpouring. This will be of interest to all who have been following the revival trail and the supposed appearing (and disappearing) of certain angels.

The following are just a few choice excerpts…

Bringing Biblical Light to Your Questions about the Lakeland Outpouring & Todd Bentley

by Todd Bentley
June 8, 2008

“… if I say that I had a vision of an angel, or encountered one or even spoke with one, but you haven’t doctrinally or experientially, come to terms with the reality of angels being in our midst, then you may not attribute it as valid. You may even tag me as someone who worships angels, seeks them for counsel, ministers under the power of, or misrepresents them in some way. In the case of the angel called “Emma,” who I described as having mother-like nurturing qualities, some have automatically assumed that my doctrine is that I believe in female angels. This has never been the case! For whatever reason God chose to show me this angel in a female persona, He did. This isn’t to say that the angel was female. Angels are spirit and appear in many forms. Perhaps that’s the form God chose this angel to take for the purpose of the revelation He gave me. They are spirit beings of light, created out of God’s glory, without gender, and appear in whatever form God chooses to send them to us.”


“…I asked my staff to remove from our website, articles that are causing such strife and division and deterring the Body from the very real and pressing focus of these last days. Jesus wept when people missed the purpose. Every blessing flowed and people received, but they missed the purpose. Don’t miss the purpose!

Again I emphasize, it’s good and right to search out the Truth and to discern the spirits, God expects us to do so. Nevertheless, it’s also important to do so outside of one’s comfortable box, not mistaking discomfort for discernment, and realizing that God is not only a God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, but also a God of new things. Realize also, that if you spend time in His presence, in fellowship with Him, and if daily, you put on the full armor of God and spend time in His Word; you’ll be more comfortable erring on the side of extravagance rather than quench the Spirit. A body of believers without the Holy Spirit is a breathless, lifeless body.”


Read the entire response at the above link.

It may be important to note that the article ends with a reference that appears to bring weight and authority to Todd Bentley’s ministry. This hearty endorsement of the revival is from Dr. Gary S. Greig, PhD., a former Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Regent University School of Divinity, and Senior Editor, Theology and Acquisitions for the Regal Publishing Group. He is an instructor for Vanguard Ministries, president of Kingdom Training Network and has also served under Dr. Peter C. Wagner.

NOTE: This may be a side trail, but it’s an important one. Dr. Gary Greig is the spiritual advisor of Mark Virkler (as claimed here: Virkler teaches that you can hear the voice of God, guaranteed, through 4 steps of meditation and journaling.

Watch this youtube of Mark Virkler practicing automatic writing/channeling here:
How to hear God’s Voice guaranteed by Mark Virkler
The Arnott’s (TACF) say they have been profoundly impacted by Mark Virkler’s teaching.

See the on-line book written by Greig, Virkler, and Frank Gaydos here:
How to Release God’s Healing Through Prayer

Update: There are some related comments on this subject here:

Lying Spirit Manifests Again Through Todd Bentley About Angel Emma

Baa Baaa – Or Blah Blah, Bam Bam?

There are two short ‘B’ movies on the internet starring Todd Bentley which reveal the strange foreign dialect he speaks…but then, one should not expect a hireling or a wolf in sheeps clothing to speak perfect ‘sheepese’:

Todd Bentley and The BLAH BLAH Prayer
(where Todd Bentley is “not done messin with her yet”)

Todd Bentley in “BAM BAM Bentley

Is this how a humble servant of the Lord operates under the power of the Holy Spirit? Do those who shepherd and feed the flock speak like this? Do they ‘mess around with’ the sheep, bam them, kick them, knee them in the stomach and head butt them? Todd Bentley does.

If anyone has not yet listened to this testimony, perhaps doing so will shed some light on what is currently happening…
Listen to Todd Bentley tell how he was influenced by a Roman Catholic Charismatic Mass and homegroup led by Frenchie the “seer prophet” who is “up there in the Bob Jones category”:


Or here (same thing):

Also in this audio:
-Todd also tells of a demon he manifested, threw him on the floor writhing like a snake, cursing Jesus, and 25 demons were cast out of him by Frenchie
-Todd says that when he got saved “the demonic started showing up”
-hear Todd say “demons are real and they are messin’ around with me”

Think about this for a moment, and then think about what Todd Bentley said to the girl in the “Blah Blah” clip. He wasn’t done “messin’ around with her yet.” Is the Holy Spirit violent? Does He ‘mess around’ with us? Or does he gently woo us, guide us, teach us, comfort us, and lead us into all truth (as He is the Spirit of truth)?

Come on you sheep who are flocking after the hirelings and wolves in sheeps clothing! Test these things to see if they are from God! Even the little lambs can recognize the truth! (*WARNING: HEARTBREAKING -See Todd Bentley Out of the Mouth of Babes:

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. John 10:27



Todd Bentley discipled in prophetic by a Roman Catholic Charismatic

The Glory Wolves

Todd Bentley and Patricia King listen to interrupt the testimony of Brian Welch (formerly of KORN fame) and give glory to the Florida revival, King talks about the price Brian paid and thanks Todd for paying the price:

Pray for this sincere young man who was rescued from darkness but is being prayed for preyed on by the glory wolves.

Sheep Walking

Whilst doing some tracking for wolves today I came across some very good sheep tracks here at SamE’s Bible Thoughts:

Lakeland: laying down and walking with God

And here is a very good testimony:

Toronto Pastor Speaks on Deception- a testimony of former Toronto Vineyard Pastor Paul Gowdy

Can you spot it?

How can you spot the difference between a sheep and a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

By their view of the shepherd, and the way they treat the other sheep.

Watch very closely…very very closely…

Todd Bently vs. Paul Washer

Which testimony made you weep?

Do shepherds guide the sheep with their rod and staff, or do they kick sheep with biker boots…

Todd Bentley Kicks ‘Older Lady’ with his ‘Biker-Boot’