keeping a watchful eye on the wolves

Field of Dreams

It’s All About Eschatology!

Cindy Jacobs false prophetess and false apostle Lou Engle, tasked by Peter Wagner to lead the apostles and prophets in the USA, are joining the volunteer choir to “take America back” from the forces of evil and returning America to its Christian roots. The latest Engle The Call rally 11-11-11 (note the occult numerology — many other NAR events are also scheduled this same day) is scheduled in Detroit at Ford Field. Their advertisement reads “thousands will gather at Ford Field daring to believe American could turn back to God.” Speakers for a “Mobilization Gathering” to get things off the ground, according to the Transformation Michigan website (pulled, but e-mailed 7/28/11) included Rick Joyner, Barbarba Yoder, Francis Frangipane, Rick Pino and other leaders. Controversy is already swirling around this upcoming 11-11-11 Lou Engle event….

More here:

Field of Dreams
Dominion Eschatology


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