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To Heaven and Back

Yesterday someone stopped by and provided a link to the account of Val Thomas, the woman who was clinically dead but came back to life. If this is account is true, and it appears to be so, the glory truly belongs to the Lord, as Val Thomas herself says. However, the Lakeland bunch are seizing the moment and taking credit for it, even though it really has nothing to do with them. Is a generic prayer for a niece-in-law at Lakeland enough fodder for such a claim to fame?

Speaking of the dead being raised, Todd’s voice is now powerful enough to pull a person out of heaven and back to their dead body – during their own funeral. Hear about person #13 (supposedly) raised from the dead, thanks be to the almighty Lakeland anointing and the voice of TODD BENTLEY…

Todd Bentley Video Discussing the Thirteenth “Resurrection” of the Dead at Lakeland Meetings

The arrogance is beyond astounding. The gullibility of the sheep, heartbreaking.

One can only wonder…where is CNN while the dead are being raised?


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  1. RG

    I understand checking out if real miracles are happening, but this false prophet crap and dumb “biblical arguments” are stupid. If Jesus’ name is being glorified, and he’s being proclaimed as the savior and son of God, then I don’t believe it could be a demon. Demon’s can’t heal and they can’t lift his name up and I went to Lakeland to see and I saw Christ glorified by 40 countries and all the leaders. The China Underground church members were there too. I could understanding thinking a leader may be using false miracles, but saying they don’t exist today is unbiblical. There is no, and I mean absolutely no passage that can clearly state the gifts and miracles have disappeared. Open your mind and read Acts. People rubbed clothes on the disciples or Paul and healed people with them. If that happened today you would accuse that leader of blasphemy. They raised the dead! They prayed for miracles in Acts 4 and it says they were filled with the Spirit and that was AFTER pentecost. It’s biblical and it’s real. Those who have faith that God said “Preach the Kingdom, heal the sick, raise the dead…” will walk in that because they have faith God said it was true and that he wants it to be done. Scripture says they didn’t preach with persuasive words, but with power and demonstration showing it’s from God and not man. That’s biblical. Be careful shaming someone who may be in the annointing and favor of God or you claim God’s works as fake or worthless. Shame on you for assuming.

    August 9, 2008 at 7:33 pm

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