keeping a watchful eye on the wolves

“He Saw Lightening in the Room”

Looks like a handful of undiscerning gullible sheep are falling for the old lightening on the photo scam…


Last night Todd said that the Angel of the Lord was on stage for only the third time in three years. As people were being healed Todd said that he saw lightning in the room. As you know, Todd’s visit was preceded by a prophetic word that he would come with thunder and lightning as well as one of the biggest thunder and lightning storms we have seen lasting five days. When Todd called out that he saw lightning again our Associate pastor/prophet Terry Spencer had just taken the photo to your right. It’s time for everyone to get to the Reno Outpouring. Get here however you can.

Saturday registration

Full time students



Update: This video has been removed as of October 11.

*Added note: Sad to report that the transcript is not available as all the transcript typist nodded off and feel asleep before being able to type out Todd’s fantastic mind blowing revelations.


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