keeping a watchful eye on the wolves


Flock or Pack?

For the many misguided sheep who still cannot discern whether these men belong to the flock or the pack… the following might be very helpful:

The fruit of Brian “Head” Welch

Brian Head Welch and Todd Bentley


Interviews of those who came to rebuke Todd Bentley

They came from all over to deal with this because the Lord loves his church and he loves his lambs…

Interviews of those who came to rebuke Todd Bentley

[If some of this is a little difficult to hear – turn up your speakers.}

Public Rebuke of Todd Bentley with text of what was said

Public Rebuke of Todd Bentley with text of what was said

The lambs were being led astray…


“The lambs were being led astray…
Righteous indignation…
A broken heart for His lambs…
Judgment that comes from a broken and contrite heart…”

Why we went – Part 1


Todd Bentley’s time has come, the handwriting is on the wall.

A Letter to Mr. Todd Bentley’s fans

Letter to Mr. Todd Bentley’s fans (should there be any left)

The watchmen have been sitting on the sidelines, waiting, hoping, praying. Most unfortunately, what we are beginning to see saddens us greatly. Not only has Mr. Bentley been taken under the wings of Rick Joyner, but slowly, subtly, he is winning back the trust of the shaken sheep. Therefore, it is necessary for this sheep to step back into this blog for a brief moment and write an open letter to the fans of Todd Bentley. Since Wolf Tracks still receives a steady amount of hits every day, my hope is that someone who is unaware of the spiritual wool that is being pulled over their eyes will read this and be led to the truth.

To the dear sheep who are following Mr. Todd Bentley,

Do you believe that this ‘anointed prophet and healer’ who fell into grievous sin last year is now being restored? Have you been told that his ministry will be put on hold until his restoration process is complete and he is ready to come back? Have you been told that he has repented and is making things right? And have you looked closely to see what the restored Mr. Bentley looks like thus far?

In regards to his ministry being put on hold, the truth is that even though Mr. Bentley is not speaking publicly yet (other than the Morning Star restoration video clips) his new ministry (Fresh Fire USA) is up and running. Not only is he teaching how to restore your spiritual prime from his website (as if that is something ‘you’ can ‘do’), right now his website is promoting his ‘August teaching bundles’ and his ‘September healing bundles.’ His old books are also being sold on-line. [ See here: ]
This includes the ones about his miraculous journey and making the kingdom real in his life. Also on the website, Mr. Bentley has recently given his followers an update on his ‘great’ enjoyable summer, and says he is not in ministry right now (meanwhile he sells all his ‘ministry stuff’). [ See: ]

Does this make sense to you?

On his website/blog he gives a summer holiday update where he tells of his homesickness for Canada…

“New York actually opened a Tim Horton’s coffee shop. I was so excited that I had to visit the shop myself and prove it true. It was a real Canadian Tim Horton’s coffee shop. Curing my Canadian homesickness, I got my usual; double-double coffee, Tim bits and a Boston crème donut. Don’t worry! It was my cheat night.”
-Todd Bentley blog, New York City

Cheat night? What a poor choice of words, unless his followers have so quickly forgotten about the ‘cheating’ that occurred while he was doing ministry on stage every day during the Florida “revival”, possibly even during the same month he brought his sick wife Shonnah and his children onto the stage and introduced them to the T.V. fans.

There are various other articles on both the website and the blog now, written by Mr. Bentley. As you browse and read them, you may be thinking that he sounds so mature and learned as he quotes Oswald Chambers and the Bible, as if he’s had his season with sin and he’s all grown up now, and it’s all okay. Do you believe him when he talks as if he knows, and is so near to, the Holy Spirit, while in the same breath he throws in a good word for false prophet Benny Hinn and tacks on a plug from his ‘ministry team’ for his old soaking CD ? (See here):

“Knowing who He is requires spending time in His presence and getting to know Him on an intimate level. It is not at all unlike living with a person, such as a wife, husband, or sibling. It is a partnership and a fellowship; we confide, make decisions, encourage, and champion each other! We eat, sleep, talk and have fun together; such is my relationship with the Holy Spirit” – Todd Bentley

This point might cause one to wonder which wife Mr. Bentley is comparing the Holy Spirit to, since he now is married to wife number two.

Another item his website is selling is something called the ‘healing school manuals.’ [ See here: ]
Are the precious gifts of the Holy Spirit something to be merchandized or taught? Does God not give His gifts to those who love Him for free? Why is Mr. Bentley selling manuals on how to learn healing, if it is a gift from God?

Oh, but he said he is not in ministry right now. Yes, we forgot.

So is this why he is also selling books by other teachers and prophets on his website? [ See here: ]
These include Patricia King and James Goll, TD Jakes, John Crowder and the new mystics, Kim Clement, and even John and Paula Sandford, who tapped into the Occult for their inner healing techniques. Todd Bentley’s website is also selling soaking music, as previously mentioned, to bring you into another realm through those portals that he so often taught about, where he g0t beamed up to have conversations with his angels and another Jesus with brown Bambi eyes.

Through this so called restoration, has he renounced any of these teachings and associations with snake oil salesmen and false prophets and unbiblical teaching? Has he publicly confessed? Has he made himself accountable to God alone?

While we can not judge his heart, we can see his actions and his choices, and we do know that he has put himself under the authority of Rick Joyner, the “inaccurate prophet” who has often made prophetical “mistakes” and values his claims of revelation knowledge above scripture. It is under this man that Todd Bentley is to be ‘restored’ at Morning Star Ministries.

The Bible explicitly warns us of this.

“But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.” 2 Peter 2:1

If, after reading this, you still want to follow Todd Bentley, please consider this. When a man falls into grievous sin, if his heart is truly after God, like King David, will he not bow the knee to his Holy God and take his rightful position in the dirt, casting all before Him? Should he not weep before the Lord in brokenness and turn from himself? Would he not bare all, and come clean, forsaking all, fearing God and not man, to the point of even giving up trying to save face with his adoring fans? If not, has such a man truly died to himself? Would such a man white wash his current state of affairs and say he gets along with his wife even better now, to make it seem right? The wife he left while in the ‘ministry’? The mother of his children? Is such a man in any position to start teaching God’s Holy Word, or to profit from any previous supposed ministry or service to God? What would show the most respect to our Holy God? What actions would honor His Holy Name?

“The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.” Psalm 51:17

And what about those dear people in wheel chairs and on stretchers that came to the healing revival, the ones Bob Jones prophesied would get up on the stage in front of the TV cameras? Yes, the same ones who didn’t make the cut up onto the healing stage in Florida because they were too sick to parade on the platform? And what about their families whose hopes were dashed as they brought them back home in the same condition. What if their faith was crushed because they were told by the flamboyant Mr. Bentley to come down and get some, and they went home without a miracle? Even Todd Bentley’s shocking alchohol consumption (as stated by John Arnott of TACF) problem during these miracle crusades paled in comparison to these signs of a snake oil prophet/huckster whose bouncers passed the bucket every night for more gold. Have those things been addressed, or even confessed? Has this ‘anointed healer,’ whose sick wife was damaging his faith healer stage image, apologized for hurting the sheep and shaming the name of our precious Saviour? Or is it still about lies and money and cheat nights?

Barely a year after the whole mess was quickly tidied up, it appears that he is already profiting from his new ministry (which is supposedly on hold, remember?), thanks to Rick Joyner, the professional false prophecy ‘misunderstanding’ mop up man, for whom professional round table apology public relation sessions have been common place for decades.

So I ask you, all you faithful followers of Todd Bentley – is this what the Bible describes as good fruit, or is this the rotten fruit of the money tree? Do you believe what you are being told? Which shepherd are you going to follow?

“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” Matthew 7:20

Oh, precious sheep, if you truly belong to God, look to your Good Shepherd. He will never lie, abuse, or use you. He will never ask you to pay for His gifts. His prophecies always come true, because His Word is truth. Ask Him to show you the way, and follow Him today. Turn off the Morning Star webinars and turn to Jesus Christ, the way, the truth and the life. Listen to His voice today.

Hebrews 3:15

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me” John 10:27

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Todd Bentley: The Webinar

Bentley promotes Manifestation of the Sons of God theory:
Manifested Bentley, Part 1.

Jessa Bentley Tells Her Story:

Six Simple Questions for Todd Bentley
by Bud Press, Director
Christian Research Service
October 22, 2009

Bill Johnson’s Assessment of Todd Bentley

Bill Johnson assesses Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Revival…

What do you think about Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Revival?

“Todd is a good friend, but more importantly, he is a friend of God. I’ve met very few people in my life who are hungrier for God and will take extended periods of time just to seek Him. God has entrusted him with an extraordinary outpouring for a reason—He can trust him to do whatever He says, regardless of the opinions of others. He is bold—amazingly bold. The miracles are legitimate and increasing. The church of America has asked for a great revival. God wonderfully placed this move in a package that few would have expected, just to see if we’re as hungry as we say we are.”

Recent response to the above answer:”How in God’s name can you endorse Todd Bentley?” This is my response…

Read the rest of his response here:

In his assessment, Bill Johnson has missed the fact that Todd Bentley is not being criticized or ‘hated’ as a person, but rather, his teaching is being examined because it is extremely unbiblical. He defends Todd on a personal level, but not from a biblical standpoint, as a godly friend and mentor should do. How can the body of Christ give any credibility to an assessment given by someone whose church’s list of ministry links is filled with false prophets?

True or False? Tracking the “Growing Fingers” Prophecy

Somethin’s happenin’, somethin’s happenin’…let your toes grow back from frostbite”…“People are growing fingers”…“I command you to grow arms and legs” – Todd Bentley

QUESTION: Is this true or false? Have anyone’s toes actually grown back from frost bite? Is God really growing fingers and toes, arms and legs now? Are missing body parts growing back?

That is what Todd Bentley says in this video:

Arms and legs aside, let’s take the smallest example: fingers. Are there any people out there who have documented medical evidence, pictures, videos, witnesses of their brand new creatively grown fingers (or toes and missing body parts)? If so, please show us. We would love to see the before and after testimonial pictures (slow motion video of the growth would be even better). (Note: Half an inch of growth on amputated leg stubs does not count.)

If there are no people coming forward with such evidence of even a new pinky finger tip, this will mean that Todd Bentley is not telling the truth.

Remember, Todd Bentley said: “People ARE growing fingers.” It is no small claim to say (in front of thousands of people, on live TV, who are devouring your every word) that people ARE growing fingers. A prophet of the Lord who is working in his “gifting” under the “anointing” cannot backtrack and simply say it was a “mistake.” Perhaps someone should challenge him on this statement, and others like it. This is serious business! If the information a prophet receives and speaks is FALSE, then either the spirit speaking through that prophet is a LYING spirit, or the prophet has made it up (lied). Therefore, it is only logical that Todd Bentley is either:

a) telling the truth (and speaking God’s truth)

b) not telling the truth (lying)

c) delusional

Let us not be mindless gullible sheep, but let us use reason and logic in these situations that play prey on human emotions, desires, longings and feelings.

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD… ( Isaiah 1:18 )

To help the flock think through situations like these, Living in the Way has recently started a new feature of biblical reasoning and discerning of miracles called…

U-JUDGE-IT – Are these true miracles?



It has been brought to my attention that Todd actually did say, “People are growing fingers and toes” at 2:48 on the video clip. So come on, we want those pictures…fingers AND toes!

The Sorcery and Trances of Todd Bentley vs. Scripture

Read what James Sundquist has to say about Todd Bentley and the Florida outpouring here:

A Response to Charges against James Sundquist for “Judging the Bride of Christ”
June 26, 2008

In Defense of Wolves

Every now and then you come across a good little message that someone has put together on youtube. This is one of them:

In defense of false prophets

Too often I have heard those defenses from blind sheep who will one day be horrified to learn the truth.

Outpourings from the mouths of the Florida sheep

There have been many comments left on this blog. Most of them are supportive and are made by discerning sheep who know their true Shepherd. Others are supportive of the person who has brought the revival to Florida. Here is just a sampling of the comments which have been pouring out of those sheep who support and have been filled to over flowing with the Florida outpouring…

“I find it sad to read that christians attack each this way. I really miss the love on such a such. Does the Bible not say that we are not to judge?”


“So then if Mr. Bently is of Satan and not of Jesus Christ then “No One” is being healed? If what is going on there is not true revival than what is. Does Jesus heal today or is all of this fake. How can the devil cast out the devil?”

“alot of the negitivity thats coming out of this revival is plan ignorance. Everytime God tries to get something to people they want to make it demonic. I know the anointing when I see it Todd has it.”

“I just want to say that I have never heard such ignorant statements in all my life.You people are so wrong about the Lakeland revival.Have you ever even stepped your foot inside the revival tent to actually experience what is going on there?IF you would have been listening you would have heard them say (in one of the meetings)that they have been going out EVERYDAY into the streets and taking the word AND MIRACLES out side of the walls of the church.But instead, you are to hasty to jump to conclusions and say (oh it ain’t God).How come you don’t say that about churches that are permanantly established in the area?(or maybe you do)!Personally,I think you’re just jellous!Why don’t you quit whinning and persecuting and start praying and supporting them.MAYBE God has showed them something that He has’nt shown you because you have to much pride and are not willing to humble yourself and pay the kind of price that they are paying.I just hope you get your heart right with God and quit having a pitty party.Repent and ask God to forgive you and He will.Then you can go to the meetings and have a good time in the anointing of God’s Holy Spirit.”

“stop with all the self glorified comments and pointless bickering.”

“Repent of not even praying for the sick, repent for your unbelief that the dead are raised, repent of being afraid of diseases let alone clensing leapers, repent of reducing the gospel to words of human wisdom with no power. Does your gospel have power to transform lives, deliver from demonic oppression, set people free from drug additions. It’s easy to be critical, it’s another thing to love unconditionally those you don’t have a grid for.”

“are all the miracles false? Are all the people who invite Jesus into their hearts not saved? Just because someone thinks about, imagins, visualizes…does not automatically mean that it is wrong just because you say so. When you pray, what do you think of? A blank black screen? Please tell me! Could that be worse? Let’s see, I could say that you are “visualizing” a black place. I demand that you tell me what you think about when you pray!
… I would repent of this if I were you as the Lord has shown me that people who speak against this highest form of this movement, the glory of God revival, could experience an immediate judgement. I would be careful if I were you of offending the Lord.
Todd Bentley has only lifted up the name of Jesus and prayed for people’s healings. And guess what, they have been healed in Jesus name! Like you, the pharisees had no answer for Jesus who, also like your view of Todd, did not fit into their doctrinal box. They were left with only one option: to call what Jesus did demonic. You are straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel here. Good luck when you get to the hump! And good luck also when you stand before the Lord and have to answer to criticizing a great move of God where perhaps hundreds of thousands of are receiving Jesus as their Saviour.”
“people like you guys on this blog remind me of the pharisee’s in Jesus’ day. As matter as fact Jesus called them “you brood of vipers”.
…there were some in Jesus’ day that were convinced that He was not the son of God but exactly opposite. they said he must be a devil if He can cast out devils.
…you are the type of people that bash EVERY single man or woman of God that comes down the pike. if you dont agree with this man, fine, but keep it to yourself.”

“i dont understand how you can watch and hear of the wonderful things GOD is doing and be so negative?
Does God inspire you to right these?”

“His laughter is not “Mocking God” have you ever even listened to Todd Bentley? I know it is scary that he is passionate and has tattoo’s and piercings to some. Todd advocates praising God for breakthroughs and counting the cost to follow jesus. If you don’t believe in the supernatural, you might have to throw out your bible as well.”

“…I tell ya, When God shows up, get out of his way.. Jesus was not of this world and neither are we.. We are all spiritual beings who are living a natural life….. Todd is the bomb and God is alive and using him.. Leave him alone and concentrate on activating your church to transform this world… Learn about your gifts and if you get famous for loving Jesus, than good for you!!! …Shubba!
… sheepy weepy I guess its your job to find faults.. I’d like to know how many people you have personally led to Christ this year… thats just a challenging question directed prophetically at you! Todd, keep on burning hot for God, all the way… supporting you and your team…Bring on the Shunda Bunda Thunda! Matthew 12.. talks about the unforgivable sin.. Look out! …Sha! This exact thing happened with the Pharisees”

Todd Bentley Responds to Criticism

Wolf Tracks would like to draw attention to the recent response by Todd Bentley to his followers regarding the widespread criticism of his teachings and the fruit of the Florida outpouring. This will be of interest to all who have been following the revival trail and the supposed appearing (and disappearing) of certain angels.

The following are just a few choice excerpts…

Bringing Biblical Light to Your Questions about the Lakeland Outpouring & Todd Bentley

by Todd Bentley
June 8, 2008

“… if I say that I had a vision of an angel, or encountered one or even spoke with one, but you haven’t doctrinally or experientially, come to terms with the reality of angels being in our midst, then you may not attribute it as valid. You may even tag me as someone who worships angels, seeks them for counsel, ministers under the power of, or misrepresents them in some way. In the case of the angel called “Emma,” who I described as having mother-like nurturing qualities, some have automatically assumed that my doctrine is that I believe in female angels. This has never been the case! For whatever reason God chose to show me this angel in a female persona, He did. This isn’t to say that the angel was female. Angels are spirit and appear in many forms. Perhaps that’s the form God chose this angel to take for the purpose of the revelation He gave me. They are spirit beings of light, created out of God’s glory, without gender, and appear in whatever form God chooses to send them to us.”


“…I asked my staff to remove from our website, articles that are causing such strife and division and deterring the Body from the very real and pressing focus of these last days. Jesus wept when people missed the purpose. Every blessing flowed and people received, but they missed the purpose. Don’t miss the purpose!

Again I emphasize, it’s good and right to search out the Truth and to discern the spirits, God expects us to do so. Nevertheless, it’s also important to do so outside of one’s comfortable box, not mistaking discomfort for discernment, and realizing that God is not only a God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, but also a God of new things. Realize also, that if you spend time in His presence, in fellowship with Him, and if daily, you put on the full armor of God and spend time in His Word; you’ll be more comfortable erring on the side of extravagance rather than quench the Spirit. A body of believers without the Holy Spirit is a breathless, lifeless body.”


Read the entire response at the above link.

It may be important to note that the article ends with a reference that appears to bring weight and authority to Todd Bentley’s ministry. This hearty endorsement of the revival is from Dr. Gary S. Greig, PhD., a former Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Regent University School of Divinity, and Senior Editor, Theology and Acquisitions for the Regal Publishing Group. He is an instructor for Vanguard Ministries, president of Kingdom Training Network and has also served under Dr. Peter C. Wagner.

NOTE: This may be a side trail, but it’s an important one. Dr. Gary Greig is the spiritual advisor of Mark Virkler (as claimed here: Virkler teaches that you can hear the voice of God, guaranteed, through 4 steps of meditation and journaling.

Watch this youtube of Mark Virkler practicing automatic writing/channeling here:
How to hear God’s Voice guaranteed by Mark Virkler
The Arnott’s (TACF) say they have been profoundly impacted by Mark Virkler’s teaching.

See the on-line book written by Greig, Virkler, and Frank Gaydos here:
How to Release God’s Healing Through Prayer

Update: There are some related comments on this subject here:

Lying Spirit Manifests Again Through Todd Bentley About Angel Emma

Learn how to Identify Wolves

The following is an excerpt from an article called Discernment in an Age of Deception – Defining the Believer’s Biblical Call to Judge by Bob DeWaay:

It is important to see that the wolves come from two sources: outside and inside the church. Wolves are always inimical to the well-being of sheep. It is the responsibility of shepherds to make sure the sheep are safe from the wolves. To do this, the wolves must be identified. The way they are identified is through their teachings. Paul described the practice of the wolves: “speaking perverse things.” The word “perverse” means “twisted” or “distorted.” Their teachings are a distortion of the authoritative teachings of Christ and His apostles. Anyone is a wolf who purposely gives distorted teaching and refuses to repent when shown his error from the Scriptures. The elders must guard the flock against such people.

Notice what happens through the teachings of the wolves: they “draw away the disciples after them.” False teachers and prophets have a message that comes from themselves, not from the whole counsel of God. The reason these wolves draw disciples away after themselves is that they are the only source of this teaching. If the church is proclaiming the true terms of the covenant and the whole counsel of God, whatever “perverse” doctrine is being promoted by wolves will not be heard from the faithful pastors and elders. Perverse doctrine cannot be found through valid implications from authoritative Scripture. Therefore, if the wolves succeed in giving some of the sheep an appetite for what they are offering, the sheep will have to follow the wolves to get that appetite fed. Since this is not from God, they are being drawn away from the true sheepfold and into spiritual peril and perhaps damnation.

(under Church Leaders and Wolves)

Read the entire article and learn how to identify wolves here:

A Sheep Speaks from the Heart

A Sheep Speaks from the Heart…

This is from another blog called Slaughtering the Sheep:

Speaking from the Heart

Someone recently posted a comment here at Slaughter (of the Sheep) relaying the important truth that, while discernment ministries and blogs are important, it is important not to develop a critical spirit.

Since her post, I have had time to reflect on that. Before I started Slaughter of the Sheep, I was becoming increasingly heartbroken and frustrated with the apostasy I saw growing in the church today. Every which way we turn, we see error infiltrating the church and going from the top, all the way down to the very last pew. It breaks my heart…

Read the rest here:

This why bloggers like us do what we do. We are not trying to fault find. We are doing this out of love, first of all for the Lord, our Shepherd, and secondly, out of love for the flock. If you love someone, you will tell them the truth.

Let Sleeping Wolves Lie?

Pharisees, ‘religious sanitation police,’ religious systems that despise healing, and obsessive compulsives. Is this what J. Lee Grady, editor of Charisma magazine, is labeling Christians who are discerning enough to spot the wolves among the flock and warn others about the latest “revival outbreak” in Florida??

Read his article and see:

Your Hands Have Been Anointed to Heal
By J. Lee Grady

This article was also picked up by The Elijah List’s Daily Headline – Breaking Christians News which says:

REPORTER’S NOTE: Although there will always be some who go to great lengths to dissect what makes a “true” revival, how many healings constitute a true healing outbreak, etc., John 9:24-34 tempers that tendency, serving as a check and balance in the age-old tension of liberty vs. legalism. In that Scripture, in which a man born blind is healed by Jesus, he puts everything into perspective when grilled by the Pharisees with the simple words, “You don’t know where he comes from, yet he opened my eyes…If this man were not from God he could do nothing.” Indeed, when Jesus discovers that the formerly blind man had been interrogated by the faithless Pharisees, He accuses them of being spiritually blind. Lord help us to be, as J. Lee Grady exhorts us, “willing vessels” in this crucial hour, even at the cost of appearing foolish. -Teresa Neumann

Read that here:

As Florida Healings Continue, Charisma Editor Warns Against Wrong Attitudes
by Teresa Neumann : May 4, 2008

Wrong attitudes? Legalism? The Berean sheep are being advised to hush up and not make a negative peep! Let the wolves be, they are told, let them continue on in their deceptive lies. But is this what the Bible instructs us to do? Who should we listen to – our Shepherd’s words, or the words of the blind leading the blind, whose eyes are closed in spiritual drunkenness and sleepy blindness?

Here are some biblical articles to help sheep who have been told to let sleeping wolves lie:

The silencing of the Lambs

How to Bully the Bereans

Warnings Of Deception In The Bible

IS IT RIGHT: To Judge, To Expose Error, & To Call Names?

Beyond the Limits


A Departure from SOUND DOCTRINE

Know What a Wolf Looks Like

“Christians need to know what a wolf looks like–a sheep! (Matt. 7:15). A wolf appears to be a minister of righteousness! (2 Cor. 11:15). A wolf also “talks” like a sheep (Ro. 16:18).”

The above quote is taken out of an article from Gentle Shepherd Ministries which is well worth the read:


by Jeannette Haley

If someone were to ask you how to determine if we are in the last days, you might well answer, “The Bible tells us there will be wars and rumors of wars; earthquakes in different places; famines; diseases and plagues; divorce and remarriage; lawlessness and hideous crimes.” All of these things are true. No one can deny we are most assuredly living in such times.

However, there is one vital sign of the end of the age missing in the above statement; that is, false prophets. Of all the topics Jesus warned His disciples about, this one thing, false prophets, was repeated three times in one discourse. (Matthew 24:4, 5; 11; 24.) Why do you suppose Jesus, Peter, John, Jude and Paul placed such a great emphasis on end-time deceivers? (…)

The rest of this excellent article can be read here:

*For extra sheep reading, also see these helpful articles:

In His Name! -true and false anointing (Tricia Tillin):

The Anointing (Let Us Reason Ministries):