keeping a watchful eye on the wolves

Are we supposed to pray for the wolves?

Are we supposed to pray for the wolves?

Imagine if you will, the following scenario:

A shepherd guarding his sheep observes a wolf among the flock cloaked in sheepskin. He stands up and yells “Wolf! Wolf! Run! Run!” And immediately the sheep begin to scatter, but not all. A small group turn to the sheep dog and, with an arrogant smirk plastered across their faces, respond, “But did you pray for the wolf?”

Bewildered as to why these sheep were ignoring his warning, the shepherd reiterates the danger of the wolf’s presence with an even more impassioned plea for the sheep to escape the impending doom that’s about to befall them. However, they stand firm and go back to their grazing on the plush green grass beneath their feet.

Mumblings of,”Who is he to judge?” and, “As for me I’ll be praying for the wolf” can be heard among them as they reassure themselves of their peace and safety while the wolf takes them out one by one until there are none left.

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  1. Shake Hands with Better? (Who Dares?…In That Day!)
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #10 of In That Day Teachings

    “I have no doubt at all the Devil grins, As seas of ink I spatter. Ye gods, forgive my ‘literary’ sins’ – the other kind don’t matter.” – Robert W. Service 1874-1958

    Shake hands with better!
    The man said to me,
    Shake hands with better!
    It’ll set you free.

    I told him, No Thanks!
    I go to church, I’m a pastor, & my church is really mega!
    Jesus filled my tanks,
    We’re incurious zealots! None has what we have betta’!

    But… he had a look, that certain indescribable look, of Jesus in his eye,
    It made me suspicious!
    His sheer presence made my sinful, egoistic, hubristic soul want to cry,
    So I became vicious!

    You must be a cult member!
    I said, oh bad-bad sir, (I bit him, loving the flavor!)
    I’m above, you: a pretender!
    You: Dead! God prefers! (It’d be doing God a favor!)

    See, we neither expect nor respect,
    Intelligent, dupe-halting, Christ-in-You indwelling!
    We sell knavery, I at times suspect,
    Unbeknownst: So don’t tell us we are hell selling!

    Shake hands with better in the great New Year!
    The rude man from In That Day Teachings said to me,
    It’ll prove meat trumps milk, giving ears to hear!
    I gave him my back! God’s so proud of me, spiritually!

    Shake hands with better?
    Churchianity knows the perfect, time-honored answer to that!
    Ignore! Close In That Day Teachings! Kersplat! Dead flat!

    After twenty, nay sixty years of heavenly struggle, then this, in short,
    Is how In That Day Teachings are sinfully, closed-soul received,
    Milk-saturated minds say of Christ-in-You meat’s maturity: ABORT!
    Find the answer now: Is, or is not, God tremendously grieved?
    Because, you know, if this work,
    Is True… then as author: does it stratospherically bless me?
    What has become of R. Burke?
    I’m double-blessed like Job… with Christ-in-You: yippee!

    For I was once asked: Shake hands with better?
    When High Teachings came to me, I said, YES! (Believing meritocracy!)
    Milk-puerile church folk seem to know better!
    Pride stops the Sons of Milk every time, I guess. (Believing idiocracy?)

    So now, I find the certain oil company that I’m in,
    Keeps hitting gushers! I write poems & money flows! Is this… then a sin?
    With In That Day Teachings I’m wisdom’d full in,
    Christ-in-You! His usher-er! To be un-gullible like Him: so free…is a sin?

    So meat IS better than milk!
    Although the impoverished pastors and preachers and prophets say different!
    Humbled, I wish was their ilk,
    ‘Til then, In That Day Teachings stay closed to them, Christ-in-You: absent!

    February 24, 2014 at 12:30 am

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