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Sheep, will you get fooled again?

Sheep, will you get fooled again?

Please read this:

Todd Bentley “Meet the New thing- Same as the Old thing”
“Will We get Fooled Again?”


Don’t worry sheep – this wolf is so gentle, remember?

Don’t worry sheep…

Todd Bentley is so gentle.

Don’t you remember?

Todd Bentley ‘s Gentle loving character

When the angel shows up you don’t even get preachin’ sometimes.

“When the angel shows up you don’t even get preachin’ sometimes.” –Todd Bentley

TRANSLATED: When the wolf shows up, the sheep don’t even get fed sometimes.

Morning Star Outpouring

It’s so hard to watch as these sheep are being deceived. How can the watchmen remain silent? Todd Bentley may claim to be restored and ready to restart his so called ministry, but is he bearing new fruit? It seems he is still focused on the angel. But which of his old angels is Mr. Bentley talking about? Is it the angel of restoration, or just “THE” angel? How about the angel that cut him open on the operating table? Maybe the angel that burned his hotel room down? Or is it Emma, the angel that mysteriously changed overnight from “she” to “he”? Or is it just the generic angels, angels, angels that he called down at Lakeland? There are so many, who can keep track?

Who can forget these angels…

Todd-Bentley says we must believe in “THE” angel?

Todd Bentley’s “Emma” the Angel

Todd Bentley Encounters With Angels[Classic]

Bentley’s personal angel Emma

The question that some people have asked is whether these are angels or demons…

Angels or Demons?
Todd Bentley and “The Beautiful Side of Evil”

Also in the Morning Star Outpouring video, Mr. Bentley says:

“You know, I saw the Lord one time take a child that was about 14 , born in a total vegetable state, like I mean, I mean, no brain, just brain dead, and the child grew a brain, started walking, talking, I mean, absolutely everything, we got doctors, uh…everything, I mean it was just an absolute miracle…”

Then he finishes with “boom” and a creative miracle to be released on a young boy after praying for him to have a new brain, new brain, new brain. He then turns quickly around for the next person to pray for.

No use hovering around waiting for the creative miracle, especially if you start telling stories about new brains while being very, very careful not to say you have actual doctor’s evidence for such creative miracles like new brains (or 13 resurrections) which you don’t have evidence for.

Sound familiar?

Some false teachers/false miracle workers/wolves in sheeps clothing keep forgetting that familiar spirits are not very creative – they just lie and copy and deceive. This is why we are witnessing the same old head shaking, and hearing the same old lines in these circles.

Is there any new fruit coming from the restored Todd Bentley and the so called Morning Star Outpouring? Discerning sheep who are inspecting the fruit say yes, there is lots of fruit, but it’s all BAAAAAAAAAAAD fruit!

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Matthew 7:20


Todd Bentley Fresh Fire USA Ministries Revival Webinar Commercial

Sheep Raider

December 2009
Todd Bentley Friday Night Revival at Morningstar

Back from his season of “healing and restoration,” Todd receives a small standing ovation from his loyal fans at Morning Star. Nearly a year and a half since his last meeting (8/8/08) he says he is full of revelation and the fire of God, with a year and a half of the new anointing to release. Oh yes, God’s greater glory is going to be released. And ~drumroll~ he’s received some great things from the Lord about Oral Roberts. In Todd’s own words, “its like a honeycomb… we need to get loose… Sheekah! I’m not disqualified!”

Sure Todd.

They’re back!

So are the watchers on the wall. And we would like to know EXACTLY, WHAT’S WITH THE ELEPHANT? And the lion? And the head shaking? And how about that hissing? And why anyone would think that this is revival?

“Sheekah, my wife’s got some wild fire.” Todd Bentley

Watch Jessa describe her dream about her conversation with a dead man – Oral Roberts – and the new anointing that is on its way, here:

Sure Jessa.


A little necromancy for Mr. and Mrs. Bentley
By Rick Hiebert

Then there’s this latest sales pitch:

People want to come here for the revival, says Rick Joyner. They will try and make room for you. One touch from God can do what years of teaching can do, they say…

MorningStar OutPouring Part1

MorningStar Outpouring Part2

And this:

In a Trench I had a Vision (that’s trance with an accent, we have deciphered)
Bob Jones Breaks Curses from Todd Bentley

Did you know? Well meaning Christians have put a curse on Todd, leaving an opening for him to be assassinated. So Bob Jones voids the death spirit against Todd.

Sure Bob.

But we would like to know – what were you doing in a trench, and why didn’t you stay there?

Just when we thought they were all gone…