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Tracking those “Miracles”

A man who was pronounced ‘healed’ by Todd Bentley died eight days later.

Read about this “miracle” and others, here:


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  1. Duane

    Testimonial of the Healed

    Imojean Hayse

    Age: 66

    Resides: Caneyville, Ky.

    Malady: Six golf ball-sized hernias on her stomach.

    Healing: Hayse said she felt warm all over her body when Bentley prayed for her. She said he gently touched her head and she immediately fell backward.

    “I couldn’t begin to tell you what happened to me,” she said. “I’ve never, never fallen backward like that before.”

    Doctors had told her they couldn’t remove her hernias because it would kill her.

    Since returning from Lakeland, she said tests have shown the hernias are gone.

    “I didn’t tell them what happened until after they examined me,” she said. “When I told him, my doctor said, ‘I believe in that.’ ”

    Tracey Lee

    Age: 34

    Resides: Moundville, Ala.

    Malady: Swollen pancreas and a quarter-sized spot on her liver.

    Healing: Tracey Lee hadn’t gone to Lakeland, but her pastor had.

    The spot on her liver concerned her deeply because that was the same initial symptom that surfaced with her best friend, who later died of liver cancer.

    Her pastor and others prayed for her during a prayer meeting, and she prayed for herself.

    She said a recent CT scan showed the pancreas had returned to normal size and the spot on her liver was gone.

    Robbie Moore

    Age: 67

    Resides: Lawrenceville, Ga.

    Malady: Two cancerous lumps on her left clavical and breast.

    Healing: Moore said her doctor has confirmed that the cancer disappeared since she went to Lakeland. However, a spot was found on her liver. She believes God will heal that, too.

    She said her trip to Lakeland was almost beyond description.

    “I went down there sick as a dog and I came back feeling like a million bucks,” she said. “All the people were of one accord, loving Jesus and loving each other. The whole country should get a shot of this.”

    June 22, 2008 at 10:11 am

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