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How The Hooper & Bentley Reno Circus Went

Popcorn, pictures, video clips! Watch ’em quick, before they disappear!

Courtesy of Jason Hooper (who spoke along with Todd Bentley in Reno at last week’s “Reno Outpouring”):

@James_Levesque and I suffering for the gospel during our “afternoon session”

Cutting up prayer cloths for everyone who attended tonight’s Miracle Service!

Man comes out of wheel chair!

[*NOTE: In the following clip, a sickly woman, who has eaten her first meal in months with ‘brand new liver,’ is pushed down onto stage floor by Bentley. Hopefully she is okay.]
It’s about to explode here in Reno!!! Here’s a short video testimony from last night!

Courtesy of Todd Bentley (

4 days of incredible miracles. 2 emptied wheelchairs. tumors and deaf healed. 2 with paralysis, canes and walkers left and cancer healed!!
10:43 PM Oct 10th via Twitterrific

Deaf ears open, paralyzed man 4 22 yrs gets feeling back, metal rods & plates dissolved, knees, spinobifida, arthritis healed 12 salvations 11:40 PM Oct 9th via Echofon

Lax here I Come. about 23 hours ago via Twitterrific

[*NOTE: Definition of Lax:]

After such great reports in Reno join us Oct 21 to. 23 Rick Joyner and Todd Bentley Virginia Beach. Healing and kingdom Tour. Free Event about 22 hours ago via Twitterrific

After getting only $20 a head for the sparse Reno sheeple round up, the hirelings have decided the next one’s free (plus free will offering?). Maybe by the time they get to Virginia for the next show they will have had time to gather the medical evidence for the Reno claims.

Kind of makes you long for the old days, when charlatans were run out of town.


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