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Todd Bentley is campaigning hard for a revival

Todd Bentley is campaigning hard for a revival. He released letters on June 15 and June 20 that are, to put it mildly, nothing short of embarrassing.

In the letter from June 15, Bentley says:


One time when I returned from healing revival meetings in Whitehorse, Yukon; I was ministering in the Abbotsford Revival Center and in worship that morning, the Holy Spirit brought me back to a prophetic word that I had given in the Whitehorse meetings. God began to speak to me about the coming healing revival in North America. In worship that morning I was caught up in the Spirit and I saw many rain clouds individually set up over many churches and ministries across the States & Canada pouring down rain. The rain clouds looked like they do in the cartoons on TV where rain would be pouring down upon one person or one place. Then I saw many ministers and churches that are already flowing in this miracle healing anointing, beginning to go into different cities and towns. As they were leaving these places of ministry the cloud would remain upon that church and continue to pour down healing rain.

Read more about this at Slaughter of the Sheep, here:

There has GOT to be a Revival! I MEAN IT!!!


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