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Todd Bentley Taught Contemplative Prayer and Silence

Before Todd Bentley made his way to Florida for the big revival, he spoke at another conference called Secret Place in his hometown of Abbotsford, B.C. (Canada). The following report from Stand Firm World Ministries reveals that at this conference, Todd Bentley taught on contemplative prayer and silence using the 4 step meditation method of Sundar Singh:


Attendees at Fresh Fire Ministries’ recent second annual Secret Place conference basked in a heavy weight of God’s presence for days. The conference, held in Abbotsford from January 14th – 17th, drew crowds of close to 2000 (including a large overflow seating area). Ravenously hungry for God, people lined up for hours outside the auditorium in response to the simple invitation to come enter the Lord’s presence, draw close to Him and gaze on His beauty.

With great passion, conference speakers Heidi Baker, Rodney Howard-Browne, Jason Upton, Keith Miller and Todd Bentley shared and imparted some powerful revelation received in the secret place with God. Along with the teaching, the anointed worship of Jason Upton and Michael Larson took attendees deeper into the heart and glory of God each day. Here is some of the powerful revelation delivered at the conference.

Wednesday night: Todd Bentley taught on contemplative prayer and learning to silence your thoughts. He outlined the four prayer steps practiced by Sundar Singh, an Indian prophet who had a visitation from “Jesus.” The steps include: 1. Read a whole chapter, 2. Meditate on the passage that most spoke to you, 3. Recollect with an open mind and heart as the Holy Spirit reveals the scripture to you, then 4. Rest and restoration in His presence while the Spirit imparts revelation or takes you into the heavens. […]

Saturday Morning: This session Todd Bentley focused on “the secret place of the Most High” from Psalm 91. He emphasized that we can’t dwell in the secret place unless we have a revelation of the Most High. In addition, to enter the secret place we need to leave behind all the distractions of the outer court – the place of sacrifice, distractions of the mind, guilt and shame by making a decision to enter. He said as we walk past the inner court of illumination, intercession, healing and deliverance, we go through to the Holy Place, that place of silent awe where self focus and even prayer cease. Few Christians, he said, ever get into that Holy Place of awe, splendor and majesty. During the session he unpacked the following powerful scriptures: Psalm 27:4-5; Psalm 31:20 and Psalm 84:1,2. Todd concluded by saying that real prayer involves leaving the busyness and resting in silence

It may be interesting to note that Todd Bentley is not the only one who has seen Sundar Singh in a vision. According to this link at The Elijah List (2003), it was a double vision – Todd Bentley’s friend Bob Jones also saw Sundar Singh in a revelation…

(**Note: Previously, in a word through Paul Keith Davis published on The Elijah List, Bob Jones saw in a vision a heavenly messenger named Sundar — Many people wondered what the origins of the name were and it’s meaning. Research showed that Sundar simply is a regular, male name that comes from an ancient language of India called Sanskrit. Sanskrit shares common roots with the Latin and Greek languages, as well as many others such as the Germanic and Celtic languages. Sundar means “Beautiful/Handsome/Pleasant to the eyes and ears,” while Singh is a common suffix added on, meaning “Lion.”
Paul Keith Davis and Todd Bentley received revelation independently of each other from the Lord on Sundar. Each was regarding the Lord’s anointing to open the eyes and ears of His people to release revelation. –Steve Shultz, The Elijah List**)
-The Elijah List

Sundar Singh was a mystic who believed in universalism and experienced visions in frequent states of ecstasy 8-10 times a month. It has been said that “In him Christianity and Hinduism seem to meet” (SADHU SUNDAR SINGH –

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Here is some sheep food to chew on regarding what comes out of the mouths of wolves like these:

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10 responses

  1. I am so thankful that I am free- my pastor Rob Deluca helped me get there by casting out the spirit of religion that hindered me from being intimate with Daddy God. Now all thanks to the blood of Jesus i’m free from that decieving spirit, that the pharisee’s and saducees had, they were critical of the works of Jesus, did not believe that Jesus had wonder working power, and they were so consumed with the law and being people of “truth” and exposing this man who claimed to be the Son of God they missed the fact the presence of God was no longer in the Holy of Holies. Jesus in fact called them a brood of vipers and rebuked them for their hearts being far from God…

    So i encourage you to ask God to check your hearts and just make sure that you are not the ones decieved.

    How do you think the Holy Spirit should manifest?
    Who, as a vessel, do you think God should use to carry this amazing move of Love which is saving the lost and setting people free from sickness, demons, and lives of sin?
    Do you think you are perfect? Does Todd think he is? Or Rob? No, and they never claim any of it for themselves but instead in all humility and love they give glory to Go.
    In that God establishes those who have given their whole lives for him He honours them and so do I! They deserve the honour because I dont see many others up there leading the church in this Holy Ghost outpouring.
    … right now i am watching the live stream and all i hear are the words “we want Jesus glorified”, “its all about Jesus”, “shout His name”, “we must have less of us to have more of Him” …. so i dont see why you are so upset? and neither do the millions who are apart of the outpouring prophesied by Joel in 2:28

    I urge you to get intimcay with God, because he will help you discern with such truth, that you wont need to disdain and put down men of God, I mean its kinda wrong having a website committed to exposing “wolves” where’s the love in that? I realise your hearts desire truth and you seem to have hearts of a shepherd who want to shine the light on possible mistruths
    But judging by the fruit and love of whats going on in this outpouring of Gods glory and wonder and love and grace I see where the truth is… and where it isn’t. i encourage you God fearing people to be careful, and watch even just one meeting AFTER asking God to reveal His heart for you and with an open heart and mind enjoy falling in love with our awesome King and creator.
    Love you guys and praying for you, God totally wants you blessed and is going to use you for an awesome purpose but i challenge you to open up to His truth.

    May 5, 2008 at 12:12 am

    • jayessaar

      Well said FreebecauseofJesus

      September 4, 2012 at 2:06 am

  2. sheepyweepy


    Since only one comment is necessary, only one of the 6 repeat comments you left within a 5 minute time frame has been approved. You are welcome to comment any time, but keep in mind that duplicate comments will get spammed.

    May 5, 2008 at 1:17 am

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  4. How dangerous. It seems that Todd Bentley wants to be quite the charismatic but also quite emergent and strangley mixing the two.

    May 5, 2008 at 8:02 pm

  5. wendyrenee

    Not good

    May 20, 2008 at 4:53 pm

  6. Louis

    Hey ‘freebecauseofjesus’ you need to wake up. You seem to want to fall for anything. Hey, I’ve got some real estate you might be interested in. I’m happy for you that you think that necromancy and mixing Hinduism with Christianity is ok, but don’t expect intelligent Christians fall for that crap.

    May 23, 2008 at 9:14 pm

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  8. Virginia

    I don’t have time to look this over as well as I’d like to right know.I’ll probably come back later for a better look. I do beleive in praying Lectio Divina and contemplative prayer; however, I know for a fact that we have to have desernment in all things and that the enemy will try to attack by deception. The bible says that even the very elect could be deceived. I’d be suspcious of what happened because of the vision of the Hindu prophet.The bible says to try everything and there’s no other way to the Father’s heart except through Jesus.This also seems to detract from God. GOD-Jesus-the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit should be the focus ALWAYS! God should ALWAYS get the glory!The enemy will attack and try to deceive the very most ernest Christians. This sounds like really weird to me! We must always ask God for discerment!That’s why we should let the Holy Spirit always be our Guide and stay in communion with Him. He’s our Teacher, guid and so much more!Hinduism is a pagan cult with many false idols.How can that be reconciled with Christianity? NOT!

    October 31, 2009 at 6:52 am

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