keeping a watchful eye on the wolves

Seven Steps in the Tracks of a Wolf

Chrystal Whitt over at Slaughter of the Sheep informs us that on October 21, 2011, Todd Bentley posted a “how to,” or “do it yourself,” article on how to open Heaven. Find the link to his article, and her abbreviated (satirical) version, here:

Todd Bentley: Seven Steps to Open Heaven

One of the actual steps in Bentley’s article is called the Word meditation principle:

Get the Word into your heart, mind, and soul daily. Become a modern-day Brother Lawrence. You will find powerful insights into living a life of daily intimacy with God in a nineteen-page compilation known as, “The Practice of the Presence of God: Conversations and Letters of Brother Lawrence.” For years Lawrence’s heart and spirit anguished and suffered. When this seventeenth-century monk discovered how to wait on the Lord in quietness and stillness, suddenly he found his life had changed. He experienced an open heaven and became intensely aware of the presence of God all of the time. His experience was similar to mine; I came to know a profound peace and God felt so close. Brother Lawrence practiced what is sometimes known today as the “silent prayer of the heart” or “meditation and contemplation.”

Brother Lawrence was a contemplative monk who, being a Carmelite, was heavily influenced by the mystical teachings of ‘the levitating saint‘, Teresa of Avila.

This confirms the initial findings of Wolf Tracks when it was first discovered that Todd Bentley was practicing and teaching contemplative spirituality, and leading his followers in the footsteps of mystics. See the previous posts on this subject as we backtrack through the contemplative mud to the year 2008…

Is Todd Bentley walking in the footsteps of mystics and seers?

Todd Bentley tracks lead straight to the Contemplative New Age Spa

Silent Tracks to Florida

Todd Bentley Taught Contemplative Prayer and Silence

Todd Bentley and Contemplative Meditation

Though he talks about repentance, the newly ‘restored’ Bentley does not appear to have given up the same old contemplative mysticism.


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