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Todd Bentley: a prophet little known in his home town

The following article is from BC Christian News, a free Christian newspaper in British Columbia, Canada, home of Todd Bentley.

Todd Bentley: a prophet little known in his home town
By Jim Coggins

THE EVANGELIST at the heart of the Florida Outpouring remains largely unknown in his hometown of Abbotsford.

Todd Bentley grew up on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast, where he was involved in “criminal activity, youth prisons, drugs, sex, satanic music and bondage.” In his late teens, he was saved when someone handed him a Bible. This is detailed in Bentley’s book Journey into the Miraculous (2008).

Bentley ended up in Abbotsford, where he was mentored by Henry Schmidt, pastor of Living Faith Church.

Bentley’s colleague Michael Bullett told BC Christian News that when Bentley was injured working at a sawmill in Mission, he decided to spend his usual working hours during his recovery “seeking God.”

As a result, at age 22, Bentley launched what is now Fresh Fire Ministries. Soon he was evangelizing all over the world. Preaching over 300 times a year took its toll, and about three years ago Bentley suffered burn-out for a time. Bullett says the experience took Bentley “deeper in terms of character.”

Read the rest of this news article here:


The WoF Wolves

The following is a well researched (8 page) article from The Truth and Discernment Ministry of Victor T. Stephens:

The Word-Faith Movement: Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

The most rapid expanding segment in today’s modern church age is the Word-Faith Movement. It is this charismatic, yet heretical camp, that is attempting to persuade us that Jesus and His disciples were rich; that poverty and sickness is sin, and that faith is a creative force. Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, Kenneth Copeland, T.D. Jakes, and Fred Price are among many others who subscribe to these erroneous teachings. This article addresses, exposes, and refutes the unbiblical doctrines of the WordFaith Movement by closely examining the scriptures and contrasting them to Word-Faith theology. In addition to an in-depth analysis, this article contains numerous citations and audio files of the inaccurate and blasphemous statements spewed from Word-Faith teachers.

Read this article here:

Ducks, Sheep and People (and wolves)

The following is the transcript from an Understand The Times Radio Commentary by Roger Oakland:


In the Bible, we see that God has chosen to represent humans as sheep. Why wouldn’t He have chosen some other animal? How about a donkey, a horse or a camel? If you know anything about the behavior of sheep you will understand. Humans are like sheep….

Read the rest of this commentary here:

*You can listen to Roger Oakland’s radio commentaries here:

The Summer Circus Circuit

This past weekend while Todd Bentley was pickling people in L.A., a hypnotist stage show was taking place in Houston, Texas, where people were turned into snakes, dominoes and drunken puppets at the stroke of a famous master hypnotist’s invisible magic wand:

FIRE Falling on Texas (1)

FIRE Falling on Texas (2)

The magician also gave out magic impartations and new assignments, just like his apprentice.

See more of the master magician at his best here:

Master of Suspense

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Speaking of apprentices, just recently (last December) this same hypnotist invoked his magic fire on kids (see here). At 8 minutes into the second video, Master Hinn humbly passed on the impartation of his magic mantle to a young boy, telling him that this was a moment he would never forget, an event that will be recorded and written in the history books of heaven…(oops, it must have just been symbolic, because he took back his expensive Armani ringmaster’s/magician’s jacket.)

You never know when the world travelling circus ciruit will show up in your town. Sadly, there will always be gullible sheep flocking to the big tent.

Benny Hinn’s Ministry’s Act of Shame – Get Out Your Credit Card!

Investigating the Prosperity of Kenneth Copeland

Latest news report:

Televangelist’s family prospers from ministry

CBS investigation of the Copelands:

Multiple Copeland clips here:

Sheep Cud

It’s time for a rest from tracking the wolves. Here is some cud for sheep to chew on today…

“A gentleman traveling in Syria, relates how he stopped to watch three shepherds who were at a well watering their flocks. The three flocks were all mingled together at the watering place. The traveler could see no difference between them, and he wondered how they would get them separated again without great trouble. But presently one of the shepherds stood forth and called out, “Menah,” the Arabic for “Follow me,” and sure enough thirty sheep immediately separated themselves from the indiscriminate mass and began to follow the shepherd up the hill. Then, a second shepherd lifted the cry, “Menah,” and a second flock separated themselves and started after him, while the rest of the sheep remained as unconcerned as if no one had spoken at all.

The traveler was so astonished that as he saw the third shepherd preparing to depart, laying his hand to his crook and beginning to gather a few dates fallen from a palm beneath which he had been resting, he stepped up to him and asked: “Would your sheep follow me if I called them?” The man shook his head. “Give me your shepherd’s cloak and crook and let me try.” The traveler said He even wound the shepherds turban round his head and standing forth began to cry, “Menah, Menah!” but no sheep stirred. They only blinked at him lazily in the sunshine. “Do they never follow any one
but you?” asked the traveler. Only when a sheep is sick; then the silly creature follows any one, ” the shepherd said.” Whose voice are you following?


Read what the Bible says about Our Shepherd and His sheep here:

Examine Everything Carefully

For all those who still think that the Florida outpouring is biblical…

What about all those Lakeland quotes? How do they match up with the Bible?

Lakeland Quotes

And what about those convulsions? What does the Bible say about these:

Convulsions of God?

“But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good” 1 Thess. 5:21 (NASB)

About those visits to heaven

Bob DeWaay of Critical Issues Commentary takes a look at the experiences that Jones, Bentley, and King promote to see if they are biblically based.

Todd Bentley, Bob Jones, and Patricia King Practice Astral Projection
By Bob DeWaay

Read more Bob DeWaay articles here.

Tracking down a Video?

If you need to track down a video showing the teachings of any faith healer or word of faith teacher, say for example Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, or Todd Bentley, go to this link and type the name in the search box. You will find pages and pages of video clips and their descriptions. This is a very helpful site:

Faith Scammers

Tracking Todd Bentley to LA

He is on the move and taking the anointing to California…

Todd Bentley to Open Portals in LA with Che Ahn
Todd Bentley will be arriving in California for meetings being called “33 Nights (Knights?) of Glory” and being  held at the Ambassador Auditorium and hosted by Harvest International Ministry and Che Ahn.

Speakers include Bill Johnson, Cindy Jacobs, Stacey Campbell and Jim Goll.  Todd is speaking for 3 nights, July 26, 27, and 28.

Is Todd Bentley preparing to open a new portal for angelic visitations in Pasadena?

Read the rest here:

Radio interviews – exposing Todd Bentley and Patricia King

Here a two radio interviews worth listening to:


July 19, 2008
Hour 1
Hour 2

“Jan and guests including Caryl Matrisciana, Justin Peters, and Pastor Bill Randles, examine the “revivals” of Todd Bentley. Peters, who was in attendance, gives a rather chilling report. The occult side is exposed and the “revivals” are billed as a counterfeit revival by Jan’s guests. And they encourage all to sound a warning in case people could get caught up in the deception and occult trappings. Numerous sound bytes from the “revivals” are played.”
[ ]

Here is an audio called SliceCast about ecstatic trance dancing:

The New Apostolic Reformation Part 2: Club Mysterio, Ecstatic Trance Dancing
In this second Slicecast, Jewel Grewe of Discernment Ministries returns to continue discussion about the New Apostolic Reformation. She answers questions about Patricia King’s Club Mysterio, the growing acceptance of ecstatic trance dancing, and the exploding interest in mystical spiritual encounters that take people away from the Word of God.

The Tent is about to Fold

Revival Evangelist to Fold His Lakeland Tent

Wednesday, July 23

LAKELAND | Evangelist Todd Bentley, whose unorthodox appearance and methods have attracted worldwide attention, will leave the long-running revival he has led here, it was announced Monday, although the local pastor who brought Bentley to Lakeland vows the revival will continue.
Bentley’s last day leading the Florida Outpouring revival will be Aug. 23, said Lynne Breidenbach, revival spokesperson. The enormous white tents on the grounds of Sun n’ Fun Fly-in, where the revival has been held since early June, will be taken down after that night’s service….

Read the rest here:

Leading Lambs to the Lion

Kids in Ministry International says that they are Leading Lambs to the Lion. See here:

They say the spirit of the Lord is going to go to the children now. Here is what their prophets say:

Kim Clement:
“You said revival must take place in the church, but the Spirit of the Lord says I’m not going to do it any longer in the church. I’m going to do it within your schools and in your colleges. What’s going to happen says the Spirit of the Lord is I’m going to take the ones that are marked with anger and those are the ones that I have marked as the evangelist of the colleges and evangelist of the schools. I’m going to go to the kindergarten schools. I’m going to the children, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 year olds and I’m going to fill them with the Spirit right there in child care. I’m going to fill them with my Spirit.”

Cindy Jacobs
“And the Lord says I’m going to put the gift of evangelism in the youth of these churches. I’m going to cause them to bring souls and souls and souls. They’re going to invade the high school campuses. They’re going to invade the universities of their cities.”

Rick Joyner
“One of the most extraordinary characteristics of the harvest will be the youthfulness of the laborers. Teenagers will be the backbone of the revival, and preteens will be some of its greatest evangelists. Young children will cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, and divert raging floods with a word. Some will actually take dominion over entire hospitals and mental institutions, healing every patient in them by laying hands on the buildings.”

Kids in Ministry International ( is a prophetic apostolic ministry for kids. They are the ones that have Jesus Camp. If you go to their website and click on their blog (I have not linked to them because quite often these things disappear when they are brought into the light) you can read the June 9 entry called The “Bam” Went Inside Me, Grandma! that says:

And oh, by the way, a grandmother brought her 3 1/2 yr old grandaughter to meet me at the Ramp. She told me they’ve been watching Todd Bentley revival meetings every night on TV. She said whenever Todd says to pray, the little girl walks over to the TV set and lays her hand on the screen. Then whenever Todd prays for people and says “Bam!” (you have to know that’s Todd’s nonreligious trade mark!) the little girl will shout “Bam!” along with him. One night she went running back to her grandma saying, “Grandma, I felt the ‘Bam’ go inside of me!” If you have any awesome stories about your kids and revival, please let us know.

And the entry from May 15 called Kids at the Lakeland Revival:

Have you been following the revival with Todd Bentley in Lakeland, FL? There have been some amazing things happening in and through children. There was a testimony of a 12 yr old girl in England who had an open vision of angels while whe was watching the tv broadcast. She could see them pouring oil and gold on the people and Todd and towards the end the angels avctually started interacting with her through the tv!

Another little girl also had an open vision after being healed and began prophesying that she saw children praying over kids who were in comas and they came out of it, and saw dead being raised, and more. This was an extremely intense audio clip. I hope I can get it on our website soon.

On their blog they also mention The Ramp (, which is about the ‘army of God’ that is arising and a generation that is awakening (Lou Engle and Karen Wheaton are some of the names involved).

The concern here, as anyone can see, is for the lambs – the children and youth who are being trained to experience the same strange manifestations we have been seeing at the Lakeland outpouring.

Watch these:

Todd Bentley – Angel for KIDS

The Children of the Lakeland revival

Then there is another outpouring people need to be aware of that has been going on at Rick Joyner’s Morningstar Ministries School (which incidentally started with the Lakeland outpouring via GodTV as you can hear in the first video):

Holy Spirit Breakout: Day 1

Holy Spirit Breakout: Day 2

Day 3-4

Day 7-8

Some will say, “But what about the girl whose legs were healed?” But what about all the groaning and screaming and moaning and convulsing? Is this of God? When some of these teachers say that the lambs are being led to the lion, just which lion are they referring to?

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” 1 Peter 5:8

“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe to stumble, it would be better for him if, with a heavy millstone hung around his neck, he had been cast into the sea.” Mark 9:42


Fire Upon Our Kids

Florida Fruit caught on Camera

The following video reveals some strange fruit from the Florida outpouring that has been captured on camera:


Is this how the Holy Spirit empowers believers to be witnesses of Jesus Christ?

“but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Follow up to the 13th ‘Confirmed’ Resurrection

“NUMBER 13  FROM THE DEAD! We’re gonna confirm it. We gotta confirm it. We’re gonna do a follow up. But I thought I’d read it as I received the testimony.” – Todd Bentley

So here is the follow up to that 13th resurrection:

Todd Bentley and the ’13th Resurrection’
What was the name of that funeral home?
by Bud Press, Director
Christian Research Service

An Evaluation of Todd Bentley from Lamb and Lion Ministries

The featured question on the Lamb & Lion Ministries website is this:

Is Todd Bentley of the Florida Outpouring a false prophet?

Here is the answer:

An Evaluation of the “Florida Healing Outpouring”
by Dr. David R. Reagan

Double Dipping the Sheep

Some people have recently mentioned that Todd Bentley’s revival has to be of God because he recently baptized people in the name of Jesus. So let’s take a look at this baptism night on the following youtube video:

Shika Boomba Water Baptism – Todd Bentley

Just before the 2 minute mark into this video an Asian girl comes to Todd Bentley to be baptized. She is screaming and Todd says, “She’s under that anointing already…(shakes and groans aaaahhhh)… it’s the ancients…we baptize her tonight in the name of the Father, Son and Holy BAM! (screaming continues)”

I replayed this many times over and am quite sure that he actually said “It’s the ancients.” Now what on earth did that mean? Some might propose that it is the spirit in Todd recognizing the spirit in this girl. One must ask, who is ancient? The young girl is not ancient. But demons have been around for a long time. (Note: he also might just be saying “It’s the Asians.”)

As he continued to ‘bam’ people into the water, even double dipping to ‘get that head under’, he accidentatlly dunked the interpreter (oops). He then continued to bam bam bam more shaking convulsing people with more double dunking before throwing the interpreter in a few more times with bam bam, for good measure.

If you think that was bad, there is more double dipping and triple bamming in this youtube video where a young man from Todd’s church in Abbotsford B.C. Canada is baptized, followed by a disturbing manifestation which one does not usually see happen in a baptismal tank:

Baptism into Bam Bam BAM!

Others may have already examined this issue, but having not watched these videos before, I found it completely shocking. Not only is this sad, it is absolutely terrible. Baptism is an act of obedience to follow Jesus that is not to be taken lightly. It is a symbolic burial of dying to oneself and beginning a new life in Christ. It is a sign of repentance, and a drastic change – so much so that the old person is “buried” as a testimony of what has happened inwardly. Baptism accompanies a sincere confession of the person’s faith and an admission that they have died to sin and the world. The person being baptized must understand what they are doing – committing themselves to Jesus Christ as Lord. Otherwise it will be meaningless. It could even spiritually harm a person who does this without fully understanding, giving them a false security that now they are ‘in.’

Crazy manifestations aside, if you listen to the reasons that people are getting baptized on the above videos, and the attitude of their baptizer, it appears that not one of these sheep being dipped in Todd’s pool (drunk tank) of ‘fire water’ has understood the true meaning of baptism. It is also evident that Todd himself does not understand the seriousness of this act.


Should we baptized “in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” or “in the name of Jesus”?

What is baptism in the Holy Spirit?

Tracking the similarities between Bentley and Jones

Could Todd Bentley be another Jim Jones? Here is a blog that has some interesting insights on this question:

Todd Bentley Another Jim Jones

Speaking of Angels – the Angel of Finance has been found in the Bible

Listen as this wise woman who goes by the name of aProdigalChild explains…

Todd Bentley’s Angel of Finances CAN Be Found In The Bible!

The Emma Angel Song

For all those weary sheep who have been bogged down with heaviness as they track the Florida outpouring and stand for the truth – some comic relief today…

Todd Bentley Sings Emma Angel Song

Todd Bentley – Emma angel..the british urban remix..

(With thanks to Sola Dei Gloria for finding this video first.)

Todd moves God?

Did he really say that?

The Arrogance of Todd Bentley

Tracking Todd Bentley in Kentucky – nothing has changed

Has Todd Bentley spent his week of R&R in self examination or repentance as some have hoped? Tonight he will be back at Lakeland, but from the sound of his ‘preaching’ last night in Kentucky, nothing has changed.

Todd in Kentucky:

See a small clip of Todd in Kentucky STILL claiming verified resurrections (32=zero) here:

Todd Bentley in Louisville, Kentucky, shows the world how many resurrections there have really been at Lakeland

BUT what about Todd’s “verified” miracles and resurrections. Take some time looking at the following evidence and discover that those “verified” resurrections are not really verified after all:

I Say, Old Chap, This Is Rather Brilliant!

There are lots of Biblical expose’s of Bentley’s teaching in youtube. Here is another:

Todd Bentley and the theology of glory

In the meantime, Patricia King has gotten together with Randy Clark and made a video of her testimony of defense on behalf of her friend Todd Bentley:

WSTK-ITV- Patricia King & Randy Clark on Todd Bentley

BUT how can we take the testimony of Patrica King seriously when, in the following video series, she introduces false teacher Jamie Galloway’s unbiblical teachings on angels (Part 1) and says that she sits at the feet of the new mystic John Crowder (Part 2)?

Doctrines of Demons Part 1

Part 2

As you can see, nothing has changed. In fact, the whole mess may be getting worse. 

When does God move among His Sheep?

OH SHEEP! PLEASE listen to an excellent sermon about true revival by Pastor Livingston of Central Church (Charlotte, NC) ***HERE*** that will either make you jump up and shout HALLELUJAH or send you to your knees in repentance! Or both.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Praise God for true pastors like this.

Thanks very much to JNj who recommended this link.

What happens when Faith Healers get Sick?

Even faith healers get sick…
It’s Not Working For Them Either!

Are Sheep supposed to be Drunk?

Are sheep supposed to be drunk in the spirit?

Drunk in the Spirit (Deception Bytes)

One of huge characteristic of the apostolic and prophetic movement is being drunk in the spirit. “Have another drink” they shout, “Come and get some” and “More Lord”. However do we really want to fill our glass with this wine? The truth is that nowhere in scripture does God equate the Holy Spirit with staggering, loss of control, disrupted motor function, slurred speech, confusion, disorientation, or falling. In fact it appears scripture supports the OPPOSITE. We are admonished to stay sober and be vigilant- and all the more as we see the end approaching.

Of course it is not surprising that their followers would not know exactly what the Bible says for this movement discourages the use of scripture and exchanges this for “progressive” or “new” revelation from their prophets, and apostles. Questioning is not encouraged lest we touch the Lord’s anointed.

Inevitably these verses in Acts 2:14-16 are used to prove that “getting drunk in the Spirit” is ok and even encouraged and sanctioned by God! Is this the Truth? Let’s look at the scripture…

Read the rest at Deception Bytes here: