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Voice of Thunder Conference 2010 – WARNING!!! (Part 1)


For the sheep who are flocking here:

Extreme Prophetic Events, Conferences and Schools for September 2010!
Come to an Extreme Prophetic school, conference, meeting, or event and get equipped, anointed, and extreme…for Jesus!

Voice of Thunder Prophetic Conference
September 16-18, 2010
Mission, British Columbia
With Patricia King and Brent Borthwick
For more information, click here(

Please take a closer look:

Wind Word church and ministry is shepherded by Brent Borthwick, associate of Todd Bentley. The flock was meeting at a movie theatre in Abbotsford, B.C., until they recently acquired a warehouse to gather in (see here).

For more history of Borthwick’s church, see here:

Faith: Windword Church Finds New Home In Abbotsford Sunday

In 2008, during Todd Bentley’s Florida revival Borthwick traveled to Florida to ‘minister’ and recorded this video on the beach:

Being Who We Are Called To Be

Also during the so called Florida revival, Borthwick spoke in Scotland, spreading the impartation of the glory of God on behalf of Fresh Fire Ministries…

Healing preacher comes to the Broch

He speaks about his vision on this video at CLAN (Christians Linked Across the Nations) in Scotland, here:

One wary and discerning blogger had some interesting observations about Borthwick’s appearance at CLAN here…

I heard one of the associates of Todd Bentley speak (Brent Borthwick). I was not impressed. His talk had no substance or focus. While he mentioned and read a couple of verses from Scripture, the overall flow of the talk was not based on Biblical truth but emotional/spiritual hype. I felt manipulated. His style was completely different than any of the other speakers that I heard at CLAN. I was especially embarrassed for his “American” (Canadian) style and cultural ignorance.”

One commenter on that post said this:

I believe that your reaction to Mr Borthwick is not without reason. He spent a lot of time on his large yacht claiming to be helping the locals whilst busily begging for funds to secure his affluent lifestyle.


Mr. Borthwick indeed has (or had?) a ‘ministry’ boat, a Wind Word Ministries boat, as his ministry partners reveal here:

Thursday, June 7, 2007
Yesterday, Brandee and I decided to head down to see Brent & Sharon and their family on Wind Word Ministries’ boat. They are currently moored off of Cancun, Mexico, on an island called Isla Mujeras. We are very excited about spending some time with them, relaxing, worshipping and writing.

A detailed description and pictures of the Borthwick’s wee Wind Word Ministries boat can be found at this March 2009 entry here:

The Jireh is a 67 foot Trawler Yacht, with 6 cabins (small), 3 bathrooms (heads), living room, kitchen, dining area and bridge, plus a 10 foot by 40 foot top deck with a bridge. It has a fuel capacity of 1000 gallons and at $2/gal. it is fairly expensive to fill. The owners, Brent & Sharon and their 3 children have been ministering in the Atlantic/Caribbean for the past 2 years. We originally met them in 1998, when we were both working as missionaries in Micronesia.

Wouldn’t every pastor and missionary like to ‘minister’ in the Caribbean on a 67 foot yacht? (If indeed that’s what it was all about.)

If you think that’s a judgmental statement, here’s a blogger who doesn’t seem to think Borthwick is being very truthful about his yacht ministry:

How to get tons of money and buy a bigger boat.

More here:

Since yachts are very expensive toys, it went up for sale, as of last summer…

Please pray. Some one is looking at our boat to buy! Hope it sells! God is so good! 12:24 PM Jul 7th, 2009

(Notice: the followers of Brent Borthwick’s Twitter account are Patrica King, Brad Jersak, and Matt Sorger.)

For the latest tweats on the conference, see here:

If this is the kind of ministry partner Patricia King associates and aligns herself with, are the sheep who flock to the Voice of Thunder about to be fleeced by hirelings? For this concern, this blog has been updated with today’s caution regarding this conference which is happening right now.

Spread the word – warn the sheep. Stop supporting the false prophets with your money!


For more information on spiritual wino Patricia King and Todd Bentley, ministry associates of Brent Borthwick, please see here:

Todd Bentley Research Articles Page

Todd Bentley exposed on Nightline Part 1

Todd Bentley exposed on Nightline – Part 2

Extreme Prophetic and Patricia King exposed

Patricia King: Feathers of Fiddlesticks?


Patricia King (aka Patricia Coking)

Also to consider:
Have the prophecies of Patricia King been fulfilled?
See here:

If not, what does the Bible say regarding false prophecies and prophets?
See here:


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  3. Martha

    whoever is writing this on this site, PRAY FOR DISCERNMENT!!! Others who are reading this do not listen to any of this trash! Pray for the person who wrote as this is a man of God and not at all a false prophet and neither are the speakers attending Windword. Blessings! A concerned Christian!

    December 18, 2011 at 2:11 am

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