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Wolf Watch Canada

Just a quick heads up to all you Canadian sheep about the latest wolf whisperings…

What about a summer Canadian Tour?? Praying for the right cities and venues. Canada’s destiny is Healing to the nations!! 12:07 PM Oct 14th via Twitterrific

Wrong, Todd. It’s the leaves of the tree of life in ‘the holy city,’ not the leaves of the Canadian Maple tree or ‘the right city’ and venue, that are destined for the healing of the nations. And not half baked fake miracles and healings, like glass eyes that see shadows, leg stumps that grow a quarter of an inch, new pancreases, or undocumented claims of resurrections while hundreds wait discouraged in the back wheelchair section at the end of one of your supposed healing tours.

In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
Revelation 22:2


Prophetic Devotional by Rick Joyner?

Today’s daily devotional by Rick Joyner (excerpted from Rick Joyner’s book, 50 Days For an Enduring Vision) seems ironically prophetic in the light of what has gone on in recent months over at Morning Star Ministries, and all in the name of Jesus…

The deadly tree is called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil for a reason. The “good” side of the Tree of Knowledge is just as deadly as the “evil” side. When we seek to stand on “goodness” in place of the cross of Jesus Christ, it is an affront to the cross, an affront to God, and is just as much a root of the rebellion of mankind as the evil. The good side of this tree is probably responsible for as much death as the evil side. The good side is more deceptive, which is why it appeared that it was the good side of the fruit that appealed to Eve.

The fruit looked like it was good to eat. This puts another subtle question in Eve’s mind. Why would God withhold something good from her? Many young people fall into this same trap with sex. They think if it feels good, and does not hurt anyone, what’s wrong with it? It does hurt someone…you! It will hurt your relationship to your spouse by placing a tragic weakness in the very foundation of your marriage. It will hurt many throughout their lives with the burden of lust, rather than the freedom to love. The very day you eat from that tree, death will start to work in your life. It looks good, but its fruit is poison.

Then it says that the fruit was a “delight to the eyes.” Isn’t it strange how it went from looking good to being “delightful?” The more we look at sin, the more it will appeal to us.

Day 28 – The Deception

Todd Bentley might have benefited from the above Day 28 devotion on day 28 of the Lakeland Revival. Rick Joyner may have also benefited by following his own devotional advice in his book. The sheep would have benefited from seeing what true repentance before a Holy God is, where true revival begins. Instead, sin was covered, candy coated and glazed over, and made to look biblical by the twisted words of men.

The more we look at sin and try to justify it, the more it will look right in our own eyes.

‘ This people honors Me with their lips,
But their heart is far from Me.
And in vain they worship Me,
Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’
Mark 7:6,7

How sad to see that there are still sheep following after the wolves instead of the shepherd. On that note, this sheep is tired of looking at this fiasco of wolves in sheeps clothing, so until the next gong show, this is sheepy weepy signing off…

Todd’s Great Annointing

Ergo, Todd Bentley must reason, Jesus was not God.

By Rick Hiebert.

If Todd Bentley does manage to get a TV reality show on the Discovery Channel (at least in the US), I can imagine people wondering what the harm in it could be? After all, I can imagine them reasoning, people will see Bentley as an Elmer Gantry type. They’d think “He performs in casinos and in exotic destinations all over the world. He is flamboyant. He is entertaining.” People will view him as a “Christian” version of Chris Angel: Mind Freak…

More here:


He speaks, prophesies and screams…

“…I’m going to speak and prophesy under the anointing of the Holy Ghost I’m going to command now…
Release pancreases!!!! All the way down the line! PANCREASES!!!!! PANCREASES!!!!!!! PANCREASES!!!!!!! PANCREASES!!!!!!! PANCREASES!!!!!!!! All the way down the line!”


Commentary on Todd Bentley and Rick Joyner

Interesting new commentary by ZyonFyre (October 9, 2010):

Commentary about the Todd Bentley Rick Joyner thing (pt1)

How The Hooper & Bentley Reno Circus Went

Popcorn, pictures, video clips! Watch ’em quick, before they disappear!

Courtesy of Jason Hooper (who spoke along with Todd Bentley in Reno at last week’s “Reno Outpouring”):

@James_Levesque and I suffering for the gospel during our “afternoon session”

Cutting up prayer cloths for everyone who attended tonight’s Miracle Service!

Man comes out of wheel chair!

[*NOTE: In the following clip, a sickly woman, who has eaten her first meal in months with ‘brand new liver,’ is pushed down onto stage floor by Bentley. Hopefully she is okay.]
It’s about to explode here in Reno!!! Here’s a short video testimony from last night!

Courtesy of Todd Bentley (

4 days of incredible miracles. 2 emptied wheelchairs. tumors and deaf healed. 2 with paralysis, canes and walkers left and cancer healed!!
10:43 PM Oct 10th via Twitterrific

Deaf ears open, paralyzed man 4 22 yrs gets feeling back, metal rods & plates dissolved, knees, spinobifida, arthritis healed 12 salvations 11:40 PM Oct 9th via Echofon

Lax here I Come. about 23 hours ago via Twitterrific

[*NOTE: Definition of Lax:]

After such great reports in Reno join us Oct 21 to. 23 Rick Joyner and Todd Bentley Virginia Beach. Healing and kingdom Tour. Free Event about 22 hours ago via Twitterrific

After getting only $20 a head for the sparse Reno sheeple round up, the hirelings have decided the next one’s free (plus free will offering?). Maybe by the time they get to Virginia for the next show they will have had time to gather the medical evidence for the Reno claims.

Kind of makes you long for the old days, when charlatans were run out of town.

The Humble Wolf

How to convince paying members of your sheep herd that your ‘restored,’ newly released wolf [in whom you have invested time, money, and staked your reputation on] is now a good wolf who will not head butt, leg slam, or boot kick the sick sheep of the flock in the stomach or face anymore:


We just received this update from Pastors Eric and Wendi Moen of River Rock Christian Fellowship in Reno, NV where Todd Bentley, along with MorningStar Leadership Staff, held the first meetings with Todd since his phase two restoration release into public ministry at our recent HarvestFest Conference and Festival, and it is very exciting news.

The first thing that I noticed about Todd Bentley is how truly humble he is. Not that “religious” humble, but something that comes from the heart. He and Jessa had lunch with me the first day and really shared from their hearts. Later, Todd and Jessa took two hours of their time to meet with local pastors in our hospitality suite. We were all just gathered around the “kitchen table” having a wonderful time of ministry and fellowship.

When Todd got on stage Thursday night, it was a powerful moment of historic significance for Northern Nevada. Todd noted that this was the first time that he had been in ministry outside of his initial restoration process since 08/08/08. He also noted that his final day here would be 10/10/10.

Prepared for the Times, Part 42, Week 42, 2010 by Rick Joyner

“He Saw Lightening in the Room”

Looks like a handful of undiscerning gullible sheep are falling for the old lightening on the photo scam…


Last night Todd said that the Angel of the Lord was on stage for only the third time in three years. As people were being healed Todd said that he saw lightning in the room. As you know, Todd’s visit was preceded by a prophetic word that he would come with thunder and lightning as well as one of the biggest thunder and lightning storms we have seen lasting five days. When Todd called out that he saw lightning again our Associate pastor/prophet Terry Spencer had just taken the photo to your right. It’s time for everyone to get to the Reno Outpouring. Get here however you can.

Saturday registration

Full time students



Update: This video has been removed as of October 11.

*Added note: Sad to report that the transcript is not available as all the transcript typist nodded off and feel asleep before being able to type out Todd’s fantastic mind blowing revelations.

Wolf Tweets

Todd’s Twitter tweets (courtesy of

***30 minutes ago:

Discovery Studios trailer shoot for potential upcoming reality series

**7 hours ago:

Crowds in Reno beginning 2 swell in response 2 Miracle Explosion yesterday morning & night! Heavens r open!


2night, @ the Reno Outpouring, as Todd was ministering he shouted that he was struck by white lightning just as this pic was taken

Todd Bentley using “casino revival” to sell himself to Discovery TV?

Faith: Disgraced Abbotsford Evangelist Todd Bentley Resurfaces

Todd Bentley is Back

Todd Bentley is Back – Part 1

Todd Bentley is Back – Part 2

Todd Bentley is Back – Part 3

Todd Bentley is Back – Part 4

Right now in Reno…

Healing Kingdom Tour Reno

Now playing in Reno:

Tonight! At our casino! Engelbert Humperdinck and…Todd Bentley?!?