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Todd has left the building – because he is on his way to another

All those who follow Wolf Tracks may find the following information very interesting. Thanks to one of the sheep, it has been discovered that during Todd Bentley’s rest and relaxation, he has been booked into another ‘revival.’ Perhaps his own revival was not reviving enough.

According to Che Ahn’s church’s website (Harvest Rock Church), Todd is booked for two nights of their 33 Nights of Glory revival:
Two evenings at THE GALEN CENTER
SATURDAY, JULY 26, 2008 5:30PM
SUNDAY, JULY 27, 2008 5:30PM

Here he will be joining up with the rest of the roaming pack; Goll, Deluca, Johnson, Campbell, and Jacobs:

Watch Che Ahn and his wife flopping around on the stage under Bentley’s ‘anointing’ here:

Pastor’s wife flopping like a fish out of water home video

*Also see Che Ahn’s worst healing attempt ever at the Lakeland revival:

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See here for a comprehensive reading on wolf packs and their territories:

Wolf Packs

Note: Todd Bentley is also scheduled to speak at various other meetings according to his itinerary list at


A Warning To Those Who Attended Che Ahn’s Sermon At City Harvest Church On Sunday, 8 June

Che Ahn And His Ties To Todd Bentley


3 responses

  1. Warbler

    Actually, Todd’s been booked at that event for some time now, and it’s been listed on his own website for all that while. I know because a friend of mine as been trying to gather a group to attend, ever since his trip to Lakeland.

    Not that I’m endorsing Bentley–I tend to believe he’s a pathologically narcissistic con-man–but yeah, that event’s been booked for a while now.

    July 14, 2008 at 6:56 pm

  2. sheepyweepy


    So much for his ‘R&R’.

    July 14, 2008 at 8:15 pm

  3. Nancy Zaky

    Actually, he hasn’t left the building but is undergoing a restoration process Rick Joyner @

    Where did the Body of Christ miss his stating that his Angel Emma told him to tell everybody that it wasn’t about Jesus but to tell them about the Angel?

    Did anyone else notice that he never actually read that Bible he bandied about the stage?

    August 7, 2009 at 7:12 pm

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