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While Some Shepherds Watch Their Flocks

While some shepherds watch their flocks, others invite hirelings and wolves in.

On Dec 31, 2014, the New Year is being brought in to Canada by Todd Bentley.

It’s almost that time of year again! Todd Bentley is coming to Windword to help us bring in the New Year. This will be a powerful night full of worship and prophetic words over 2015.

Then, the false prophetic will continue in a New Years Conference at Windword, Jan 2-4. The announcement says:

Let’s continue bringing in 2015 strong! This New Years Conference is the perfect time to solidify everything that was proclaimed in the New Years Eve Service and to make new proclamations of what we expect 2015 to hold in store for us. We will have powerful words from Todd Bentley, Brent Borthwick, and Nolan Clark! So whether you had a good year in 2014 and want to make sure this next year is just as good, or you want to totally change your life in 2015…you need to come out to this conference. Let’s jump start 2015 for the Kingdom of God!

*Note: This same church also has a School of Ministry that uses Bethel’s materials.

We would love to invite you to our Windword School of Ministry (WinSOM) featuring Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry DVD Curriculum. If you are interested in registering for the school, you can either come talk to us in person, email us, or download the application files right here online! (

Shepherds, guard your sheep.


Jenn Johnson of Bethel Said What?

Jenn Johnson – Holy Spirit is like a Sneaky Blue Genie . . .


THIS is Sound Doctrine? Are you Kidding Me????

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Look Out Canada – wolves may be coming to your town

Sons of Thunder
Mystical School

Savor the deep things of the Spirit …
Our Mystical School is an intensive, three-day course with in-depth instruction, activation and hands-on impartation with John Crowder. These deeper courses in contemplative, supernatural Christianity are geared for a smaller group environment, with limited registration, to foster an atmosphere of intimacy, personal prophecy and vigorous impartation. There will be ample time for questions and answers, with sessions running 6-8 hours each day and mornings free for prayer, soaking and reflection. In these courses you will:

Operate in Trances, Raptures & Ecstatic Prayer
Experience Physical Phenomena of Mysticism
Get Activated in Creative Miracles, Signs & Wonders
Understand & Access New Creation Realities
Gain A Historical Grid of Miracle Workers & Mystics
Be Activated in the Seer Realm, Prophecy, Spirit Travel
Receive Open Heavens & Revelatory Understanding
Access and Manifest the Glory Realm
Feb. 21-23, 2014
Registration is limited. Schools fill up quickly!

Be warned…


Todd Bentley of Lakeland Revival, Florida Outpouring publicly endorsed by Bill Johnson (Bethel)

Todd Bentley of Lakeland Revival, Florida Outpouring publicly endorsed by Bill Johnson (Bethel)

By Charisse Van Horn

On August 17, 2011, Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, California, publicly endorsed the ministry of Todd Bentley. Bentley was the main leader of the Lakeland Revival, also known as the Florida Outpouring or Florida Healing Outpouring that began on April 2, 2008 when he held a series of meetings at Ignited Church, led by Pastor Stephen Strader in Lakeland, Florida. The services were aired nightly on the Internet and through God TV and drew more than 400,000 attendees.

More here:

Is the Fresh Fire Burning Out?

While trying to track down the elusive CNN interview which was announced the other day but never materialized, here is the latest news that I have just stumbled upon:

Todd Bentley is Taking a Rest

Fresh Fire Ministries announced yesterday that Todd Bentley would be taking some time off to refresh and to rest from the Florida Outpouring after nearly one hundred days of ministry. The Lakeland meetings will continue and Todd will remain the leader of this move of God.

GOD TV as the exclusive broadcast partner in the outpouring knows our viewers have been incredibly blessed through our nightly broadcasts with many lives changed, bodies healed and souls refreshed – we have thousands of e-mails testifying to the work of God in your lives.

We will continue to stream the LIVE services from Lakeland every night on our website ( – the Florida Healing Stream) and also make available the most recent service via our on demand platform. However we will take the opportunity to rearrange our broadcast schedules and bring you some incredible primetime programming – including the 2008 Hillsong Australia Conference EXCLUSIVELY on GOD TV, Rodney Howard Browne’s Summer Campmeetings LIVE and many more programmes – PLUS highlights of some of the best nights from the Lakeland Outpouring – this will also all form part of our Battle For Britain initiative in the UK.

We will make another announcement once Todd is fully refreshed and rested about the resumption of our LIVE broadcasts from Lakeland – but until then, you can continue to enjoy the nightly meetings LIVE at and if you are watching on GOD TV then you have lots of great programmes to look forward to plus highlights from the outpouring.

Eli Miller, a senior leader of Fresh Fire Ministries and a long time associate of Todd Bentley announced today that Todd Bentley, leader of the Florida Outpouring, will be taking some time off. “We are grateful for our partnership with GOD TV that has allowed this revival to go around the world”, Miller said. While the revival will continue, the leaders of Fresh Fire believe it is important for Todd to take some time to re-fresh and to rest.

During this time, the revival broadcast will still be available LIVE on the GOD TV website and at Fresh Fire’s website

***Another NEWSFLASH about this here:

Newsflash: Todd Bentley quits Lakeland after Revealing ABC Nightline Airs, and God TV put Lakeland Broadcasts on hold

***Here is the statement by GodTV:

***Another announcement here:


Regardless of all that has been going on, I think the Lord would have His sheep pray for Todd Bentley.


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Praise the Lord!! A true Lakeland Miracle!

More Headshaking

Why do the sheep follow after this?

This is more unbelievable footage of Stacey Campbell. The headshaking incident during Todd Bentley’s anointing was not the first time this has happened. Listen to her prophecy about the stone.

Headbangers Inc – More Stacey Campbell Todd Bentley


Stacy on Ecstasy

Stacy on Ecsatasy

There is a fascinating (and very disturbing) teaching by Stacy Campbell on Ecstatic Prophecy and Holy Spirit Possession that can be watched here:

SHATTER! Stacy Campbell – Holy Spirit Possession

Make sure you click on the 7 minute SHATTER! video on the left if you want to watch it. At 3 minutes into her teaching Stacy describes a Buddhist festival in Thailand where people (Buddhists) who wanted to worship would cross this little line, and when they walked into the middle of this square they were hit by an evil spirit and demon possessed on the spot – vibrating, falling towards the altar, giving an offering to the demon. This gave Stacy the ‘heeby jeebies.’
This is ASTOUNDING because there is a video you can watch of Todd Bentley where he instructs the people coming up on stage to stand in a certain spot which he points to where the anointing is the strongest. If they stood there, said Todd, they would ‘get it.’ This spot was close to the pulpit where he said there was a ‘portal’ of some sort. Sure enough, who ever stood there would get struck, start jerking, and fall over. IS THIS ANY DIFFERENT THAN WHAT STACY CAMPBELL DESCRIBED AS DEMONIC POSSESSION?

Here is the youtube video from the Florida outpouring (May 17th) where you can observe this phenomena (warning, please do NOT play this around children):

Drunk in God’s spirit
(the audio on this one is not very good, crank up the volume)

At 2 minutes, you will see a woman named Shannon standing in the anointing. Hear Todd saying that anybody that steps into it, gets it! At 2:55 the most evil laugh you have ever heard comes out of Todd. “Sometimes the angels get involved,” says Todd. (The angels who are involved in this are not the kind that everyone thinks.)

Back to the Holy Spirit Possession video of Stacey Campbell – using Vine’s dictionary and Bible verses to sound very biblical as she describes her version of ecsatasy, she teaches that biblical Holy Spirit possession and ecstatic prophecy means to be ‘standing outside of,’ in a trance, in a condition in which ordinary consciousness is suspended, a spiritual state where natural sense are suspended (as in Todd Bentley astral travelling to England?). But it is more than just floating in suspension – it is FRENZY, she says, not peaceful. Is this what the Bible teaches about life in the Spirit?

See what Stacy Campbell’s version of ecstatic prophecy looks like here:
Ecsatatic Prophecy Stacey Campbell ( 1:38 )

And who can forget her ecstatic head shaking prophecy over Todd Bentley last week? Does this sound or look like peace and self control, which is the fruit of the Holy Spirit?

There is something else very telling that Stacy Campbell mentions in her Holy Spirit Possession teaching – she talks about Evelyn Underhill at about 4:22. This is no small matter. Evelyn Underhill was a mystic who had occultic connections…

The Order of the Golden Dawn, a secret society headed by A.E.Waite, best known for the Waite Tarot Deck. Its members variously included poet W.B. Yeats (known for his poem, “The Second Coming”) and Evelyn Underhill, author of Mysticism.
-The Inklings (

Evelyn Underhill believed that mysticism was the highest form of human consciousness and defined Mysticism as ‘the art of union with reality.’ It is not surprising to see those in “Holy Spirit movements” quoting the mystics. As Alan Morrison writes, there is a connection between the two:

There has been a very interesting parallel between the development of mysticism in the professing Christian Church and the flourishing of Holy Spirit Movements throughout Church History.

While it is true to say that there is not an exact parallel between classical mysticism and specifically charismatic movements — in the sense that all mystics have not necessarily exhibited the charismata — there are many startling congruences which are worthy of exposure.

Pentecostalism and the Charismatic Movements are in so many ways a manifestation of the mysticism which has been developed in the Roman Catholic Church…


… the mystic monk Thomas Merton, who has done so much to develop the Interfaith Movement, could say — as reported in an article on renewal in the New Catholic Encyclopedia — ‘Pentecostalism seems to sum up the spirituality most likely to work in the U.S. now’. And in one of the Supplements to that same Encyclopedia, it is reported that there are three ways to Spiritual Perfection: 1) The Charismatic Way; 2) The Eastern Mystical Way; 3) The traditional Catholic Mystical Way (e.g. the Cloud of Unknowing).

By Alan Morrison

When you hear that people in the signs and wonders/prophetic/charismatic movement have been studying and quoting from mystics who experienced ecstasy and strange experiences, look out!

Another one in this category who teaches in the ecstatic realm is Patricia King and her Ekstasis Worship. There was also a Spanish mystic from the past who experienced ecstasy – Saint Teresa Avila (1515-1582). Many Christians being drawn into contemplative spirituality in churches today are reading her classic writings on the Seven Mansions of the Interior Castle . Some say these are related to the Seven Chakras.

This is a serious matter. These ladies seem to draw a big audience, and appear quite angelic and sweet looking from afar, but so do (she)wolves in sheeps (ewe’s) clothing. I saw Stacy Campbell on a Christian TV program once when she was much younger and never thought that she would end up so far off the mark. Somewhere in her walk she stepped over the line and had her first taste of spiritual ecstasy and got addicted. Was it by studying the mystics? Now she is handing this toxic spiritual drug out to others. (Does that makes her an ecstasy dealer?) Has Stacy Campbell, in the name of the Holy Spirit, given herself over to the very thing that gave her the heeby jeebies watching in Thailand? What is this strange manifestation we see when in Lakeland as people are told by Todd Bentley to step over a line into a portal zone and shake and vibrate? What is this we see as Stacy Campbell prophesies over Todd Bentley in the name of Jesus – is this Holy Spirit possession, as she says? Or is this demon possession? Is this Holy Spirit revival in Florida about worshipping Jesus, or is it really about ecstatic frenzied demon worship in disguise?

It’s really time to wake up, sheep, and draw that line in the sand. And then, stay far away from “it”!!!


Stacey Campbell – Who is this stone?

Stacey Campbell and her “Wind Illness” the Kundalini Syndrome

A Pastor is Dismissed for Protecting his Sheep

The following article is about a pastor who was “acting as a shepherd instead of a hireling and helping lead his flock away from the wolves as Jesus commanded by leaving the AG, a move we believe any decent pastor would make in protection of The Lord’s flock.”

USA Assemblies of God (AG) Pastor Dismissed For Encouraging His Church To Leave The Movement Due To Its Departure From Biblical Standards

Prophets of Profit

Todd Bentley wishes that every believer would have a copy of these two books that he advertises here:

Read about these two books here:

Modern Day Prophets’ Books for Profits

Following the New Mystic Trail

One person that Todd Bentley has done ‘fire and glory’ conferences with is John Crowder. See here. This coming November, according to John Crowder’s itinerary page, Todd Bentley is scheduled to speak at The Oil of His Presence Conference alongside John Crowder and Stacey Campbell.

It’s not surprising that John Crowder and his friends are also into gold dust, gold fillings, manna from heaven, and faked stigmata, as shown by his very recent association with false prophetess and proven fraud Lucy Rael who was caught faking angel feathers. See pictures here:

John Crowder also teaches a strange “buzz” gospel. He says that when you witness to Satanists, no talking is necessary. All you need is to just show up buzzed and whacked in the glory. He also teaches a ‘whacky’ version of contemplative prayer and mysticism.

About 3:30 on a youtube called The Ecstasy of God Part 4 Crowder starts talking about contemplative prayer and the ecstasy of God – a heart that’s infused in pleasure. As he talks about this he walks around in a stupor, and describes how he has days where he wakes up whacked, so sloshed he can barely put his clothes on. He says to follow the little white rabbit to have the best trips with Jesus. Meditation is the second stage of prayer, the place where you meditate on a vision, actually encountering and ‘doing stuff.’ But where we really need to live is in this realm of stage three that is union, deep deep heavy ‘shoobie doobie.’ He says that a lot of mystics say it is a lesser ecstasy, an experience of His presence. Give me a Godka, the hard stuff, jack me up like Daniel’s, ends Crowder.

Watch John Crowder living out that shoobie doobie whacked out on Godka life here at End Times Prophetic, Prophecy, Visions, Dreams, Revelation, Christian Blog. It is quite sickening.

Also see this one:
John Crowder, demonic puff impartation caught on video

*Warning: you may find these extremely offensive

If this is who Todd Bentley has been associating himself with, and will be associating himself with in the future, what does that tell us about Todd Bentley? As those in his home town know, it is no secret that divine angelic feathers were claimed to have been landing on people during his local meetings. As it turned out, the building was well known for birds that nested in the rafters.

As the old saying goes, (buzzed, whacked, drunken) birds of a (fake) feather flock together.



Slosh Fests, New Mystics and Experiencing Things

John Oi-Oi-Oi Crowder – Another Prophet of Apostasy!

Backtracking to March 2006 to Bentley’s home town

Tracking back to March 2006 to Bentley’s home town, this is from a blogger who lives in Abbotsford, B.C. where Todd Bentley is from. Here are some interesting facts from from a concerned sheep regarding Todd Bentley…

Who knows a person better than the people who live with him?

The Shepherd will find you

This is a comment that someone left on Wolf Tracks today:

“Last night in Lakeland there was an alter call and many people gave their lives to Jesus. Tell me why satan would like people to repent of their sins and give their lives to Jesus?”

That’s a valid question that many are asking. If the Florida outpouring a false revival, why are people getting saved? The answer is that no matter where you go, if you are truly seeking the Shepherd, He will find you. Read this:

“Why are some people finding Jesus and getting healed in Lakeland (or a Benny Hinn conference or elsewhere that looks suspect)? Because if you go ANYWHERE seeking JESUS, you will be found by Him. But if you go seeking Benny or Todd (or whatever is on/in/around them), you’ll be found by that, too!

Real revival is about repentance and brokenness and humility and people on their face weeping for their worldliness. It’s NOT about laughing or falling down or feathers or gold dust or talking to angels. It’s NOT about performance or impressing people or emotional appeals. It’s about FEAR OF THE LORD and His JUSTICE, not one-sided promises of blessing because God just wants to love on you.”

That was a quote from a very very very good newsletter by Doug Perry that you can read the rest of here:

False Revival vs. True Revival

Tracking a small “miracle”

Not all ‘genuine’ instant healings at miracle meetings are authentic.

Case in point:

Morris Cerullo Miracle – and two week follow up

It looked real, didn’t it?

Poor precious little lamb.

The weak, aged, young and sick are what wolves will target.

Wolf Tracks

Grevious wolves have entered in. This weblog is going to follow the wolf tracks.

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