keeping a watchful eye on the wolves

Voice of Thunder – Warning (Part 2)

To all those sheep who are flocking out early to get your ‘limited seating’ spots to hear Todd Bentley’s friends (supernaturally trained Patricia King and preacher/missionary/yacht owner Brent Borthwick) today and tomorrow at the Voice of Thunder conference, prepare yourselves to receive more words of deep enlightenment and extra biblical teaching like the following…

Preparing for ministry at Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida, Brent Borthwick shared a quick word on the beach about being all we can be. The key, said Brent, is to

“…realize that our understanding is not the realization of Christ…the realization of Christ of who we are is the understanding we’re seeking for.”

Here is Brent on the Beach:

And this…

Here is Patricia King on the werewolf spirit:

You may not necessarily hear the voice of truth at the Voice of Thunder conference.

Sheep, beware!


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