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Praying or Preying?

Here’s a question asked on the latest Theology Today post called Todd Bentley and the Florida Outpouring Part 7 regarding the resurrection of the three year old girl…

“Hundreds are claiming healing from various ailments, including deafness, cancer, tumors and paralysis. There are also unconfirmed reports of the dead coming back to life.

One of the cases involves a 3-year-old girl, dead for two days, who allegedly woke up and coughed as she was being wheeled into a room to have her organs harvested, Strader said. The hospital denied the report.

The question is this: Is Todd Bentley deceived or is he a deceiver?

The above Charisma article also says:

“Bentley places a strong emphasis on taking “the anointing” from the worship services and out into the streets. People have reported many salvations and healings taking place in local parking lots, restaurants and malls throughout Lakeland.”

Read about the effect that “the anointing” is actually having in one local parking lot as it’s being taken out into the streets. This is from a new article about the revival in Lakeland (posted at Christian Research Service on their new Todd Bentley/Freshfire Ministries Research Page):

[…] Bob Gomeringer, a Lakeland retiree, works part time parking cars at Lakeland Center events and finds the services unsettling. He hears loud music – “the same song being played over and over and over again” – coming out from the arena. He watches ministry workers carry in buckets “to rake in all the money” during offerings.

What concerns Gomeringer most are the young people, many of whom appear to be in a “trancelike state” when they come out of the arena, he said.

“They just don’t look or act right,” he said.

Monday night, he found a young person lying on the ground. Gomeringer was ready to call an ambulance when the prostrate man’s friend stopped him.

“He told me that his friend was fine, and that he was just full of the Holy Spirit,” Gomeringer said. “And if I wanted some of that power, to get inside and get some of it myself. No, thank you. This isn’t the kind of spirit that I’m interested in.”

Gomeringer has attended Methodist churches for more than 50 years and said what’s happening in Lakeland is quite different from the Christian faith he’s known throughout his life. “It’s not prayerful or private. This is extremism,” Gomeringer said. […]

Bentley’s Lakeland Revival Keeps Moving Spirits, Closing Date

Is this the kind of revival Bentley wants taken into the streets?  Is Todd Bentley sincerely praying for the sheep, or preying on the sheep?


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  1. hesed1

    Well, I will tell you this.

    As a person who has lived in Lakeland for over 15 years, and who works at a retail establishment, currently, I have yet to have anyone come in during any of my shifts and ask about or say they are from the revival. And I’ve asked my co-workers both Christian and not, if they’ve heard of it, and the answer is always the same: NO.

    Maybe it’s just under that “portal” wherever Todd is ministering, but it’s not on the streets, in the parking lots, or at the restaurants.

    But then again, I don’t eat out during the hour or two after the morning (1-3pm) or evening services(10:30pm-1:30am), or go street witnessing at Munn Park (6 blocks from the Lakeland Center) during those hours.

    That’s when I’d expect the “event” crowd to be out slinging their “anointing” around.

    Sorry gang, but whatever is happening in the meetings, under that “portal,” isn’t equating to Biblical repentance on the streets, or a sense of the Awe of God, or a sense of the Presence of the Lord, as was the case in historical revivals.

    But hey, it sounds good and looks like plastic fruit, so it must be “god.”

    May 27, 2008 at 9:00 pm

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