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Todd Bentley: God Bless Those Who Persecute Us



Morning Star Out Pouring & Todd Bentley Update:

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Todd Bentley: God Bless Those Who Persecute Us

Over at Todd Bentley’s Twitter page he left this tweet:


Thanks for the Love. God is blessing his people. Tonite the presence was so sweet and God bless those who persecute us

Note: By now you’ve heard that Bentley’s service at MorningStar was interrupted last night by some people who decided to go and confront Bentley in his adultery and false doctrine. A bit of a fracas broke out when they began shouting during the offering, and the police were called to escort them out. Is that a tactic I would have chosen myself? No, perhaps not. but it’s making for good blogging press today. It also gives Bentley a bit of a persecution complex. More on this as it continues to break. But for now, let’s move along to the matter at hand…



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