keeping a watchful eye on the wolves

Sheep Cud

It’s time for a rest from tracking the wolves. Here is some cud for sheep to chew on today…

“A gentleman traveling in Syria, relates how he stopped to watch three shepherds who were at a well watering their flocks. The three flocks were all mingled together at the watering place. The traveler could see no difference between them, and he wondered how they would get them separated again without great trouble. But presently one of the shepherds stood forth and called out, “Menah,” the Arabic for “Follow me,” and sure enough thirty sheep immediately separated themselves from the indiscriminate mass and began to follow the shepherd up the hill. Then, a second shepherd lifted the cry, “Menah,” and a second flock separated themselves and started after him, while the rest of the sheep remained as unconcerned as if no one had spoken at all.

The traveler was so astonished that as he saw the third shepherd preparing to depart, laying his hand to his crook and beginning to gather a few dates fallen from a palm beneath which he had been resting, he stepped up to him and asked: “Would your sheep follow me if I called them?” The man shook his head. “Give me your shepherd’s cloak and crook and let me try.” The traveler said He even wound the shepherds turban round his head and standing forth began to cry, “Menah, Menah!” but no sheep stirred. They only blinked at him lazily in the sunshine. “Do they never follow any one
but you?” asked the traveler. Only when a sheep is sick; then the silly creature follows any one, ” the shepherd said.” Whose voice are you following?


Read what the Bible says about Our Shepherd and His sheep here:


2 responses

  1. givethanks

    Thanks for posting. I love the story.

    July 27, 2008 at 7:05 pm

  2. Brenda

    Dear Sheepy,
    Thanks for posting this story. What an excellent account ~~ it really brings out our Lord’s meaning when He said that His sheep hear His voice and follow Him. If we know His voice (recorded in His Word, the Bible), then we’ll know whether it is truly He Who calls us to follow Him. Praying the LORD’s continued Blessings and protections over you, and lots of beautiful gems for your Heavenly crown. Thank you, -Brenda

    July 27, 2008 at 8:29 pm

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