keeping a watchful eye on the wolves

The Humble Wolf

How to convince paying members of your sheep herd that your ‘restored,’ newly released wolf [in whom you have invested time, money, and staked your reputation on] is now a good wolf who will not head butt, leg slam, or boot kick the sick sheep of the flock in the stomach or face anymore:


We just received this update from Pastors Eric and Wendi Moen of River Rock Christian Fellowship in Reno, NV where Todd Bentley, along with MorningStar Leadership Staff, held the first meetings with Todd since his phase two restoration release into public ministry at our recent HarvestFest Conference and Festival, and it is very exciting news.

The first thing that I noticed about Todd Bentley is how truly humble he is. Not that “religious” humble, but something that comes from the heart. He and Jessa had lunch with me the first day and really shared from their hearts. Later, Todd and Jessa took two hours of their time to meet with local pastors in our hospitality suite. We were all just gathered around the “kitchen table” having a wonderful time of ministry and fellowship.

When Todd got on stage Thursday night, it was a powerful moment of historic significance for Northern Nevada. Todd noted that this was the first time that he had been in ministry outside of his initial restoration process since 08/08/08. He also noted that his final day here would be 10/10/10.

Prepared for the Times, Part 42, Week 42, 2010 by Rick Joyner


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