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Todd Bentley Fresh Fire USA Ministries Revival Webinar Commercial

Sheep Raider

December 2009
Todd Bentley Friday Night Revival at Morningstar

Back from his season of “healing and restoration,” Todd receives a small standing ovation from his loyal fans at Morning Star. Nearly a year and a half since his last meeting (8/8/08) he says he is full of revelation and the fire of God, with a year and a half of the new anointing to release. Oh yes, God’s greater glory is going to be released. And ~drumroll~ he’s received some great things from the Lord about Oral Roberts. In Todd’s own words, “its like a honeycomb… we need to get loose… Sheekah! I’m not disqualified!”

Sure Todd.

They’re back!

So are the watchers on the wall. And we would like to know EXACTLY, WHAT’S WITH THE ELEPHANT? And the lion? And the head shaking? And how about that hissing? And why anyone would think that this is revival?

“Sheekah, my wife’s got some wild fire.” Todd Bentley

Watch Jessa describe her dream about her conversation with a dead man – Oral Roberts – and the new anointing that is on its way, here:

Sure Jessa.


A little necromancy for Mr. and Mrs. Bentley
By Rick Hiebert

Then there’s this latest sales pitch:

People want to come here for the revival, says Rick Joyner. They will try and make room for you. One touch from God can do what years of teaching can do, they say…

MorningStar OutPouring Part1

MorningStar Outpouring Part2

And this:

In a Trench I had a Vision (that’s trance with an accent, we have deciphered)
Bob Jones Breaks Curses from Todd Bentley

Did you know? Well meaning Christians have put a curse on Todd, leaving an opening for him to be assassinated. So Bob Jones voids the death spirit against Todd.

Sure Bob.

But we would like to know – what were you doing in a trench, and why didn’t you stay there?

Just when we thought they were all gone…


7 responses

  1. Praise God…for what he believes..thank God, he has no idea how or when it will by faith, yes..but my people are destroyed for the lack knowledge.It is fantastic that there will be more signs, wonders,and miracles, so that the False One can be raised up,and try to deceive the elect , if it were possible.Those who only believe without knowledge are those who can be God said in Daniel..the people who KNOW their God will resist him…sit back and the faith movement runs head first in the “Knowers” movement. I wonder which one will stand…people who believe in what they do..or the people who know what they do.Well lets see what he’s learned in 18 months,and I hope he does a better job this time.Good luck, Todd. Dr.Ed

    January 29, 2010 at 4:15 am

  2. sheepyweepy

    What are you talking about, Dr. Ed?

    January 29, 2010 at 4:27 am

  3. sorry….but if you listen to what he has said..he just believes this will happen or that will happen,things that are going to happen because that’s God’s agenda at this time..a final outpouring of His grace with miracles once more before the days of distress begins, so that all those who wants to come out of the prostitute church will come out, and those who wants to draw people after themselves can do so , and so condemn themselves. Mr preacher doesn’t know it..but he is truely part of the endtime move of God, whereby The False Prophet himself will be raised up to breath life into the image of the beast for the fulfillment of the scriptures needed for the return of my King on clouds of glory. As Paul said..some vessels are used for glory in a household , others for lesser purpose..I have no doubt he was speaking about a wine cup and a spittoon.The way mr.preacher is going, there is every danger that he will be used to hold my King’s vomit when he arrives.You see, most of the blogs that are available speak of the appearance of the false with fear and apprehension when there is no need, for whenever anyone holds to the teachings of Jesus,the truth they will know ..not just believe, will set them free. that’s why I am almost rejoicing that mr.preacher is back..because those of us who have been given the task of completing the fulfillment of scriptures for my King’s return needs guys like him to fulfill the not so nice bits.You can find out more if you care to visit..the Holy Spirit’s Workshop. That’s why I have said ..”Good Luck,Todd”..because that’s all he’s got going for him, and it would be wise for everyone to stay away from someone who has been constipated for eighteen months, whether they call it anointing or revelation.And that’s a physician’s advice.Dr.Ed

    January 29, 2010 at 6:45 am

    • sheepyweepy

      I see. Thank you for explaining (at first glance I thought you were a Todd fan). Glad to see you are not.

      January 29, 2010 at 3:29 pm

  4. It’s loondom, lunacy and whackdom. Thanks for the info.

    January 29, 2010 at 7:26 am

  5. no..I am a Jesus fan only..because he’s the one who got me out of the abyss the night I died.You see..all ministries are to fulfill the scriptures in preparation for His arrival in Glory..according to how those ministers choose to listen and obey, or how they choose to make up fanciful stories to deceive so they will be rewarded according to what they have Jesus said, the things that cause men to sin must come, but whoa to them through whom it comes as He was admonishing them after they were arguing as to who amongst them is the greatest. People like mr.preacher have an insecurity problem, and hence an ego problem, and once you have that..Satan is right on your case..because he works on our insecurities…he said to Eve, “Did God really say?’ and to Jesus..”If you are the Son of God..” .The moment you are insecure about your place in Christ, then you will stay throwing your weight around, punching and kicking and yelling.Mr preacher is an invaluable lesson for all who seek to minister in the Lord, of what not to do. When I was in Med school, we were taught what to do AND what not to do..that’s what the Lord is using his ministers for..some to teach us what to do and others to teach what not to do.So..I appreciate him for what he is, and as surely as I would want the Lord’s mercy on myself when I say and do things I should not, so mercy on him. However listening to what you have posted…mercy will not be enough. The False must come to fulfill the word of the Lord, and we should not resist them for the Lord has commanded.”Do not resist an evil person”, but pray for them, bless them and do good to them. IN the mean time also ensure that we ourselves are listening to Jesus, practicing His word under the supervision of the Holy Spirit,and encouraging those we are fellowshipping to do like wise. Mr.prophet is just that..he has the message, but in the new testament, the prophets only deliver the message, but it is the apostles who know what to do with the message..when the prophet tries to also do what the message says..then you have your mess. Unfortunately for mr.prophet..those who call themselves apostles that are associated with him would never be received by Paul as an apostle.(Check out the seven signs of a real apostle according to Paul).So for all his good intentions…there is no change.Note that it is only a false prophet that will come…not a false apostle,and we need never fear for even now, the real end time and women who have seen the Lord, who have their own personal gospel that no men taught them, with ministries of signs wonders and miracles done with great perserverance, who come last in the procession like men condemned to the arena.So, when the false is fully manifested, God still has His real people in full control until Jesus arrives. Fan of Todd’s?.No..we knew what he was before florida, we are just happy that he’s doing his job.That’s why..good luck to him and his lot, in the meantime, the preparation for the fulfillment of Jesus to return continues.Like the emmission trading scheme..first real trading scheme to replace money.Now that Copenhagen is a flop…the stage is set for Mr. superpolitician to bring everyone to sign the treaties..including the one for one seven.Glory! Dr.ED see, Satan does not mind if we win souls for heaven, just don’t bring Jesus back, because that’s curtains for him for a 1000 years.Win souls Yes! But if you really want to give Satan a headache, start working on bringing Jesus back.

    January 30, 2010 at 2:47 am

  6. David

    If there is one thing you can be sure of there will be a serius sex scandel come out of this new so called revival.Jesus said you would know them by their fruits,and theirs is not too good.Paul Cain a drunk and homosexual,Bob Jones a predater who betrayed the trust of his own flock,and my favourite Rick Joyner who desires to sweep every thing under the rug eccept an honest What In the World Is Going On With This Movement..Last year they just about had a worship servive for william Branham when they all spoke over Todd while the Guy was committing adultry.That was not the end ,it was the words of other Christians that caused him to fall according to Bob Jones and Patricia King.This in spite of the fact that we sin when when obey the lusts of the flesh according to the word .One last thought on that .When Christ told Peter you will deny me before the rooster crows 3 times this this would be a Word Curse according to these guys.There are things in the bible that most Christians could debate pre tib post trib. mid trib rapture predestination ect. but When Rick Joyner claimed we need a policy on divorce He was saying the bible does not have one It truly does and it is so straitforward it cant even be debated.So now you have a man that claims to be an apostle,defending a guy that that has commited an act of lawlessness,and if my bible is correct they are still living in adultry.

    January 30, 2010 at 3:53 am

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