keeping a watchful eye on the wolves

Sheep Led to Slaughter

It’s not only wolves that are a danger to the sheep. The following is a very fitting illustration from nature that applies to Christians:

Satan’s Bellwether, To Lead You To The Slaughterhouse, (Illustrations From Nature)

“Sheepherders train a bellwether to lead the rest of the sheep, sometimes to their destruction. The leader is drilled to respond to his master’s whistle, then wherever the ‘wether’ goes, the rest of the sheep follow. By this means an entire flock is enticed to board a truck. After it is loaded, the gate is closed and then the bellwether is whisked out of the truck by a different route, only to be used to lead another flock into another truck. In this manner an entire herd has been loaded and dispatched on its way to the slaughterhouse.

God’s people often follow a leader of Satan’s choice into evil and eventual disaster…”

What exactly is a “bellwether”? It is the leading sheep of the flock which leads the rest of the sheep to their destruction.

Read the rest here:


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