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Paul Jr. has left the TBN Pack

TBN’s legal spokesman didn’t have much to say this week other than “Paul Jr. has resigned from the organization to pursue other ministry work.”

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Paul Crouch Jr. abruptly leaves Trinity Broadcasting Network


A Bad Track Record

Harold Camping says that the world is going to end today…

Harold Camping, the Christian broadcaster who boldly announced that the world would end on May 21, only to later say that he was “flabbergasted” when the rapture did not occur, is now telling everyone to get ready for the real rapture, which is set to occur on Oct. 21 – probably.

Some time after being released from a nursing home in June after suffering a stroke, Camping, released an audio message on Family Radio’s website saying, “We would have not been able to be used [by God] to bring about the tremendous event that occurred on May 21 of this year, which probably [will] be finished out on Oct. 21 that’s coming very shortly. That looks like it will be … the final end of everything.”

More here:

Harold Camping Update: Rapture Will ‘Probably’ Finish Oct. 21

Is there anyone who still follows this false prophet after his bad track record?


Harold Camping’s latest end-of-the-world prediction: Internet goes wild with bucket lists

Autobiography of a NAR-wolf

Wrestling with Alligators, Prophets and Theologians: Lessons from a Lifetime in the Church – A Memoir is the autobiography of C. Peter Wagner, the head apostle of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).
– An analysis, by Jackie Alnor (Apostasy Alert)

What strikes the reader is that Wagner’s memoirs show an evolution of theology that adapts itself to whatever trends invade the church. What Wagner boasts as being “paradigm shifts” in his spirituality actually demonstrate his lack of any biblical moorings. He tries to convince the reader of his academic prowess, while exposing his spiritual shallowness.

The book gives the reader insights into what makes this so-called apostle tick. Wagner seems quite honest in his self-assessment and does not seem to mind exposing his humanistic attitude towards all things religious. What is very much lacking in this book is any Christian testimony of the greatness of God and the Lord Jesus Christ and knowing Him as his personal Savior. It is more an overview of what he calls his “career” in church growth, academics and influence upon others.

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The Dominion Mandate

Whose Global Kingdom Come?