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Great Revival or or Biggest Deception?

Roger Oakland speaks on Charismatic Deception in this 10 minute video:

Also discussed are the Toronto blessing and Benny Hinn. At the 5 minute mark, Roger Oakland talks about Che Ahn – Todd Bentley’s friend. Che Ahn was recently up on the stage at the Florida revival, which can be seen here:

Che Ahn on Todd Bentley – a double portion of William Branham’s anointing

Che Ahn wrote a book about the charismatic revival called Into the Fire, how you can enter revival and catch God’s Holy fire. On page 22 of the book Che Ahn states:

“Although many have found this movement controversial, I have maintained it is either the biggest deception to hit the Church in the history of the Church or it is the beginning of a great revival.”

In the above video, Roger Oakland explains that there are two positions. One says this is evidence of the great revival. The other position is that this is part of the great deception. Many of the people who are falling for this so called revival love Jesus and are willing to do anything for him, but they refuse to read the Bible and know the truth. If you don’t know the truth, how will you recognize the counterfeit?


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