keeping a watchful eye on the wolves

Wolf Warnings

Here a few warnings about the current Florida outpouring:

To the saints who are against this revival, a WARNING -By Josef Urban

Saints who are against this revival,

I just want to share a warning with you all about watching the videos of this thing on the internet and of watching the videos of those things related to it. Also of listening to the worship music. Even of videos and music and such from people associated with this that are of the same spirit.[…]

Read the entire warning here:


Here is a warning from New Zealand about the fruit Todd Bentley has left behind:

A Heart’s Cry From New Zeland-By Maria-Comment on-Todd Bentley Revival in Lakeland-Email From-‘A Lakeland Resident’


I’M VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THIS TODD BENTLEY & SO CALLED FLORIDA REVIVAL , EVEN MORE THAN THE TORONTO BLESSING…….We are seeing the bad fruit of the “Toronto Blessing” in New Zealand at present. […]

Read the rest of this warning here:


Another Warning: read how those leaving the Florida Revival are displaying symptoms of Kundalini:

Demons masquerading as angels of light

If you read the kundalini symptoms, and don’t believe that this is what we are seeing at the Florida revival, watch this:

There is a comment thread on this and another (equally disturbing) video of the same man in his hotel room, here:


But -as Josef Urban warns, please be careful, use discernment, and ask the Lord for protection if you must watch these demonic manifestations in order to warn others about this so called revival.


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