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Entangled in his own Web

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”

“Well, after a bit of a flurry, talk about Todd Bentley being banned from entering the UK might be dying down now in the blogosphere and English media.

Todd himself is unfazed. I am assuming that he is the one that posts on the “Fresh Fire USA” page on Facebook–it sounds like the way he expresses himself– and today, there is a post that his Norway crusade is going well. “National media reported a favourable story.” he posted.

But earlier on, he continued to be perturbed at the ban that prevents him from coming to Britain…”

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Home Office Bans Todd Bentley from UK

Home Office Bans Todd Bentley from UK

BREAKING: The Home Office has confirmed that the government has banned Todd Bentley from entering the UK.

The news has forced the controversial preacher and healing evangelist to cancel his tour of the UK, which was scheduled to begin in nine days time…

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