keeping a watchful eye on the wolves

The Nice New Social Justice Wolves

Social Justice: Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

Christians in all denominations and in non-denominational churches are being duped. The rise of the social justice and emergent church movements is spreading a false gospel message and distorting God’s very words—and a growing number are falling prey to it.

The social justice movement, represented locally by groups like JOSHUA and ESTHER are pushing a radical political agenda that covertly supports homosexual marriage and candidates that support abortion. And many of our church leaders are not taking the time to educate their members on their intents.

The Emergent church movement, led by Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Tony Campolo and others is having a huge impact on many church youth leaders. Pastors, I suggest you take the time to study these movements and invest the time necessary to find out just what your youth are learning in Sunday school or on youth night. I hope you will find that the true gospel is being taught rather than the false gospel of social justice and creation care.

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