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Keeping an eye on the Bentley Break

Here are some more announcements and commentaries about Todd Bentley’s break:

TOP NEWS – Worldwide Kingdom/Revival NEWS

Todd Bentley Takes a Break, GOD TV Drops Live Broadcast

by Steve Eastman, TOP News

LAKELAND, FL – Fresh Fire Ministries has announced Todd Bentley is taking time off to rest and relax. He’s been ministering nearly non-stop for almost 100 days.

The meetings will continue without Bentley and without GOD TV’s nightly broadcast.  The network will still carry the services on-line.  It will also broadcast highlights of the best nights of the Lakeland Outpouring and make the most recent service available through its on-demand platform.

Once Bentley is fully refreshed, GOD TV plans to announce the resumption of nightly broadcasts.  The network has seen big increases in viewership, both broadcast and on-line, since it began carrying the services in early April.

Recently pastors Bill Johnson, Che Ahn and John Arnott agreed to oversee Bentley’s ministry at Lakeland.  It has not been announced whether his time off has resulted from any suggestion of theirs.

***Point to ponder:

Does one take time off from a time of being revived, refreshed and receiving an outpouring from God…to get refreshed?

More thoughts on the big ‘break’ here:

Has ‘Lakeland’ been a Good Thing?

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