keeping a watchful eye on the wolves

The Windblown Wolves – of the Spirit Winds of Change

We can’t see this wind, but we can hear it howl and see how many wolves it’s blown in…

Todd Bentley and a Spirit Named “Winds of Change”

by Kathy Sundeen

The “healing revival” started by Todd Bentley that is currently taking place in Florida began with a demonic appearance by a spirit calling itself the “Winds of Change.”

This message of change is the same one that is resonating throughout the world, as this spirit prepares the world to make the “needed change” to the “christ-consciousness.”

Regarding this revival, there is an article at Elijah’s List called “TODD BENTLEY and BOB JONES: ‘The Third Wave is Here!’ 12 Places for Healing and Revival to Start are Mentioned–but THIS TIME IT’S GLOBAL” (…)

Read the rest here:

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