keeping a watchful eye on the wolves

Sheep Beware – the Reformed Wolf is about to be Let Out of the Cage!

Not having looked into any ‘restoration’ related news for months now (and walking away from this blog in hopes that this whole Bentley business would fade away through lack of support), how shocking it was to discover that the public is about to be put at risk by this supposedly reformed wolf. The full moon must be rising over the Morning Star wolf restoration program as it nears completion, because their most popular exhibit is about to be reintroduced into his environment. Their star attraction is hungry to perform again, but the reintroduction of this retrained wolf is going to be done gradually, beginning within the confines of the Morning Star compound.

Harvest Fest
September 30-October 2
MorningStar Fellowship Church
Samuel Rodriguez
Ed Silvoso
Todd Bentley
Bob Jones
Rick Joyner

For safety, the zoo keepers appear to be staying close by for the first big show. After the test run, they will open the big Morning Star gate and release their star performer into The Reno Outpouring – the next supposed pre-scheduled move of Almighty God where they will try to duplicate the Florida false revival phenomena.

The Reno Outpouring
October 7-10
Reno, Navada
Todd Bentley

Next is Phase II, when the wolf will be reintroduced into the flock at large after being locked down at Morning Star for so long. This next re-entry level will occur on the CBN grounds, but for the safety of the public (or for MorningStar’s reputation), the wolf trainer will not be far behind to whip up some eloquent damage control in the case of unscheduled mishaps, misunderstandings or bad publicity (biker boot kicks, head butts, blows to stomach, false prophecies, calling on angels, or various bam bam incidents, etc).

Todd Bentley Comes to Virginia Beach
Healing and the Kingdom Tour with Rick Joyner

October 21-23
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Bring the lost, bring the sick, bring those who are hungry and thirsty. Sound the Alarm, it’s time!

Then it’s off to the (sick) sheep in the flocks of Ohio…

Healing and Kingdom Tour
Cincinnati, Ohio
November 3-6
Jason Hooper (of MorningStar madness)
Todd Bentley
Bring the lost, bring the sick, bring those who are hungry and thirsty. Sound the Alarm, it’s time!

Like the ads say:

Sound the alarm! It’s time!

Sheep, beware of wolfs’ tactics. Of course they want the sick, hungry and thirsty (the weak sheep) brought to them! It makes their job so much easier. Don’t you understand that you are only safe if you stay close to the Good Shepherd and feed on His Word and drink His Living water?!

As a final reminder, who can forget the horrible sound of these sheep being rounded up and slain by the wolves among them…

Sheep, stand on your guard – don’t allow yourself to be counted among the weak and gullible who fall for the wolves!

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Matthew 7:15


Slain in the Spirit


Tonight! At our casino! Engelbert Humperdinck and…Todd Bentley?!?

Todd Bentley is Back


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  1. Fred Emile

    There is a booklet about the leading angel in the ministry of Todd Bentley: ‘Emma, an angel of light’

    September 19, 2010 at 4:37 pm

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