keeping a watchful eye on the wolves

Would a Shepherd of the Flock release a Serpent on his Sheep and Lambs?

“…those of you who’d like ministry, go ahead and stand up, get in the middle section, youth, children, those of you who’ve been touched by the fire…”

This was the Kundalini Serpent Power that was being released upon the sheep and the lambs who volunteered to be burnt offerings to the fire at Morning Star, where Todd Bentley was/is being ‘healed’ and ‘restored’ back into ‘greater glory’ and serpent power ministry.

Kundalini Spirit In Christianity
@ Morning Star

What is the Kundalini Spirit? Glad you asked.

What Is The Kundalini Spirit?

I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. John 10:11

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By truthspeaker


One response

  1. An Advanced Degree in Thinking
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Copyright 3/21/09

    What I needed was a retarded,
    Oops! I mean, advanced degree in thinking,
    So I immersed myself in fantastic,
    Oops! I mean, enlightened Christian preaching.

    Me and tens of millions of deceived,
    Oops! I mean, genius Christians did this,
    So on elections we would be fooled,
    Oops! I mean, ruled without prejudice.

    We also learned when fleeced how to stop it,
    Oops! I mean, to not touch God’s own anointed,
    So when voting for US President our trance,
    Oops! I mean, our spirit picked the one appointed.

    I just thank God for my education from antichrist,
    Oops! I mean Christian broadcasting,
    I’m happy, no honored, to send money to them,
    Oops! I mean to employees governing.

    People who don’t understand my compliance, I hate,
    Oops! I mean, I kindly, compassionately tolerate,
    Who cares? Our leaders from pulpit to capitol devour,
    Oops! I mean, have our best interests at stake.

    My pulpit and political leaders fly high in their hubris,
    Oops! I mean, wonderful executive jets,
    My pulpit and political leaders are selfish cannibals,
    Oops! I mean, selfless workers for my best!

    Christian Broadcast has made me profoundly un-American,
    Oops! I mean, the perfect patriot,
    When demagogues speak and do evil, I’m so deaf and blind,
    Oops! I mean, I’ll agree to whatnot.

    My friends say my brain is full of twisted propaganda,
    Oops! I mean so Christ-like and Christ-emanating,
    They see the doctrines I was immersed uncritically in,
    Oops! They’re now arrested, due for terminating.

    Behold, Jesus is now in my refined soul quickly coming!
    Oops! I mean I’ll soon be raptured,
    I’m not lazy, but it’s fun to watch evil in my soul grow!
    Oops! Which god has me captured?

    April 21, 2010 at 8:59 pm

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