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Tracking the CNN Prophecy

21″You may say in your heart, ‘How will we know the word which the LORD has not spoken?’
22″When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not come about or come true, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.
-Deuteronomy 18

Where is CNN?

During the last several weeks there has been positive coverage of the “great Florida outpouring” with Todd Bentley by God TV and Charisma magazine, not to mention a huge lack of discernment from CBN:

CBN Florida Outpouring Exclusive (CBN Blogs)
May 2, 2008

Lakeland Revival Miracle Healings Continue (CBN News)
May 6, 2008

But…what we are REALLY watching for is the fulfillment of THE prophecy:

In his famous prophetic word spoken over Todd Bentley and the nations (see here and here) on March 8 at the “Downpour Conference” on the Gold Coast in Australia, Rob DeLuca from New Zealand said this:

“Todd, I saw a vision…

I see something BIG in Florida (…)

In Jesus name, what’s happened…I really believe what happened–it’s even going to hit CNN, it’s going to hit news broadcasts, it’s going to be talked about all over America. There’s something brewing so big and so strong that it’s going to waste the nation with God’s glory, definitely, in Jesus name.”

You can watch and listen to this prophecy (and where he mentions this at the 5 minute mark) on youtube HERE.

As Rob Deluca himself has said, a true prophecy will come to pass. On another video that can be watched here, (at 1:13:39) Rob Deluca says the following:

“You know what I love about the prophetic? When the true prophetic comes, you can mark the words of God, that it will come to pass….I like hearing the prophetic that make your ears spin and burn…I want to see some prophets that rise up who can tell you what your name is, what your address is, who your mother is what kind of car you drive…where it becomes scary in a good way. Now I’m thankful that we are receiving direction from the prophets, concerning the winds of change, concerning the shift”…”

Deluca’s CNN prophecy soon spread like the telephone game. It wasn’t long before others were talking about the coming CNN coverage…and NBC as well:

***Florida Revival Update
David Hino
May 1 2008 04:51PM
Great Florida Healing Revival Update

“Dear Friends,

I just had to give another update and made sure you knew that Todd Bentley was coming to California. There are a number of helpful links below. Forward this to your friends.

The revival began just four weeks ago at the Ignited Church, Lakeland, Florida


People continue to come from all over the world. The secular media including CNN and NBC are coming to report this event. The program is being carried on God TV around the world with millions of potential viewers.”


***Florida revival attracting national attention
On Tuesday afternoon, Bentley’s staff talked excitedly about inquiries from NBC and CNN. They said there is interest in the revival from someone affiliated with Benny Hinn, the Christian televangelist and faith healer who was born in Israel to Palestinian-Armenian parents and became a Christian as an adult.”


*** Revival Reports
Lakeland Florida Outpouring – The Remnant International
May 01, 2008
Alabama, USA
Jerrell H. Miller
Bentley said last night that CNN and the NBC television networks had called him for an interview. This event has moved fast like a wildfire with a blowing wind. The swelling of this event could reach magnitude levels by Saturday to fill a stadium.”

During one of the revival meetings last week, a woman who works for Bentley told him that she had CNN on hold on her cell phone to which he shouted that he was ready for CNN, “I’m ready Larry King, I’m ready Anderson Cooper!”

Even false prophet Paul Cain got in on the CNN prophecy, being flown out (ticket purchased by Bentley) to share his vision of a stage full of people on stretchers and signs and wonders…and CNN was there, covering it all live.


While CBN reported that “550,000 different computers have logged into the webcast” (but who knows how many are watching for entertainment or research?), it remains to be seen whether CNN will be covering the revival. But who knows? Maybe they are working on a detailed expose, like the one on Benny Hinn (The Fifth Estate, Do You Believe In Miracles?), who also has a long record of false prophecies.

But so far, if you type Todd Bentley into CNN’s search engine, all you get is ‘NO RESULTS’ and a website called Prophecy News Watch (which has plenty of articles on prophecy – not on the greater glory or the false anointing, but on the serious trouble America is headed into).

This week, over 100,000 people died in Myanmar in a typhoon, twisters tore up 4 states, and the price of oil continued to rise. And while the church falls away faster than the US dollar, a so called ‘anointed’ prophet wearing an expensive suit (tattoos don’t come cheap) is having a drunken Holy Ghost glory party, vibrating, grunting, crawling on stage, screaming Baaaaaaaaaaa, soaking in the “glory” and telling folks to come “get some” of the contagious anointing.

See for yourself…

…and weep.

At the moment, CNN seems to be more interested in reputable Christians and plausible end time prophecies – like Joel Rosenberg for example. (Watch that coverage here.)

Meanwhile, it looks like the “anointing” is running out of cash, and the big revival may no longer be broadcast. (Has Todd’s ‘Angel of Finance’ left the building? Where are those heavenly gems and gold dust sprinklings when you need them? Why should Patricia King find all the gold and gems?)

According to one blogger, Todd Bentley, in his newsletter today, is begging for money:

We have rescheduled all our programming, and are about to make some revolutionary decisions which will no doubt cost us more revenue, but we want to be OBEDIENT to the Spirit of the Lord. As many of you have guessed, we have NO BUDGET to broadcast this outpouring. It was not in OUR plans – oh but HOW it was in GODS PLANS FOR GOD TV!

We have gone out on a limb and are riding the wave with the Holy Spirit. This Sunday we run out of the money given to carry the revival live EVERY night, but our hearts AND YOUR hearts are all burning to keep the revival on air!

If its within your power [your power? I thought this outpouring was about God’s power???] to sow into broadcasting this historic outpouring – and you are led by the Lord to do so – countless millions around the world will be eternally grateful – what can we say – things we know your heart already beats with – multitudes are already being DELIVERED, SET FREE, HEALED, RADICALLY SAVED AND SET AFLAME BY THESE BROADCASTS ALL ACROSS THE EARTH!

We need YOU… the Body of Christ needs YOU… the lost world needs YOU to ensure these live broadcasts keep going for the next 40 days!

Please help us NOW! (click here to make this happen!)

By the way, read the excellent post that reveals this (and much more) at pjmiller’s blog here:
Lakeland Revival: Todd Bentley, Bob Jones, and some things to consider

If there are any Todd Bentley, Bob Jones, Florida revival followers reading here, please read the above article!

In conclusion, here is some relevant extra reading:

*False Anointing

*There Are 3 Types Of Predictive “Prophecy” That Can Come True Sometimes –
There Is Only 1 Type Of Predictive Prophecy That Comes True All The Time!

by Sandy Simpson, 3/05


6 responses

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  2. Jan Gardner

    Are you awake and have you heard that the CNN interview with Todd Bentley will air tonight, 7/8/08, on the Anderson Cooper show?

    July 10, 2008 at 1:28 am

  3. sheepyweepy

    Thanks for the tip Jan.

    July 10, 2008 at 1:59 am

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  5. Patti Smith

    My church hosted a “revival” meeting by Bob Bentley this past weekend. I went and heard emphasis on signs and wonders, emphasis on prophecy, emphasis on healing (good thing), but my spirit red flags went up when I heard Bob say that there were people with bad teeth that God wanted to restore (no problem there), and the God will even restore these teeth with GOLD and that a GOLD nugget fell down recently during one of his services (I have seen video of apparent gold dust and “gems” appearing at his church services). Okay–RED Flag here for me. If God wants to restore a bad tooth, He will fully restore it, new enamal and all. Why put a gold filling? Except for show and God does not “show off” He doesnt need to…just look at His creation. If there were any unsaved people there, they would not know what was going on. There was no salvation message, no invitation to the cross, no talk of sin and repentance (in fact that is hardly ever mentioned anymore). There is a problem when people follow signs and wonders, go to great distances to experience the Holy Spirit as preached by an evangelist, almost to the point of Holy Ghost addiction….that omits the work of Christ on the cross.

    March 1, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    • sheepyweepy

      I’m so glad that you are not one of the gullible sheep Patti. I hope there are more people in your church like you who have discernment! Sadly, your pastor should not have let this hireling in to lead his sheep astray. His job is to protect them from false teachers.

      Pray for your pastor, that he would boldly stay true to God’s Word.

      March 1, 2010 at 5:29 pm

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