keeping a watchful eye on the wolves

Tracking through the Mud

As many of us continue to follow the tracks surrounding the Knot OK Sheep Corral in Florida, the mud is getting deeper daily, making it harder to tell which tracks are fresh and which are old. Here are some fresh Todd Bentley track reports, some of them contain older information, some are brand new, but all of them point to Matthew 7:15:

Cleaning Out the Barn

Todd Bently Promotes the Roman Catholic Mass

Todd Bentley – Florida Outpouring of Drunkenness

Florida Outpouring Healing Revival Information
*Has links that provide a balanced and Biblical view of what is being called the “Florida Healing Revival” or the “Florida Outpouring”

More Perspectives on Florida Outpouring

Florida Revival – is there a Kundalini connection?

*Watch video here:

From End Time Prophetic, Prophecy, Visions, Dreams, Revelation, Christian Blog:

Todd Bentley caught on camera being fraudulent at Lakeland! He lies and lets other lie to millions – why?

Index to all articles on Todd Bentley, Lakeland Outpouring Florida Revival


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