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Reflections on Lakeland

The following is new from Moriel Ministries (

Reflections On Lakeland Florida Events by John Angliss

Dear Friends, Fellow Ministers, saints and any others who will listen,

I have been inundated with both concerns, requests for information and for help concerning the happenings in Lakeland, Florida. I thought it might be helpful to send out some guidelines and information I have received from different sources. (on request-see later)

First, some things to think through.

(1) It isn’t necessary to have to go there to find out what is happening as there are a multitude of excerpts on You Tube, which give just about every slant you would wish to have. For those who dispute that, I would say “why do you just watch the news on TV and not go to all the places where it comes from to make your own assessment?” We can discern things both good and bad by media visuals without actually being there….

Read the rest here:

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The Evidence of Pride in Lakeland…Body Guards and Demands..

The Dark Agenda Behind the Florida Outpouring


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