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Tracing the 20 year old Trail of Transferable Impartation

The following quotes from an Elijah List article help to trace the trail of the transferable impartation that started 20 years ago and leads straight to Lakeland, Florida, and beyond…


“The story of this current outpouring can actually be traced back 20 years ago to an obscure Bible College teacher in South Africa who felt called of God to surrender his life to become a missionary to America. His name was Rodney Howard-Browne.


…in 1993, there was a certain burned-out Vineyard pastor in St. Louis, Missouri, who had, himself, seen seasons of visitation and healing in his past; he was so hungry to experience it again, that he chased Rodney Howard-Browne down and attended some meetings he was holding in Tulsa, Oklahoma. That man was Randy Clark. By his own admission, he tells about how he got into the prayer line for “impartation” five times in one night just because he was so hungry for more of God and His power in his life.

…Randy has gone on since then to build an international, apostolic ministry that is touching nations with healing and impartation of revival fire.

Not long after that, another hungry Vineyard pastor named John Arnott heard of what had happened in Randy’s life and invited him to come and do four nights of meetings at his church in Toronto, Canada, in the cold and snowy January of 1994. What happened next certainly changed my mind about the impartation and transferability of anointings and mantles. But way beyond that, it has had major impact on the Church worldwide. The impact felt from the visitation of God that occurred at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship is with us to this day, and there is much we can learn from it.


The Toronto meetings grew from hundreds to thousands, and the fire spread. Healings and miracles were taking place, and people continued to be powerfully touched by the love of God and His presence. This truly was an impartable and contagious anointing. Smaller version of the same outpouring began to occur in churches all over the wolrd. One such place was an Anglican church in England called Holy Trinity — Brompton.


Through the mid to late 90’s there were revival “hotspots” burning all over the world, the most prominent of which was the “Toronto Blessing” and the “Brownsville Revival” in Pensacola, Florida.


After her week of power encounter, Heidi Baker returned to the mission field with a fresh empowerment from the Holy Spirit…

Another minister who was powerfully touched by the Toronto Revival was a woman who already had an effective ministry in Western Canada during that time. As a prophetic visionary and effective author and teacher, she took what she received and began to train people to experience their own ongoing personal revival through her “Glory Schools” and other seminars and materials. Her name was Patricia King.


Patricia became a “carrier” of the “renewal anointing” and took it back to her spheres of ministry in western Canada. It was there, during the late 90’s, that she was in a meeting where she prophetically identified and called out a young man named Todd Bentley to launch out into an evangelistic ministry, and prophetically “commissioned” him into a ministry of signs, wonders and miracles.

Todd grabbed the mantle and ran with it…


… As exciting as it is that there is a portal of open heavens occurring in Lakeland, Florida, even more exciting is the fact that it is contagious and transferable and available wherever hungry believers are crying out for more of God’s revelation, power and presence.”

The Impartable Anointing
Jim Wies, Itinerant Minister and Web Pastor
Extreme Prophetic Ministries

Go to the above link for the whole story.

This brings us up to date (from the Freshfire website) to the latest chapter in the story:

“Daily impartation is slated for all senior leaders and all those who serve in the revival meetings. As well, every Friday night we also have a special impartation and anointing service for everyone. However, if the Lord leads, we may lay hands on everyone during the weekly meetings several times, too. We believe this anointing is to go to the world.” – A Personal Message from Todd, (from Lakeland) May 20, 2008, Freshfire Ministries main page,


But what does the Bible teach about an anointing that is transferable, impartable, and contagious?

A ‘transferable anointing’ is not seen nor practiced anywhere in Scripture. We also find that the Apostles did not rush around laying hands on people to impart an experience of ‘fire’ or power. They did not chant words over and over and expect a immediate response. The impartations done today that come through certain men are not the true anointing, who is the Spirit of God. Only God can give the Spirit; Jesus is the baptizer of the Holy Spirit, not man. Man cannot control God- there is no teaching on how to obtain or release the anointing to another.”

Read the rest of this excellent article here:

Is the anointing tangible and transferable; can we impart it?


The Impartation


8 responses

  1. hitherandyonder

    Hey thanks for posting this. I am going to put it on a resource page on my blog. Eventually, I will be brave enough to tell my friends who are involved to go to my blog and see all the research done by everyone out there, documenting the history of these movements. HaY

    June 11, 2008 at 9:40 pm

  2. sheepyweepy

    Hello hitherandyonder,

    Be strong and courageous. 🙂

    June 11, 2008 at 10:12 pm

  3. Karen

    Jesus said greater things would we do then he did through his holy spirit. My pastor has an anointing to lay hands on people they receive the holy spirit. He doesn’t claim to give it to them. He just prays over them and they recieve. alot of the negitivity thats coming out of this revival is plan ignorance. Everytime God tries to get something to people they want to make it demonic. I know the anointing when I see it Todd has it.

    June 12, 2008 at 6:52 pm

  4. Bentley Explains:
    On June 8, 2008, Todd Bentley posted on his ministry’s website a detailed letter explaining a number of things that people are confused or stumbling over regarding the outpouring and himself, and in which he appeals for unity in the Body of Christ. We have found this letter to be solidly Biblical, balanced, well-written, and quite helpful. It can be found at this link:

    Biblical Scholar provides theological support:
    Dr. Gary S. Greig, PhD., former Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Regent University School of Divinity, and Senior Editor, Theology and Acquisitions for the Regal Publishing Group, has written a theological response to questions and criticisms of the Lakeland outpouring. Dr. Greig recently wrote “Biblical Reasons to Receive God’s Glory and Give it Away in Power Evangelism,” so that as many as possible would receive “biblical permission” to get on board and fully commit to receiving the Lord’s glory and anointing, and to give it away in power evangelism. You can find his paper at this link:


    June 12, 2008 at 8:40 pm

  5. sheepyweepy


    Yes, we realize that. This has already been posted here (June 11th post), perhaps you missed it:

    (In the future, one copy and paste comment will be sufficient, thank you.)

    Do you know about the concerns regarding this document and Dr. Greig’s condoning of angel visitations and his connection to Mark Virkler (who channels messages via automatic occultic writing from a spirit he claims to be the voice of God)?

    June 12, 2008 at 9:10 pm

  6. hitherandyonder

    Channeling? Connections to Mark Virkler? Haven’t heard of him, will research that. Am reading through Greig’s paper now…M

    June 14, 2008 at 8:48 pm

  7. sheepyweepy

    Yes, look under the post right before this one called ‘Todd Bentley responds to Criticism’. At the bottom there is some information on Virkler and his connection to Greig.

    June 14, 2008 at 9:35 pm

  8. hitherandyonder

    ok, will do. thanks.

    June 15, 2008 at 6:01 am

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