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Roaring Revival

The following is the latest article from Moriel Ministries regarding the Lakeland Revival:

Roaring Revival

by Tony Pearce

Distress of nations with perplexity

Jesus said in the last days of this age there would be a situation which he described as the ‘distress of nations with perplexity.’ The word in Greek translated ‘with perplexity’ is ‘aporia’ meaning with no way out. In other words at the end of this age there will be a crisis so severe that there will be no solution to it. In fact bringing this age to an end and starting again will be the only solution from God’s point of view. Things will be so bad that it will be impossible to patch up, repair or recondition the state of the world. This will apply to the physical world as multiple crises combine for the final perfect storm created by human rebellion against God.

It will also apply to the spiritual world as all manner of errors and deception bring people into bondage to evil spirits instead of true faith in God through the Messiah Jesus. Sadly we are seeing more and more error and deception taking over the professing church of Jesus Christ. We have liberal theology questioning more and more of the Bible, especially the Creation, the uniqueness of Jesus Christ as the only Saviour of humanity and the hope of the Lord’s return to judge the world in righteousness. We have supposed evangelicals joining hands with Roman Catholicism in ecumenical prayer gatherings and projects to save the world. In doing this the evangelicals have to compromise on the teachings of the scriptures in order to accommodate the errors of Rome.

Now we have God TV broadcasting night after night ‘miraculous revival’ meetings taking place led by Todd Bentley in Lakeland, Florida. The miracles are apparently being done under the power of the ‘anointing’ which causes Todd Bentley to shake backwards as he waves his arms over the audience and shouts ‘Fire, Fire, Fire!’


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